After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Something is coming

Not only Elsie was shocked, but also Pobo was scared to death. Just now, when Robb said that he wanted to make a weapon of two thousand and five hundred pounds of iron, he thought it would be impossible. He thought that it was too heavy. The sword was the most reliable and the king of weapons.

But when he saw the “steam tank” made by Robb, he found that the “sword” was really weak. He was afraid that the thing in front of him was the real king of weapons! The stronger the defense, the stronger its offense, and it was obvious that they could add all kinds of magic items on it.

Its huge body could even draw all kinds of magic defensive arrays!

However, as soon as they were happy, they immediately became depressed. “This thing needs to be made with silver, so we can’t make it in a large quantity, right? We used a silver ingot to make this one just now, and these three boxes of silver ores aren’t enough to make so much silver ingots.”

After all, the ore was just a stone, and it would take a lot of energy to extract silver from it. Robb had only rubbed two pieces of silver ingots, and used a full box of silver ores.

In other words, the three boxes of silver ore could only make three tanks at most.

Three tanks were still not enough to fight against fifty thousand monsters..

Seeing the two of them looking at the silver box dejectedly, Robb understood what they were thinking. He chuckled and said, “you’re thinking too much. In fact, it’s just that the silver box is used to make the first tank, and the rest is unnecessary.”

“Why?” The two were surprised.

Robb didn’t bother to explain.

Because the project in the game was very rigid. To rub out the steam tank, one must have silver, and without this material, it was impossible to make it. However, in the real world, it was very easy to copy a tank. As long as the whole tank was disassembled, all the key parts of the tank could be imitated with steel, and then reassembled, to make a tank. It was not necessary to have silver parts.

Robb even planned to change the steam engine to the oil engine in the tank, so that the tank’s horsepower would also increase a lot and its combat effectiveness would be stronger.

“Elsie, don’t worry. It’s produced by certain energy. It’s just a matter of time.” Robb smiled and said, “go and get the blacksmith of our school…”

Before he finished his words, he suddenly froze. The old blacksmith was working on the train and the iron track with all his students. If he was given another tank project, he wouldn’t be able to do it at all.

After all, Westwind Town only has a population of only ten thousand people, and it had a wide range of industries. How could he dispatch a large group of blacksmiths to study the tank? Besides, tank parts were much more precise than train parts. It was more difficult to copy and took more time. Wouldn’t the old blacksmith and the group of students be tired to death?

Robb let out a long sigh and said, “Alas! We still don’t have enough manpower.”

He was depressed. He collapsed on his stone stool and said, “no, it’s not fun. It’s not interesting. Elsie, take this big tank as your tank first. If you have nothing else to do, drive it to run with the train. Patrol the safety along the railway, and beat the monsters hard. When the blacksmiths are free, I’ll get you more.”

Hearing this, Elsie was overjoyed. -a super weapon made of precious materials like silver was given to me first, which shows how important I am in Godfather’s heart.]

He quickly knelt on one knee and said, “I will devote myself to it.”

“Well, stop talking nonsense. Get on the tank and play with it yourself.” Robb briefly explained how to operate the tank in the way he just learned, and especially emphasized, “don’t shoot randomly. If you accidentally collapse any building in Westwind Town and hurt anyone, I’ll hang you.”

Elsie hurriedly said, “I’m not a person who doesn’t know what to do. I’ll definitely make good use of this weapon.”

He scurried into the tank and fumbled for a while. With Robb’s explanation, it was not difficult for him to do it. Soon, the steam tank was driven on the street by him, and a group of soldiers followed behind the tank, making a scene for him. They swaggered through the town and moved everywhere.

“Craftsmen! Craftsmen! I’m short of craftsmen from all walks of life. What should I do? Especially now that the machines are getting more and more advanced, and more and more precise, professional craftsmen are unable to catch up. If only there is a master level or even a master level craftsman available.”

“My father! With your ability, you can grab a large group of craftsmen just by conquering any city, can’t you?”

“No! No! No!” Robb shook his head and said, “it’s wrong to rob other people’s resources and manpower in the way of war. No matter what kind of situation it is, the one who gets resources in this way is evil, no matter how lofty the reason sounds. Because killing for treasures is really disgusting! I hate those kind of novels the most.”

That night, Pobo rested in Westwind Town. He had a big house in Westwind Town, which was supposed to be the largest mansion here. But when he came back this time, he found that his “mansion” had now become a very shabby building, because there had been a more powerful group of buildings in Westwind Town now.

The other communities were much more luxurious than his mansion. He had to take his men to buy a house in the new community. Of course, he was ruthlessly extorted.

A few days passed quickly.

At night, the whole world fell asleep.

The railway which extended from Westwind Town to the north also fell asleep. At the south end of the railway was Westwind Town, and at the north end was a construction site.

The railway had been made to a place fifty miles away from the town. The workers didn’t want to go back to the town in the dark, so they simply camped there.

Of course, it was very dangerous to camp fifty miles away from the city. If a group of workers rested here, it could be said that they would have a narrow escape. Therefore, Elsie led two hundred soldiers of the personal guard team to guard the workers here.

The workers slept in the tent in the middle, and the soldiers’ tents were scattered around the periphery. The huge steam tank was parked beside the construction site. Elsie slept in the tank. He loved this super weapon so much that he spent most of his time in the tank now.

A group of soldiers, who were responsible for guarding the night, lit a bonfire at the periphery, drinking fruit wine and chatting while watching the surrounding forest, in case something suddenly came out of the forest.

In the dark night, a soldier suddenly frowned and said to his companions, “be careful! Something seems to be approaching from the forest in the south.”


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