After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Why are you happier than me?

The army of the orcs and ogres retreated, and the troops of the split up goblins began to reorganize. Although there were countless casualties just now, the loss was actually smaller than it seemed because of the large number of goblins. Although the morale of the soldiers was low after they were dispersed, as long as they were given a little time, they could be reorganized again and re assembled behind the ogres.

The monsters began to wait and watch.

At the same time, the battle at the east gate began to gradually calm down.

Mondra’s army had been attacking the city for a long time. If the army of the orcs fought against the north gate with a little more strength, the morale of Mondra’s army would definitely be greatly boosted and they would still have the strength to fight.

However, the other side of the orcs became silent all of a sudden, and the warriors flying in the air immediately discovered this. When the news of the battle spread to the east gate, the morale of Mondra’s troops was immediately greatly reduced.

It was getting late.

If the war continued, it would be a night battle, which was not very advantageous to Mondra’s army, because his opponent was the Church of Darkness. The Church of Darkness had never been afraid of a night battle?

There was no way to attack this city, at least today, so he had to order a temporary truce.

Thus, they retreated more than ten miles and returned to their camp for a rest.

The monster army outside the north gate didn’t dare to attack the city that quickly yet, so they had to retreat and return to the forest. The most interesting thing was that on their way back, they stepped on more than a dozen mines and were blown to ashes. It turned out that they hadn’t finished stepping on the mines before they came.

They didn’t dare to stay too close to Bright Road. They were afraid that there would be mines in their camp, so they retreated ten miles.

Bright Road finally returned to peace.

Robb looked at the dark sky and was wondering when he would sneak back to Westwind Town. Suddenly, he saw all the people around him turn around. The leading Black Earth Knight, the soldiers of the Black Earth Knights, including the students he had saved from the mountain, bowed solemnly to him.

After saluting, the leading Black Earth Knight strode in front of him and said, “Mr. Robb, thank you for your advice, so that we can defend the north gate with such a small number of troops and make a great contribution to this war.”

Robb, “it’s not a big deal. I just said a few words.”

“These words are more valuable than an army.” The leading Black Earth Knight said, “this is a great combat example of the actual combat power of magic items. I will sort out the details of today’s battle and hand it over to all the troops for learning. I believe it will soon improve the quality of our whole army. You have made a great contribution.”

Speaking of this, he sighed and said, “when Duke asked me to support you, I underestimated your ability. I was afraid that you don’t have experience and don’t know how to fight. Now it seems that I’m too arrogant. The young people nowadays are really powerful.”

At this time, Robb couldn’t speak. He had to pretend as soon as he spoke, which would become the opposite side of a typical novel. He had no choice but to smile.

Within a few minutes, an army came from the east gate and fast. The leader was Madeleine. Her black armor was full of bumps and hollows. It seemed that she had been hit many times by the enemy, and a large part of it was obviously hit by something like a hammer. In addition, there were many sharp scratches, which were cut by something like swords and blades.

Seeing her like this, he knew that the battle just now was unusually fierce. But as soon as she finished the battle, she immediately rushed to the north gate. It seemed that she was in a hurry. She shouted from a distance, “how’s everything going? Where is the monster army? I’m here to support you! Robb, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

She rushed over in a hurry and grabbed Robb, looking left and right to see if he was injured. But Robb was wearing a suit of armor. How could she see that?

She almost wanted to strip off Robb’s armor on the spot, which startled Robb. “Hey, don’t act recklessly in public. I’m not injured. I still want to see if you’re injured. Do you want to strip off your armor too?”

Madeleine was stunned by his words. After a few seconds, she said angrily, “I care about you. Why do you still say such shameless words?”

Robb thought she was angry, but he forgot that she was panting. The next moment, Madeleine’s face turned red. “I’m still wearing a layer of silk clothes in my armor. It’s useless for you to take off my armor. You have to take off my clothes before you can see it.”

Robb was speechless

Before he could protest, she said, “it’s not good to walk on the streets. There is an alley over there.”

Robb, “Hey!”

Madeleine continued, “but it’s impossible for me to enter the alley!”

Robb had no choice but to keep silent and squinted at her. He wanted to see how many times she would be out of breath.

Every time Robb acted like this, Madeleine didn’t pant and asked seriously, “by the way, where is the army?”

“We’re final at the point?” Robb almost burst into tears.

The leading Black Earth Knight came over and reported their situation. He spoke very quickly, but the key point was very clear. Especially, Robb’s use of the magic tool was exaggerated by him. Anyway, he was clear that her head must like to hear it.

Sure enough, Madeleine liked to hear how much he had done.

After hearing that, she couldn’t help but feel happy. “Great! I will immediately report the whole process of this battle to Elizabeth. You have made a great contribution, and Elizabeth will definitely reward you. Maybe you can get the title. If you can revive the Smith family, you will have a very important first step.”

Robb shook his head and sighed, “Why are you so happy about the promotion of the Smith family? People who don’t know you might think you are a member of the Smith family.”

Madeleine blushed all of a sudden. Then she turned around and ran away.

When Robb was still in a daze, the leading Black Earth Knight came over and said, “Mr. Robb, if the commander marries you, she will be a member of the Smith family, won’t she? At that time, her name will also be changed to Madeleine Smith. If she is not happy for the Smith family, who should she be happy for?”

Robb was speechless

Damn it! How could it be possible?

Robb almost forgot that even in the west, after a woman married a man, she had to use the man’s family name.


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