After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Anyway, let’s heal her first

The orcs began to retreat, but Elsie didn’t let them. He drove the steam tank and continued to chase after them. When he chased after them, the soldiers would follow him. The big girl also brandished her holy sword and chased after them, chasing them out of the open area at the foot of the mountain until they arrived at the hillside.

Only then did Elsie realize that the steam tank couldn’t climb the mountain! Faced with the tilted hillside, the big iron car felt would fall. It slid down as soon as it climbed a little bit. It was not powerful enough.

After all, this was not a very advanced tank. It was already very difficult for the engine to drive this huge monster with a weight of more than 2000 pounds. Climbing the steep slope was simply an illusion.

“Damn it! Stop!” Elsie stuck his head out of the top cover of the tank and cursed, “don’t run up the mountain if you dare…”

As soon as he finished his words, an arrow flew over and stabbed into his helmet.

Fortunately, the steel helmet was hard enough to block the arrow, but the power of the arrow was also transmitted through the helmet, causing a buzzing sound in his forehead.

Elsie pulled back into the tank and closed the lid. He said through the loudspeaker, “shoot me again if you can. If I get out of the tank again, I lose.”

The orcs were not in the mood to argue with him now. The steam tank couldn’t catch up with them, but the big girl and five hundred soldiers were still chasing after them. Although these people were not as terrifying as the steam tank, they were not easy to deal with, especially the big loli. With a wave of the holy sword in her hand, shrill lightning suddenly flashed, and more than a dozen orcs fell down with their blood splashing. They couldn’t fight at all.

As the orcs fled, they shot arrows backwards. The arrows shot hit the steel armors of the soldiers, but they couldn’t penetrate through their armors. As for the little girl, she wore the flying dragon leather armor, and she was extremely agile. She spun and jumped non-stop, and the arrows couldn’t even touch her hair.

One chased after the other… the orcs who were left behind were knocked down by the big girls and the soldiers. They were about to lose their strength, but fortunately they finally joined the other half of their army. The half of the army that stayed on the mountain had been fighting with the elf archers in the mountain forest. They were fighting against more than one thousand elf archers, but the loss was much smaller than that of the ones fighting the five hundred soldiers of Westwind Town.

Seeing so many orcs in front of them, the soldiers of Westwind Town didn’t dare to chase after them anymore. After all, there were only five hundred of them, and the steam tank couldn’t go up the mountain. Now, Elsie could only turn on the high pitched speaker to scold people at the foot of the mountain, which made him embarrassed.

In this case, if they had to fight five hundred to three thousand, they wouldn’t do it! It was not a battle that they had to fight. Why did they have to fight so hard.

“I, the guardian of light, will selflessly devote my life to the battle of justice to protect the light…” before the big girl could finish her words, two soldiers beside her jumped over and pulled her back with their arms. “Ms. Russ, retreat! We won’t fight anymore.”

“Why?” The little girl shouted, “there are still many other evils that haven’t been eliminated!”

“Anyway, 34 won’t call you.” The soldiers pulled her and ran fast.

In a twinkling of an eye, the group retreated to the foot of the mountain and returned to the front of the elf refugees. They made an array, and the steam tank also came back, stopping in front of them proudly.

Seeing this, the orcs didn’t dare to attack them again.

The more than 1000 elf archers on the mountain also put away their bows and stopped fighting for the time being. Their main purpose in this battle was to pick up the old and weak women and children. The orcs stopped, and there was no need for them to attack more with less.

The orcs looked down at the human soldiers who were well prepared at the foot of the mountain, and then looked at the more than 1000 elf archers. No matter how stupid they were, they knew that the battle could not go on. The leader of the orcs roared, “humans and elves, don’t be complacent. One day you will pay the price of blood!”

After shouting, they retreat!

In a twinkling of an eye, more than three thousand orcs ran away without a trace.

The elves breathed a sigh of relief. They put down their weapons and extinguished the fire caused by the battle just now. Then they went down the hill and returned to the construction site.

The humans and the elves faced each other again, but this time, the atmosphere was much more relaxed than when they were about to throw the torch earlier.

An old elf, who looked a little old and would make people afraid that he was not nine hundred years old, walked out and bowed to the soldiers Westwind Town. “Thank you for your selfless help.”

Elsie didn’t hide in the tank anymore. This time, he opened the lid and climbed out. He walked up to the old man and said with a smile, “it’s not a big deal. Godfather in Westwind Town often says that God has great virtue to the living, and he’ll pull his knife out for those in trouble. Anyone who can be saved must be tried to save.”

The old elf was speechless

Although he didn’t say anything, he was thinking in his heart, [how could this Godfather speak in this way?]

Elsie took a look at the refugees behind him, and then looked at many elf archers with wounds on their bodies. “Your situation seems to be very bad. Have you suffered a great loss?”

The old elf sighed, “we suffered a great loss! Our village was burnt down, and at least two or three hundred people were killed in the escape, and the survivors were all injured.”

“Oh?” Elsie glanced at the large group of old and weak women, children and elven arhers behind him. Except for the two groups that came to help, almost everyone of the elves of the Black Pine Mountain was injured. The injured would probably be more than a thousand. He rolled his eyes twice and had made up his mind. He chuckled and said, “in short, let’s not talk about anything else. The most important thing is to treat the injured.”

At this time, Little Yi was still chanting healing chants to treat the injured elf refugees.

After the soldiers of the elves retreated from the mountain, there were also several people joining the treatment team. It turned out that these people were not archers, but elven druids. The magic they used was not holy magic of the God of light, but the natural magic of the God of abundance, Nathanos.

An elf murmured a few words in a low voice and then raised her hand. “Rejuvenation!”

A green light enveloped a refugee, whose injuries immediately began to heal at a visible rate.

Turning her head to have a look, she couldn’t help admiring her. Ever since she no longer looked at other systems with the eyes of scorn, she found that every kind of church and belief had its own unique characteristics.


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