After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 422

Chapter 422: A group of elves

The soldier’s words made the soldiers beside the bonfire all nervous. Several soldiers stood up at the same time, and their steel swords were pulled out from their scabbards.

“I also feel that there seems to be something looking at me in the forest.”

“Do you feel it?”

One of the soldiers whispered, “are we giving them a warning?”

“Don’t be silly!” Another soldier said, “The commander will beat us.”

“Who is going to get close to the forest to have a look?” A soldier said.

“Don’t say such words.” Another soldier said, “generally speaking, if you go around the forest with a torch at this time, you will be knocked down by a dark monster and instantly dragged into the forest. Your companions don’t even have time to save you.”

The soldiers next to him nodded at the same time, feeling that it was reasonable.

“Throw the torch into the forest from afar.”

“That’s a good plan!”

More than a dozen soldiers walked to the edge of the forest together. They were professional soldiers recruited by Elsie. Some of them were native people of Westwind Town, and some were prisoners from the desert kingdom. After several months of training, they were far stronger than ordinary soldiers. It could be said that they were not professional soldiers.

Therefore, their caution in the face of unknown enemies was unusual. Although there were only a dozen night guards, they also showed good quality. The four men in the front row raised steel shields to protect themselves and their companions, and they were on guard against any monsters or arrows that would suddenly rush out of the forest.

The soldiers in the back row raised their torches, pretending to get ready to throw their torches into the forest

At this moment, an arrow suddenly flew out of the forest. It was very fast and accurate. An arrow hit the torch in the hand of a soldier. The soldiers were frightened and loosened their hands.

Then, an elegant, deep and mysterious man said, “human! Throwing a torch into the forest will be punished naturally.”

The soldiers were startled by the arrows and the sudden sound. Someone shouted, “arrows!”

“Sure enough, there are enemies lurking in the forest.”

“There is an army!”


“Call the police! Call the police!”

A soldier whistled.

In an instant, the whole construction site came back to life. The workers were shocked and quickly retreated to the middle. The two hundred soldiers all jumped up, raising their swords and shields at the same time to protect the workers. The first dozen soldiers on duty at night also retreated as fast as they could and returned to the camp.

There was no need for the people in the forest to hide any more. An army came out quietly without making a sound. In an instant, hundreds of people lined up in front of the forest, and there were still people walking out from behind. It seemed that there were more than a thousand people.

These people were not ordinary humans!

All of them were tall and slim, and almost none of them was fat. They looked very thin with less developed muscles. Their ears were very sharp, and they stretched out long. Pairs of eyes emitted a green light in the night.

They were all dressed in light clothes, and almost no one wore heavy armors. They wore leather armors, which looked very mysterious and noble. Many of their leather armors were also filled with a faint green light.

“It’s the Elf race!” A soldier shouted.

“It’s a group of elves. This is not normal to see.”

“Why are the elves here?”

The soldiers shouted and discussed, but the army of the elf race was quietly gathering. Not a single sound was made, and soon a thousand people were gathered. They had a large number of people, and they thought that their combat effectiveness was much stronger than that of the human soldiers. Therefore, looking at the human army of about two hundred people in front of them, they were arrogant, with a hint of disdain and indifference.

No matter how these humans discussed, they did not speak, waiting for a powerful person to come out and speak.

After a few seconds, Elsie’s voice suddenly sounded through the loudspeaker on the tank, “everyone be quiet. Don’t make a fuss like a bumpkin who has never seen the world.”

The soldiers stopped talking.

Then, Elsie said, “Friends of the elf race, what made you come all the way here?”

The arrogant and calm expressions of the elves who had just looked at the human as scum turned into astonishment in an instant. They turned around and looked at the steam tank, dumbfounded. After a long time, they couldn’t say anything. It was estimated that the thousands of elves were thinking about the same thing. [What the hell is this?]

Commander Elsie chuckled and said, “don’t look so surprised. I’m also a human. I’m just sitting in a huge iron car.”

It was not until then that the elves realized that it was a big iron car. However, this iron car was too big, and it was probably not several thousand pounds heavy. What pulled such a heavy iron car? Horse? Magic?

However, it was not the right time to talk about it.

The elf groups formed a line in the middle, and a man walked out from it. He looked about forty years old, but all the people present knew that if an elf looked forty years old, his actual age was at least four hundred years old. Their age should be multiplied by ten years of human age.

This was obviously the leader of the elf group. He turned to the steam tank and asked, “are you the leader of this human army?”

“Yes, my name is Elsie. I’m from Westwind Town. I’m the commander of Robb’s personal guard team. You can call me Elsie.”

“Very well, sir. Please take good care of your soldiers. Don’t let them throw torches into the forest.”

Commander Elsie was not embarrassed at all. He sneered and said, “please pay attention to yourself. In the middle of the night, an army quietly approached a human military camp. It’s not a big deal to be resentful for being thrown a torch, but at least we didn’t throw a fireball into the forest.”

The elf really didn’t expect that a group of only two hundred human soldiers dared to beat on his elf army, which had more than a thousand soldiers. Humans were very cunning creatures, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Shouldn’t they be obedient and coward when their strength was weaker than their opponents?

This human group is a little weird today.

However, elves were after all elves, noble and elegant. It was a force that would kill a whole family without a word. Although the elf felt that this human group was a little arrogant, he did not intend to attack them.

After all, humans and elves were generally allies. They had fought against the monsters together several times, so it was better not to fight. Moreover, the elves also had something to do.


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