After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 40

Chapter 40: About to enter the mountains

With the Baron and Little Yi gone, Robb and Xuelu are left alone in the yard. The Oscar-winning actor and actress looked at each other, and laughed.

Xuelu chuckled and said, “They are so gullible! Are nobles and nuns really so naïve and gullible?”

Robb said, “It’s not that they’re gullible, but rather, they’d rather believe in the power of a secret treasure than to believe I’m strong. It’s easy for them to make the wrong choice.”

Xuelu said, “I wouldn’t be so gullible.”

“That’s because you haven’t seen what I look like when I’m lazy,” Robb said.

Hearing this, Xuelu couldn’t help but shrug and say, “I don’t understand. Why are you being so lazy in such a small town. At first, I thought that you were being chased after, so you had to remain hidden. However, when I saw the Baron of the kingdom of Gran and the nun of the Church of Light talk with you peacefully, I knew you weren’t being chased. You have no reason to hide in such a small town. With your skills, you can easily live a lavish life in any large city. Or, you could take plenty of risks and hunt the most ferocious of monsters and finding the most mysterious of treasures?”

Robb shrugged, “What’s the point in getting ahead of others and living a lavish lifestyle? What’s the use in fighting monsters? What about mysterious treasures? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Xuelu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What is the point of living a life like an eastern rabbit monk living an isolated and monastic lifestyle?”

Robb smiled and said, “Well, Miss Xuelu, please stop trying to persuade me and let me be lazy. I will always be here waiting for you to come back to see me the next time you use instant transmission scrolls.”

Xuelu said solemnly, “I don’t use those easily!”

“Don’t plant flags!”

“What does it mean to plant a flag?”

“Ha, I’m too lazy to explain.”


That night, Xuelu took a bath using Robb’s tap water system. She couldn’t help but marvel at the invention. After the bath, she changed into clean clothes. Robb was shocked. The magician with red hair and slightly wet eyes – It’s really sexy and hot.

However, Xuelu’s other two party members weren’t so lucky. They’ve been repairing the chapel all night. They weren’t good masons at all. If the hole in the chapel was fixed by a real mason, it would at most take an hour or two, but the two were busy all night, and by dawn of the next day, the church was finally fixed. The two fell asleep with their heads tilted on the grass.

The most tragic thing was that as soon as they fell asleep, they were awakened by the shrill whistle on the hillside and opened their hazy eyes, only to find that the scout team led by the Baron was ready and about to march into the Black Pines Mountains.

Robb, who had always liked sleeping till late, rubbed his eyes and went out of the church. He wore a tubed nightdress. With a cup in his hand and a toothbrush, he stood by the faucet on the edge of the field and filled up his cup with water. He brushed his mouth, murmuring, “What? Are you kidding? Whistling at dawn?! Don’t you have any sense of morality?”

Little Yi, who was wearing a nun’s outfit, was carrying a wooden stick and a small baggage. She got up and came out of the room she chose in the chapel. When she saw Robb brushing his teeth in the yard, she was stunned. She said, “Father, weren’t you cursed by the ruby and had your physical strength and energy absorbed? Don’t you need another forty-nine days to recover? Why can you walk around so freely?”

Robb also couldn’t help but freeze. He secretly scolded in his heart, “I forgot! I was half-awake when I woke up. I only remembered to brush my teeth.

Don’t panic, keep steady. He hurriedly put up a holy face, “I desperately recited the Bible of Light last night and begged the God of Light for a favor. Perhaps it was because I was very religious, the God of Light gave me something like a miracle. I suddenly returned to a state of barely being able to move. Now, although I can’t use all my strength, I can use a bit, enough to wash my face and brush my teeth.”

The nun, who was pure and untainted in heart, was easily deceived. She nodded to Robb and said, “That’s great! In this way, I can feel at ease. Have a good rest. When the Baron and I find the evil necromancer, we’ll come to you.”

“You’re welcome.” Robb said.

“Father, sister.” The baron strode to the two: “We are about to leave!”

“Ok, I’m ready as well.” Little Yi nodded to him.

Robb waved, “I wish you success in finding the evil necromancer for the lord to send his troops as soon as possible. And maybe, the dozens of skeletons stolen from Westwind town can be recovered.”

“I hope so!” The Baron smiled and said, “Now I have the confidence to face the difficulties that will block my path.”

Robb could see that this guy really seemed different. After smashing the ruby last last night, he probably came upon a realization. Although the stone is fake, the demon that the Baron cut is the real thing. He really cut off his own greed and desires, so he’ll achieve growth.

“Sir Baron, sister.” Gorda’s voice sounded nearby, “I was listening to your conversation just now. It seems that you\re going into the mountains to search for some bad guy?”

“Yes!” The baron didn’t hide it at all, and said, “We are pursuing an end to a huge controversy.”

“Oh, that seems great!.” Gorda grinned and said, “Would you allow us to go with you? As you can see, the three of us are very powerful adventurers. The Black Pine Mountains where you are about to go to isn’t a peaceful place. It’s full of unknown dangers. Although the 100 soldiers under your command are well-trained, they are just soldiers after all. Their combat strength can be seen clearly in yesterday’s battle. I think together, with the three of us, will make your pursuit go more smoothly.”

The Baron was slightly stunned. The yes or no question was easy for him. Three seconds later, he held out his hand to Gorda and said, “You’re welcome to join us. I’m willing to pay you twenty gold coins for this mission.”

Gorda smiled and said, “Twenty for three isn’t easy to divde. Do you want us to fight amongst ourselves? I think you should make it 21.”

“It’s a deal”

Robb put down his cup and toothbrush and said angrily, “I say, Gorda, do you even know what the Baron is dealing with? With more than seven hundred skeletons and a powerful necromancer, you’re too rash to take on such a task. You’ll have to get close to death again with a few days.”

Gorda laughed, “Is there any adventurers that doesn’t brush close to death ever day? People who are afraid won’t take risks.”

Behind him, Jike and Xuelu shrugged, saying nothing, but agreed to Gorda’s words.

Robb thought to himself, “Do you really want to worry me like this? Although he gave Xuelu another instant transmission scroll, he still felt worried. Urgh, who am I to get so sentimental?”

He said to everyone, “Wait a minute, I’ll get something from the warehouse for you.”


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