After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 392

Chapter 392: No, I’m going to be scolded

With a frown, the big loli looked at White Moon and put away the holy sword in her hand and said, “Little Yi is right. The God of light loves everything. He doesn’t want to kill anyone, because you also belong to ‘everything’, so he should love you. The old Church of Light always lied to me. I don’t want to be fooled again.”

The little girl put away her sword and made a face at White Moon. “I won’t kill you. Pay attention, the love here means to love everything. Don’t take it as love you yourself.”

He looked vigilantly at the people in front of him. They were all women, a little maid, three nuns, and the previous princess. They didn’t seem to be under control, because the people under control would be dull and sluggish, and they wouldn’t be as natural as they appeared.

If she was not controlled, but really thought so in her heart…

With her piety to the church of light, why was it so easy for her to be deceived by evil? It was really hard to understand. However, he knew that he was no match for the princess, and even if he did, he did not dare to really hit the princess with his axe. If he continued to fight, there would be no good for him, so he could only temporarily retreat.

“Then I’ll go first today! Your Highness, I’ll come back to save you later.”

“I said I don’t need your help.”

He didn’t dare to argue with the little girl. In his opinion, the princess must have been deceived. He must be saved, but the way and method might have to be changed.

He turned his head and ran up the hill. After a few steps, he pounced forward and turned into a huge silver wolf. In a few flashes, he disappeared into the forest.

Looking at the direction where White Moon disappeared, Little Yi frowned and kept silent for a long time.

However, the little girl said, “Oh, the security guards of Westwind Town are so incompetent. He can enter the town at will, even to the chapel in the center of the town. He can come and go as he likes. What are the security guards doing?”

Little Yi shook her head with a smile and said “Don’t talk nonsense. It’s not the fault of the guards, but the fault of Godfather. Westwind town is already a big town with a population of more than ten thousand people. It can even be called Westwind City, and Westwind city is constantly entering and occupying an area of non-stop expansion. However, he doesn’t increase the army. There are only three hundred policemen in charge of the whole town, and most of them are guarding the prison. Outside the town, there are only dozens of policemen managing a town with more than ten thousand people. The wall is not guarded. Sooner or later, someone will attack it. “

The little girl couldn’t help but ask, “why don’t you set up an army? Isn’t it very dangerous for the enemy to come over?”

Little Yi shrugged her shoulders and didn’t say anything. She thought, [that’s because you don’t know that he can face an army alone.]

The little girl suddenly understood something and laughed, “Hahaha, I see. The God of light chose me to protect this place, so I came here. All the causes of the mistake are the guidance of the God of light. I will protect the holy city chosen by the God of light, so I became the guardian of light!”

The girls were rendered speechless

For a moment, the little girl didn’t know what to say. She jumped to the wall and said, “I’m going to supervise the big bad wolf to leave Westwind Town. It’s my responsibility.”

“I’m a silver wolf, not a gray wolf!” It turned out that this guy was still hiding in the distance and observing them secretly.

“Fuck off!” The little girl rushed to White Moon and said, “sure enough, I can’t let you leave Westwind Town without seeing you with my own eyes. You still want to lurk here and hurt people.”

“I just want to hide here and find an opportunity to save you, not to hurt anyone.”

“Humph! I don’t believe a word of what the mutant said.”


This made no sense. The big loli waved the holy sword and chased after White Moon. Finally, she drove the huge silver wolf out of Westwind Town.

Moreover, after driving the big wolf away, she was not in a hurry to go back to the chapel. She stood on the north wall of the town and continued to monitor the mountain forest outside, in case the big wolf would find a chance to sneak in.

After guarding for a while, she was almost sure that the big wolf would not come back. She was about to go back to the chapel to rest. Suddenly, a group of orcs appeared in the forest. There were only a dozen of them, which looked like a team of scouts.

They pointed at the low walls of Westwind Town not far away. One orc whispered, “this town is large with a large population. We may not be able to easily capture it.”

Another Orc said, “there is only a human girl on the town wall. She will see.”

“Just kill her. The best way to sneak in is to kill all the sentries!”

“Okay. Kill her. She must be delicious.”

The orcs quietly touched the bottom of the wall

Dozens of seconds later!

When an orc reached the bottom of the wall, he bent down and made a man bridge. The orc behind him stood on his back, jumped to the wall, put his hands on the edge of the wall, and then jumped up. His movements were vigorous and flexible, and did not match his big figure at all.

As soon as he climbed up the wall, he took out a long sword from behind and slashed down at the little girl. His movements were fierce and merciless.

The orcs would never show mercy to humans. Whether it was old people, children, or women, they would mercilessly slaughter without any mercy, because from the moment they were born, they had been instilled with hatred for elves and humans. As long as there was a little chance, they would let elves and humans pay the price.

However, his attack didn’t make the little girl pay the price.

When his attack was near the little girl, she had already pulled out her own holy sword. She spun her sword and used the holy sword skill “shrill lightning”.

With a cracking sound, it was like a flash of thunder and lightning. In an instant, the orc who had plotted to break her waist into two pieces, and the group of orcs who were climbing the wall were all cut down in a flash, and they were put on the ground.

The little girl stuck out her tongue and suddenly thought of something. “Ouch!” she shouted, “oh my God! The God of light loves everything, doesn’t he love even the orcs? I’ve killed more than a dozen of them with a sword strike. I’m sure I’ll be scolded.”


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