After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 393

Chapter 393: You can’t love them

When Robb went through the transmission portal and returned to Westwind Town, he saw more than a dozen corpses of orcs neatly placed in his chapel yard.

The little girl stood aside like a child who had made a mistake. She looked aggrieved and didn’t want to attack him.

On the other hand, Little Yi and the three light nuns were standing in front of the corpses of the orcs, speechless.

Robb was happy on the spot. He wouldn’t scold the big loli. Moreover, compared with the big loli’s attitude, he was more interested in Little Yi’s attitude now.

He turned his head to look at Little Yi. Obviously, he could see a touch of confusion and tangle on her cold face.

“What are you thinking about?” Robb asked.

Little Yi said awkwardly, “just now, after Russ dragged these corpses back and threw them here, she acted as if she had done something wrong. She also asked me that since the God of light loves everything, does he also love orcs?”

Speaking of this, her expression became even more embarrassed. “Then I was thinking, it’s good to love everything, but for creatures like the orcs… They only hate humans and can’t communicate with humans. What should I do?”

“Yes, yes. What should we do?” To her surprise, the little girl didn’t get scolded. Instead, she saw that her respected sister, Ishir, was also embarrassed. She couldn’t help but ask, “sister, weren’t you chosen by the God of light? Aren’t you the new emissary? When you meet this kind of thing, just ask the God of light, okay?”

Of course, Little Yi knew that it was best to ask the God of light, but who knew how to ask? The God of light had always existed in legends. She had never seen the God of light in her life? Damn it! If she could see the God of light so easily, would she still need to consider whether to establish a new church?

After all, there were many reasons for the establishment of this new church. One was that after hearing the old story sixteen years ago, they began to doubt the church of light. Two reasons were that Robb encouraged her and pointed out some problems in the bible of light, so she was determined to establish a new church of light that loved everything.

However, not long after the new church of light was established, a dozen corpses were dragged back by the little girl, which posed a huge problem.

She found that her new education was not mature enough!

She couldn’t ask the God of light, so she had to turn to Robb for help. Her pitiful eyes locked onto Robb. “Godfather, tell me, do you think that the one who loves everything should include the orcs?”

“Now that you are talking about ‘everything’, of course you should include the orcs, even the flowers, birds, insects and fish.”

“But…” said Little Yi, “the orcs hate humans so much that they can’t communicate with them. They won’t consider any normal communication with humans except killing. How can we love such a creature?”

Robb smiled and said, “then I won’t love them. Put a label on their heads and write ‘evil things’, which is not within the scope of’ love ‘. That’s enough.”

“But in this way, we will be the same as the old church of light, won’t we? We will label our enemies as evil, and then wantonly hurt them in the name of eliminating evil things.”

The little girl stuck out her tongue and said, “do we need the Holy Light judger then?”

“Hahaha!” All of a sudden, Robb burst into laughter and applauded. “Well said, Little Yi. You’ve finally learn a deeper way of thinking.”

Speaking of this, Robb’s face suddenly became serious “I won’t analyze it in detail, in case you think I’m verbose. Let’s conclude directly. The reason why God loves everything is that he is powerful enough. No matter how ferocious and terrible an orc is, it is just an aggressive bug in front of God. God can ignore it and even give him a little so-called love. However, as a human, you can’t treat everything in the same way as God, because facing strong people, you can’t treat everything in the same way. When it is enough to threaten the survival of humans, you can’t afford to love it! Even your believers can’t afford to love you! Whoever loves them will die. “

These words made Little Yi freeze on the spot, while the two light nuns and Russ were stunned.

Robb continued, “although the example I’m going to give next is not very appropriate, it can be considered the same. Back then, the desert kingdom attacked…”

Little Yi’s face turned a little red, which was very embarrassing.

However, Robb immediately patted her on the shoulder, indicating that she didn’t have to be embarrassed. This small action of care made her a little moved.

“If I don’t have the strength, I can only fight a life and death battle with the army of the desert kingdom. At that time, what else can I say? Forgiveness? Mercy? Saying that will only hurt me, and even all the people in Westwind Town. But I’m strong enough, and I’m strong enough to determine the strength of the world. So, I can be proud and dignified to say that the people of the desert kingdom, even if you use blades and magic to attack me I don’t mind it. Come and settle down in Westwind Town… “

Now everyone understood.

Robb said, “I won’t resurrect these orcs, because it will only hurt other humans if I give them love randomly. I’m a very selfish guy. My love is only for people who can understand and feel love. Well, I’ve finished my words. I’m really tired today. I’ll go to the hot spring pool.”

Robb didn’t care about it anymore. He rushed into the hot spring and soaked in it happily. Lilian also brought him a large plate of barbecue, so that he could enjoy the delicious food while bathing in the hot spring pool.

Then he came to the hot spring pool and sat down calmly, He said calmly, “so, the God of light is really troublesome. The God of the desert is the best. It has a merciful side, but also a ruthless side. At this time, there is no need to worry. Gather the mamluk and the machete soldiers, rush into the Black Pine Mountain, cut all the orcs in the mountain into seventeen or eighteen pieces, take out the corpses to feed the manticores, and bury their bones into the yellow sand. Then the problem is solved.”

Robb smiled and said, “it would be great if you do this to the orcs. But it’s not a good idea to cut humans into seventeen or eighteen pieces and feed them to the manticores from time to time.”


The three nuns and the little girls struggled with the corpses of the orcs for a long time, but they were doomed to not get the answer.

However, Robb knew that they would know what it meant that they couldn’t afford to love him, because the arrival of this small group of monsters indicated that the bigger monster army was already on the way.

Turmoil was about to take place in the future!

And Westwind Town, which had developed into a city, was doomed to be in chaos.


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