After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 425

Chapter 425: The steam tank

The elf refugees were completely confused.

When they came to their senses, they found that the five hundred human soldiers had set up a square array in front of them, with orderly equipment, which made the array look very beautiful and every soldier look energetic.

Most of the armies in the world had their own weapons and equipment. Whether it was a knight or their army, their equipment was rarely distributed by the state in a unified way. Except for some private soldiers of the nobility who had uniform equipment, most armies were in a mess.

However, the human army in front of them didn’t have this. Their equipment was so neat, and each of them wore the same steel armor, carrying a steel shield, a steel sword… The whole army seemed to fall out of the same model, which was really eye-catching.

The elves could not help but think to themselves, [this should be the private army of some very rich person, but there are too many people, five hundred people! He could organize five hundred troops without recruiting the local people. Who was so powerful?]

At this time, a soldier turned his head and asked the little loli who had just come through the transmission portal, “isn’t Godfather coming?”

The little girl laughed, “with me here, there’s no need for Godfather to come. I’ll kill all the evil people in the world with my sword. As long as I’m here, it’s enough! Hahaha!”

The soldier next to him said, “can you talk normally? Don’t follow behind with meaningless laughter.”

“…” the little girl pouted and said, “When Godfather was woken up while he was sleeping soundly, he was not happy. He went back to bed and said that he would have enough sleep first. He asked you to fight this battle by yourselves and collect their corpses after that.”

The soldiers were rendered speechless

Elsie’s head came out of the top cover of the tank, “Don’t always think about relying on Godfather. If you have to rely on him every time you fight, what’s the use of his kindness? Your salary is high, right? You know, you usually enjoy delicious food and drink, and very high military salary, isn’t it for this moment? If you don’t even fight, shouldn’t you return the money and go home to eat yourself?”

The soldiers thought it over and agreed.

“All right, all right. It’s our job to fight.”

“Yes, you have been mentally prepared the moment you signed up for joining the army. Don’t think about relying on Godfather.”

“Anyway, after we die, Godfather will definitely bring us back to life.”

“I’m afraid it will hurt when I get hurt.”

“Are you an idiot? If you are afraid of pain, just cut your head off with a knife after getting hurt. Die instantly while there is no pain. When Godfather revives you, everything will be fine.”

“What a good plan!”

“That’s it.”

The soldiers seemed to have been relieved. They didn’t need to panic at all.

Hearing this, the elf refugees felt that there was something strange. These humans were… Abnormal.

“Watch out! They are coming!” The elven archer roared.

On the hillside, there were a portion of elves fighting with the orcs, but the number of elves was too small, so they were unable to forcefully block the army of the orcs. As soon as the four thousand orcs rushed forward, the elves dispersed.

Then, the four thousand orcs divided into two halves, half to deal with the allied army of the elf tribes, and the rest half to chase the elf refugees, determined to kill them all.

They looked from a distance. Eh? There was actually a human army in front of them. They all dressed and looked very cool, but the number of people was too small. It was useless for only five hundred people there. As for the steam tank parked beside the army, the orcs didn’t care at all. Their intelligence didn’t allow them to think too much.

“It’s good that humans are also here. Kill them all, haha!”

“Kill them!”

The orcs roared and rushed down the hill. Their ferocious expressions frightened the elf refugees behind them. They wanted to turn around and continue to run, but some people really couldn’t run. Now they could only hope that the human group in front of them could help them resist the strong enemies.

“Cover your ears.” Elsie’s voice sounded arrogantly in the tank. “Haha, I can finally play with the barrel. Godfather told me not to shoot randomly, saying that he was afraid I would hurt people by accident, but now I can fire as much as I want!”

“Steam tank, main barrel! Ready to fire!” Elsie also acted like a little girl and gave a speech like the little loli. He had no choice. It was not his fault. He really wanted to shout it out. If he didn’t, it would be useless.

The elf refugees didn’t understand what he was talking about at all. They only knew that two thousand fierce orcs had rushed over. They had already rushed down the hill and rushed hundreds of miles in front of them. The scene was quite terrifying.

The main barrel of the tank was fired and a cannonball shot out.

The thing flew into the middle of the orcs plopped into the ground. Then… there was no more then…

It was just a cannonball…

Most of the game’s players would smile in the face of such a situation.

The elves on the side, “…”

They had thought that this group of strange humans had great weapons, but they didn’t expect it to be like this.

“Hey, this human army is not reliable.”

“It seems that we should continue to run away. We can’t expect them to be able to stop the orcs,”

“Yes, it’s just a group of pranksters.”

Many elves began to plan to continue running, but most of them were too tired to run.

Elsie, “Damn it! Godfather said that it would fail occasionally. Is it true?”

“Never mind. It won’t fail again and again, will it?” Mr. Elsie put another on the table and said, “steam tank, main barrel! Fire!”

Another cannonball flew out of the barrel


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