After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 41

Chapter 41: I’ll give these to you

Robb went to the basement of the church. It was messy and had a lot of things, such as metal ingots, herbs, grains, and animal skin. All of them were sent by the townspeople. He had been in this town for around ten days, and during this period, he listened to confessions and made tap water. In addition, he did something that every priest couldn’t avoid doing, curing the townspeople.

The four major industries of this small town are mining, herb gathering, hunting, and agriculture. The first three are risky, often encountering danger. Today, a person broke a leg, the next day, there’ll be someone hurt by a monster. And the day after that, some herbalist was poisoned by a snake.

And then, there’s disease!

Since there hasn’t been a priest in this town for the past several ears, the townspeople either took medicine indescrimitaly to treat their illnesses, or were forced to take a slow death. Dozens of townspeople had serious chronic diseases and had no way to be cured. As soon as Robb came, they hurriedly asked for help.

Robb was lazy, but it wasn’t to the point that he won’t help them. Not to mention, after each healing sesson, after the townspeople recover their health, they were often grateful enough to give something to Robb in return.

However, they were relatively poor. Most of them couldn’t afford to send money, so they simply gave their harvests to Robb.

Therefore, there was this pile of metal ingots, herbs, grains, and animal skins in the warehouse at the basement of the church. Of course, none of them are of high quality!

Robb doesn’t need any of these other than the food, but it’s going to come in handy today.

He first picked up a few iron ingots and put them in front of him. Then, he took a few pieces of coal and used his forging skills. In a blink of an eye, the iron ingots and coal merged into “Steel Ingots”.

Then, there was another round of forging – “Steel Armor” has been successfully forged.

“Quickshot Birch Bow”, “Silver-plated Arrow” forged successfully.

This way, Gorda and Jike can be armed. He was about to go out before he suddenly thought about the cold nun. Though he was at odds with her, he felt that she wasn’t a bad person. So he had to prepare something for her. He looked at the few materials left in the warehouse… What should I give? Oh, yes, something that seems to be suitable for nuns!

After a while, Robb completed what he needed to do and came back to the yard.

By this time, the Baron was getting a little impatient. As soon as he saw Robb come out, he quickly said, “Oh, good. Mr. Robb is finally out. I was worried that you won’t come out in a long time.”

Everyone looked at Robb curiously and saw him drag a huge bag out. They didn’t know what was inside, but it seemed to be heavy.

Little Yi couldn’t help but wonder. This guy said that he won’t have any strength for forty-nine days, but he got up early this morning. And now, he’s dragging such a heavy bag. I’m afraid that he was acting yesterday.

However, while she was skeptical, she had no evidence, so she had to be patient for the time being.

Robb first went up to Gorda and said, “When you fought with the double-headed magician yesterday, your iron armor was riddled with holes. I think it’s unreliable. I’ll give you better armor.”

He reached into the bag and grabbed the steel armor out of it. He threw it to Gorda and said, “Take it.”

“Huh?” Gorda knew at a glance that the armor wasn’t anything ordinary. Steel was much stronger than iron. Moreover, the craftsmanship of the armor was perfect. It was something only one of the best blacksmiths could make Moreover, it had a faint yellow light, the unique color insinuating a defense enchantment. From the intensity of the light, it was a very advanced enchant.

Gorda couldn’t help but exclaim, “What great armor! This… this is not normal. Is it really for me? If you want to charge me, I can’t afford it.”

“Here you go.” Robb said, “I got this a long time ago when a knight who was seriously ill and about to die confessed his sins. He entrusted me with his legacy and asked me to give it to a brave soldier. I think you are fit to inherit this equipment. Take it.”

With that, Robb went to Jike and took out the bow and silver arrow from the bag and said, “These are for you. The enemy you’ll be facing this time has at least 700 skeletons. God knows if there are any other undead that he has. The best equipment to deal with undead is silver. I don’t have much silver, so I couldn’t make a silver arrow. It’s only a silver-plated arrow, but it should be much better than an ordinary arrow.”

Jike also understood. He first took a look at the bow. It is clearly a birch bow, but it was shining in green – the color of agility. It’s bright green, indicating that the enchantment level is not any lower than that of Gorda’s armor. This is also a bow that he couldn’t afford to buy.

If you look at the arrow, it’s clear that it’s only a silver-played arrow. However, it has a faint golden light. It seemed to have been enchanted with the holy power, which have increased damage towards the undead. It’s a good arrow! However, this is a problem… I’m reluctant to shoot such a precious arrow.

The arrow needs to be collected after each shot!

The two were moved and didn’t know what to say after receiving such great gifts.

After several seconds, Gorda curiously asked, “Mr. Robb, why didn’t you give Xuelu anything despite giving Jike and me gifts?”

Robb solemnly said, “Brothers are brothers while women are like clothes. I value you two more, so I don’t care about Xuelu.”

Gorda and Jike, “…”

Xuelu secretly touched the second instant transmission scroll she received in her pocket, smiling like a fox. However, with a regretful expression, she said, “I really don’t understand the friendship between you men.”

After that was done, Robb walked over to Little Yi and said, “Little Yi, we are all believers of the God of Light. I sincerely hope that you won’t encounter any danger. I have something for you, too.”

Little Yi’s cold face couldn’t help flash a slight moved expression, “I acted somewhat against you, yet you have something to give me? Father, you are very tolerant.”

“It was easy for me to decide.” Robb said, “Yesterday, when I saw you hit the ruby with the stick and having it bounce off. Together with the fact that your sacred nova and divine punishment are mediocre against enemies. I feel that you lack the means to deal sufficient amount of damage to the enemy.”

“I am the messenger of the God of Light. I don’t need the means to deal damage to the enemy.” Little said coldly.

“However, sometimes you’ll need it. As you’ve said yourself, light needs to beat the dark, so you’ll need a good weapon to make up for your lack of attack means,” Robb said.

Although Little Yi isn’t greedy, after listening to Robb, she became a little curious and said, “Alright! Thank you for your kindness. Is it a staff or a scepter?”

Her eyes were fixed on Robb’s hand, thinking that no matter how good the weapon was, she might not be able to wield its power.

Whiling thinking about this, Robb’s hand came out of the bag, together with it, a pair of silver-plated short firearms! It shone with golden light. 


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