After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 423

Chapter 423: The goddess of the forest Mielikki’s followers

The elf said “It’s our fault we got so close to your camp in the middle of the night. First of all, we apologize to you. We didn’t expect that there would be a human army stationed here. When we saw a military camp from afar, we naturally had to get close to it carefully and scout it. Please forgive us for the misunderstanding caused.”

“What?” Elsie was stunned by his words.

In the southwest of the Westwind Town, there were two forests, called Baiyang forest and White Birch forest. In these two forests, there were two small elf tribes, which was not a strange thing. Everyone knew it, and even the queen knew it.

The two elf tribes had been hiding in the depths of the forest, and they seldom came out to make trouble. They lived in peace with humans, so even though the two tribes were stuck in the hinterland of the land, the queen never wanted to drive them away. She even sent people to contact the elf tribe occasionally to send something to maintain friendship.

He didn’t expect that the two elf tribes would form a joint army and come out.

“Are you here for the monster army?”

“Yes!” The elf said seriously, “the elf tribe living in seclusion in the Black Pine Mountain was attacked by the monster army. Their village was burnt down, and old, weak women and children were being chased by the monster army. They sent us a message for help, so the elf tribe of white birch forest and baiyang forest formed this alliance. We were in a hurry to enter the Black Pine Mountain to welcome them, and we saw your camp when we passed by…”

Now Elsie understood, “Oh, I see. It seems to be a mistake. I apologize to you on behalf of the soldiers and promise to restrain them. From now on, I won’t casually throw torches or fireballs into the forest.”

The elf bowed and said, “that’s good. Humans can cut trees in a proper way. We can understand that. Because without wood, not to mention you can’t live, even we can’t. But throwing a torch into the forest is an unpardonable act. On behalf of the goddess of the forest, I’m here to thank you for your understanding and support for us.”

Elsie thought, [what a sweet talker! No wonder they were noble elves. But why did they talk about the goddess of the forest, Mielikki, right away? If Godfather were here, he would definitely be mad at you.]

“Then I won’t stop you.” Elsie, “wish you a good trip.”

The human soldiers relaxed their vigilance, as if they didn’t want to cause any trouble.

The elves also didn’t want to cause any trouble. They had to go to rescue their compatriots in the Black Pine Mountain. They were not interested in wasting time with humans here.

The elf group lined up and passed by the construction site.

The elf leader stopped and didn’t leave in a hurry. He looked at the strange construction site and found that these humans were building strange iron on the ground. Under the iron, there was wood, and on top of it was steel

The elves all had the night vision ability, so his eyes were not affected at night. He looked along the iron track, and he unexpectedly could not see the end. It extended all the way to the southeast far away, which was the direction of Westwind Town.

The elf couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “humans are so strange. Why do you put so much irons on the ground? You even made such a huge iron car. No matter how much iron you have, you can’t waste it like this.”

In fact, the elves were very short of iron. Because they loved nature, they didn’t like to dig holes on the mountain casually, nor did they like to go mine. They usually only had the minimum amount of iron to make weapons and defensive equipment. Seeing the wasted large railway and iron car of humans, the elf was a little dizzy.

Elsie laughed and didn’t explain. He just said, “you will understand one day.”

The elf nodded and said, “I only hope that you won’t cut down too many trees in order to build this thing.”

Elsie said, “you can rest assured about this. Godfather in Westwind Town said that in order to develop industries, we should also pay attention to the environment. Trees must not be cut randomly. We must cut them in a planned way. Otherwise, if we cut them too much, it will destroy nature, and then there will be natural disasters.”

The elf was surprised. “Well, is there such a person who loves nature among humans? Is he also a citizen of the forest goddess?”

“Stop talking nonsense here.” Elsie laughed and said, “Godfather is infinitely close to a God. Oh, no, God knows if he is closer or surpasses him. He is so great, why should he be a citizen of another God?”

The elf didn’t say anything. The goddess of the forest didn’t have an exclusive faith. She wouldn’t kill the followers of other gods, so the elf race wouldn’t argue with other races because of their different faith.

In a word, people who loved nature were the friends of elves!

“Say hello to the man named Godfather for me.” The elf turned around and followed his group.

Elsie watched the group of elves going north into the Black Pine Mountain and disappearing. He frowned and said, “the situation does not seem to be optimistic. Even the elves have been lured out.”

“Oh, right.” All of a sudden, Elsie yelled at the soldiers who were holding torches just now, “are you idiots? How useless are you? If those arrows were not aimed at the torches in your hands, but at your throats, now you all would have become corpses.”

The soldiers lowered their heads in embarrassment.

The soldiers broke into a sweat and said, “Sir, we have agreed not to set fire to the forest anymore.”

Elsie, “that’s to coax the people of the forest. Don’t take it seriously? Next time when you find someone spying on our camp in the forest in the middle of the night, don’t talk too much nonsense. Throw all the bows, torches, and spears into the forest. If you kill a good person by mistake, you can carry them back to be revived by Godfather.”

Everyone was speechless

At this moment, in the north forest, which was the direction where the elf group had just disappeared, there was a sudden “bang” sound. A bright spark exploded in the dark forest, and then, the sound of shouting and killing suddenly spread over the whole hillside.

They all turned their heads and looked at the mountains in the north.

On the hillside, many trees were burning. With the light of the flames, everyone saw that the elf race, who had just entered the mountain, was fighting with a group of orcs on the distant hillside


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