After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Your highness, I’m here to save you

While Robb was playing with the army.

In Westwind town!

At night, Westwind Town looked peaceful and harmonious.

It was getting dark, but Robb didn’t come back today. The women in the Church looked a little bored.

Of course, they wouldn’t worry about Robb’s safety. That guy alone could beat ten thousand soldiers of the desert kingdom. No one would worry about him. If anything happened to him, his head must have been stuck in the door.

Lilian was just a little worried about whether Robb was hungry or not. She looked up at the sunset and sighed, “it’s time for master to have dinner. Suofa can’t cook, so she can’t take care of his diet.”

With a cold face, Little Yi said, “the food made by Suofa is not delicious, but it can make people full. It’s okay.”

Lilian said, “no, it’s not. My master cares about the taste of food most. He said that delicious food represents a living attitude. If he can’t even enjoy delicious food, what’s the difference between living and salted fish?”

“I’m sorry that I can’t get involved in these things.” After saying that, she suddenly turned around and grabbed the big loli’s wrist. She saw that the big loli was holding a salty candy in her hand and was about to put it into her mouth.

“I didn’t give you money. Where did you get the candy?”

The big loli stuck out her tongue and said, “I just slipped into the factory of Nuolun to get it.”

“It’s wrong to steal,” said Little Yi, a little angry

The little girl quickly said, “it’s not stolen. The God of light has told me not to steal anything. I just went to the sugar factory and looked at the salty candy drooling, Then Nuolun grabbed one and gave it to me. It’s definitely not stolen.”

“Really? It doesn’t matter if it’s not stolen.” As soon as she let go of her hand, the little girl quickly put the salty candy into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged up and moved as her tongue stirred the candy.

No one would have thought that she was a girl who liked to chop people with a sword.

The two nuns approached her and whispered, “Little Yi, recently, there has been a new group of believers in our new Church of Light. They said that they would give up their faith of in the Church of Darkness and turn to us.”

The little girl was overjoyed and said, “this… It’s called… The sound of candy picking up on their teeth… Abandon the dark and enter the light… That Church of Darkness is a heretic church at all… I don’t believe it’s right.”

Little Yi glared at her and said, “have you forgotten the teachings of the new Church of Light again?”

The little girl quickly straightened her face and said, “Oh, right, they have the freedom to believe in or not. At the same time, they also has the freedom to believe in the Church of Darkness and Light. We shouldn’t attack other churches.”

Little Yi nodded and said, “that’s right.”

She turned to the two nuns and whispered, “you have to remember to remind these people who want to believe in our new Church of Light. They want to believe in the God of light. Of course, we are very welcome, but they don’t have to express that they have to break up with their faith in the God of Darkness. The God of light loves everything. He is not a mean evil god who hates other gods.”

“That’s right. The God of light is the greatest.” The little girl spoke for her. She opened her mouth wide and the candy almost got stuck in her throat. Frightened, she quickly picked up the water on the table and gulped it down. She patted her chest and said, “ouch, I almost died.”

After saying that, she looked at the empty cup. The big loli was embarrassed to ask Lilian to pour water for her, so she took the cup and walked to the kitchen

Just as she entered the kitchen, a strange shadow flashed on the hillside. It was a huge wolf, with silver long hair. The wolf hair at the back of its head stood up like steel needles, looking mighty and domineering.

It clung to grass and stones and ran through the grass. Its movements were very secret and no one noticed it.

Then he jumped down from the hillside at a very fast speed, and fell to the back of the chapel. He crawled quietly against the wall. Without anyone noticing, he came to the window of the kitchen, and then changed into a tall, mighty and strong man, wearing a silver white armor and carrying a huge axe on his back.

Then he gently pushed open the window shoulder of the kitchen and went in.

The little girl was pouring water in the kitchen when she suddenly saw a person enter through the window. Without hesitation, she drew her sword out of its sheath. At this moment, the person said, “Your Highness, don’t do it. It’s me!”

The voice was a little familiar, so the little girl did not make a move for the time being. After a closer look, she recognized that the person was the beloved General of Mondra, the hero of the wolf clan, White Moon!

Last year, this man led the werewolf guerrilla army into the hinterland of the six months to fight as guerrillas. It had been more than half a year. During this period of time, they had attacked many villages, caravans, transportation groups and so on, and had also encountered many sieges. But they were still alive and hadn’t completely annihilated, which meant they were quite powerful.

The little girl inserted the sacred sword back into her scabbard and said, “Oh, it’s you. What are you doing?”

“Your Highness, I’m here to save you.”

“What?” The girl was stunned. “Save me?”

“I have got in touch with the spies lurking in Bright Road. I heard that you have been taken to Westwind Town. Godfather here has kept you as a hostage and won’t let you out. I was ordered by the king to save you.”

The little girl was speechless

Well, if he had come a few days earlier, the little girl would have followed him with ecstasy.

However, ever since she had personally seen the flying Rafaela all over the sky and resurrected more than 200 corpses at the same time, the little girl was no longer a member of the Church of Light. Now, she not only did not believe in the Church of Light, but also regarded it as heresy. Those shameful people of the Church of Light actually maliciously made up the oracle of the God of light, letting their followers attack and kill the followers of other gods. This was simply outrageous.

The little girl snorted, “I’m fine now. I don’t need your help.”

“What? what happened?”

The little girl snorted and said, “you sneaked into Westwind Town without the permission of Godfather, which is something that Godfather will never allow, right? Once he finds you, he will not let you leave Westwind Town. If I were you, it would be better for you to get out of here as soon as possible.”

The more he heard, the more suspicious he became. He couldn’t help asking, “Your Highness, what’s wrong with you? Aren’t you under house arrest? I’m here to save you!”


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