After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Retreat! Retreat!

We can’t win this battleThe first one made the elves look forward to it, but the second one

No one had any expectation for it. They all thought it was the same!

The cannonball dragged a stream of smoke and flew into the group of the orcs, who didn’t even bother to look at it.

An orc saw it and was hit in the forehead by the cannonball, and it was very painful. A goose egg sized hole appeared on his forehead. He was angry and roared, “this useless weapon, don’t take it out and throw it randomly…”

But before he could finish his sentence, the cannonball exploded!


It was either useless or extraordinary.

With a loud sound, smoke shrouded the orcs around the explosion center who were all blown up into the air in an instant. The orcs farther away were swept across, and a large number of them fell down with a crash.

The orcs who were still struggling were stunned at the same time. “What?”

The elves watching the battle were also stunned. “Eh?”


The tank fired again, and another cannonball flew over.


The bomb exploded successfully again, and dozens of orcs flew in all directions.

The orcs now became afraid. Someone shouted, “what the hell is that?”

“It’s a bomb. A bomb that can fly out.”

“Is it from the dwarves?”

“The dwarves have a solid shell. The shell produced by them will explode.”

“Watch out! It’s coming again…”


Another cannonball flew over and landed on the ground.

“This one didn’t explode.”

“What the hell is this?”

“Why didn’t it?”

“It’s none of your business. Hurry up and rush to the front of the big iron car, so it won’t be able to shoot.”

The orcs woke up from their dreams and jumped up from the ground to rush forward.

“Charge! Don’t give the big iron car another chance to shoot.”

“Magicians, archers, attack that iron car!”

A few seconds later, they pointed at the steam tank and several fireballs, ice arrows and wind blades flew over.

The steam tank was very big, so it was easy to aim at it. These magicians were no exception, and all hit the target exactly.

However, just as the magic hit the armor of the tank, a purple light suddenly spread from the tank, and then a magic barrier lit up around the tank. With a flash, the magic was all blocked outside the enchanted barrier.

This was the “Defensive Enchantment” drawn by Robb on the tank. Now he was no longer like what he had just come to this world. He only knew how to use magic and didn’t know how to draw arrays before. Through the lessons in the school, he had mastered a variety of methods to draw magic runes, which was equivalent to knowing the methods to draw magic arrays at the same time.

The enchanted barrier he drew by himself contained the additional effect of his terrifying intelligence. With the strength of the native magicians in this world, breaking this enchanted barrier was simply a dream.

The magic attacks of the orcs were all blocked by the barriers. Piercing through the barrier, arrows were shot towards the steam tank. However, there was no need to use an enchantment to block the attack. After all, the steam tank was a cluster of iron. If it was afraid of the arrows, it would be too frail.

The arrows hit the shell of the tank, making a clanging sound. Then they were bounced away without exception, and no arrow could hurt Elsie inside.

“Hahaha, these low level idiots.” Elsie burst into laughter. “Time to crush them!”

He shook the steering wheel suddenly, and the huge tank moved and rushed towards the orcs.

The five hundred soldiers behind him were stunned and shouted, “Hey, commander, don’t fight alone!”

The little girl also shouted, “Hey! What are you doing? I should be the one to eliminate the evil. Don’t rob my job as the guardian of light. Hey, I finally find something to do. Stop it.” She waved her holy sword and followed him.

The elves beside them were already dumbfounded. They only saw that the huge steam of the tank rushed into the army of orcs. With a slight bump, the orcs in front of it fell to the ground, and the steam tank ruthlessly crushed from the bodies of the orcs into flat meat pies.

The orcs had used all kinds of methods, including magic, archery, swords, and hammers. The iron car was not damaged at all and continued to crush them one by one ruthlessly.

After a long while, an orc thought of something and shouted, “jump onto the big iron car, find the lid, open the lid and kill the person inside. Then it won’t be a fierce fight.”

“That’s right!”

Several Orc soldiers rushed over from the side of the steam tank and jumped to the big iron car. However, as soon as they climbed up, they became the target of the five hundred soldiers who followed up. The soldiers in the front row took out a small crossbow from their waists, and pulled the trigger at the orc who just jumped into the tank and was still looking for the lid.

The orc instantly took several arrows and fell down from the tank. Then, he was stabbed two times by the soldiers who were near him. He died a horrible death.

“You think you can climb the steam tank? Do you think we don’t exist?”

The five hundred soldiers roared, “kill them!”

The steam tank led the way, and the foot soldiers followed to kill them. They were unstoppable. Although they only had five hundred people, they were not coward in the face of the two thousand orcs.

The orcs were surprised to find that the equipment on these human soldiers was simply crazy.

The iron swords in the hands of these soldiers were as sharp as mud. With a casual wave of their hands, the shields of the orcs were cut in half.

“Something is wrong with this human army!”

“Abnormally powerful.”

“Who wants to deal with this iron car?”

“It’s not easy to deal with a soldier, let alone the big iron car.”


“Fuck! Their armor can also block a certain degree of magic.”

The orcs were beaten so hard by the soldiers because they could not even hurt their enemies effectively. The battle was completely a one-sided massacre. Not long after, hundreds of corpses of the orcs lay on the ground.

The rest of the orcs had no desire to fight anymore. They roared, “Retreat! Retreat! We can’t win this battle.”


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