After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 424

Chapter 424: What would happen to Godfather

Although there was a long distance between them, Elsie could see clearly that a large group of orcs were fighting with the elves on the hillside.

All the elves had the night vision ability, and the orcs also had the night vision ability. Their fighting power at night was not inferior to that of the elves. The two sides fought fiercely on the hillside.

Of course, poor humans didn’t have the ability to see things at night. In this case, they were embarrassed. Fortunately, the orc magicians would throw out a fireball from time to time to light the trees beside them and light the place up, so that the group of people at the foot of the mountain could see more clearly.

There were a lot of orcs, but they were not as many as a thousand. The number of the elves was relatively small. Fortunately, they were fighting in the mountain forest. The Elves were born to be good at fighting in the jungle.

From afar, Elsie heard someone roaring on the hillside in front of him. Then, a large group of old, weak women and children of the Elf race ran out of the hillside.

It turned out to be a coincidence that the elf had come to pick up the elves in the Black Pine Mountain. He had just said goodbye to Elsie and entered the Black Pine Mountains and immediately met the elves in the Black Pine Mountain.

These elves had less than five hundred soldiers in total, while there were seven hundred or eight hundred old, weak women and children. They were fleeing with their lives, followed by a orcs.

The two sides had been chasing and running in the forest for a long time. They had been chasing and escaping silently, but the old and weak women and children had reached their limits. They were tired and hungry, so they could hardly run. Just as they were about to be caught up, the elf leader and their reinforcements rushed over.

The elf archers shot arrows at the pursuers at the same time, trying to buy time for the old and weak women and children to escape. The orcs took a shower in the rain of arrows and were furious. They immediately shot arrows and fireballs back. Therefore, the people from Westwind Town at the foot of the mountain also saw this scene.

Then, a large group of old, weak women and children of the elf race rushed to the construction site. There were more than thousand people.

Elsie’s head popped out of the tank lid and looked out. A large group of exhausted elves ran to him. He couldn’t help cursing in his mind, [damn it! Trouble is coming!]

After scolding, he suddenly patted his head and said, “ah? My way of thinking is becoming more and more like Godfather. Hahaha! It seems that I have made rapid progress.”

The people in Westwind Town were proud of learning how to be Godfather, and the beauty of imitating Godfather!

A soldier shouted beside the steam tank, “Commander, what should we do? The elves are coming, and the orcs will definitely come over later. Should we help them, or just stand by and do nothing, or run away quickly?”

Elsie almost said, “of course I want to run away.”.

But he forced himself to take it back. What if the Godfather was here?

There was no need to ask.

Godfather was merciful. He didn’t want to see blood or slaughter. If he were here, he would never let an orc bully the elf race. What’s more, the people of the Elf race were also human.

Godfather often said that humans were strong.

Commander Elsie had made up his mind and shouted, “soldiers, get ready to fight! Call the elf refugees over and tell them to hide behind us.”

The two hundred soldiers immediately acted and lined up.

They were professional soldiers, not the kind of people who put down their weapons and hoes to become soldiers. After they joined Robb’s personal guard team, they had been receiving training all day long. Now they really moved, of course, much faster than ordinary soldiers.

In an instant, the soldiers formed an array. All the steel shields were raised in front of them, and the steel armors and swords were in line. The army looked fierce.

They shouted together, “Friends of the elf race, come here!”

The old and weak women and children of the elf race understood what they meant at the sight of their formation. They quickly ran over and hid behind the human army array.

An elven archer escorting these old, weak women and children shouted, “humans, thank you for your help, but your number is too small. When the orcs attack later, you can’t stop them. You run, too. Run quickly.”

“What are you afraid of? We have more troops than that,” He shouted. “Just wait and see.”

At this time, Commander Elsie threw a scroll down from the top cover of the tank! The scroll suddenly emitted a purple light in midair, and then countless purple lights spread out from it.

“Swish!” a purple transmission portal spread out behind the tank.

Seeing the transmission portal, the elf was stunned.

Elsie, “go in, hide!”

The elves didn’t dare to go in. Although humans were allies of the elf race, it was indeed a little rash to just enter a random portal. God knew where they would be transported if they entered this portal. They didn’t dare to unconditionally believe humans they had never met before.

Seeing that they didn’t dare to come in, Elsie didn’t force them. He shouted, “the workers should go back first and call the reinforcements!”

The workers immediately rushed into the transmission portal.

The transmission portal rippled with purple light, and the workers disappeared one after another.

The elven archer shouted at the soldiers of Westwind Town beside him, “who are you? What’s with the transmission portal?”

It was really ridiculous. Such a small human army suddenly took out a strategic teleportation portal and then withdrew the workers.

The soldier laughed and said, “we are from Westwind Town. Let’s wait and see.”

After the workers all ran into the transmission portal, soldiers in steel armors and swords began to run out. In a flash, three hundred soldiers ran out, followed by a big loli with a holy sword on her back, she shouted, “who? Who is bullying? I… Russ Belmonde Dracula, guardian of light, swore to kill all the evils with this life… Ouch… don’t hit me…”

A nun walked out from behind her with a cold expression on her face. Just now, she gave a violent beating on the head of the big loli, stopping her from continuing. She raised her head and shouted, “Injured elves, please come over here. I’ll treat you.”


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