After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Elsie’s plan

“You have a great rejuvenation skill!” Little Yi told her.

She was surprised that people from the Church of Light would say such words to her? Shouldn’t she call her a heretic?

As they believed in a different God, they had always been regarded as “Heretics” by the humans of the Church of Light. In fact, the people of the Church of Light always regarded all the gods except the God of light as heretics.

Therefore, in human habited places, she was always alienated and attacked by the Church of Light. After

She looked at her with a weird expression.

“I’m not the nun of the Church of Light. I’m from the new Church of Light. It’s not the right time to talk about it. Hurry up and treat the injured.”

The new word of the “new Church of Light?” stunned the smart druid a little. Seeing that Little Yi was treating the injured seriously, she also treated the injured seriously.

[This new Church of Light is really different from the previous one], she thought.

With a pitiful look on his face, Mr. Elsie walked over and stood beside them, watching Little Yi and several druid chanting and curing their wounds.

In fact, Elsie also had the ability to cure people’s wounds. He used to be a priest. Although he was no longer a priest, the light magic he had learned was still there.

Even if he didn’t have any piety to the God of light, his power of the light magic was even stronger than that of the devout Little Yi.

However, this guy didn’t heal others. Instead, he disguised himself as a knight in heavy armor. In the crowd, he didn’t chant, but even added fuel to the fire. “Ah, mister, come and rescue this person first. This person is badly injured. I’m afraid he can’t hold on any longer.”

A few seconds later, he rushed to the side of another injured person and shouted, “Oh, no! Mister, come and treat this person. He is dying.”

“Oh, this person also needs treatment. He looks so painful.”

His scream made a few of them turn around.

Little Yi sensed that something was wrong. She leaned over to Elsie and whispered, “Mr. Elsie, what are you doing? You can also treat the injured. When you see their serious injuries, you can reach out to cure them. Why are you shouting so loudly on purpose to get their attenton?”

Elsie chuckled and said, “sister Elizabeth, you only need to heal wounds and teach people how to be kind. Don’t worry about playing tricks. I’m helping Godfather abduct people. What do you know?”


He really didn’t understand how there’s such a kind-hearted woman!

Elsie, “just wait and see! I’m going to deceive all of them to go to Westwind Town.”


Elsie jumped to the side of another wounded man and shouted, “Mr. druid, come here and have a look. This cute boy’s hand is broken. He has been crying all the time. He is so pitiful.”

There were only a few of them in the elf group, but there were nearly a thousand casualties. How could they all be cured? They were already very busy, and there was also a man named Elsie who was intentionally shouting and making trouble here. Soon, several of them stuck out their tongues like dogs, with their hearts against their backs.

Elsie brought them tea and water, and even took a piece of cloth to wipe their sweat, but did not help to treat the injured. It was not until these druids couldn’t hold on any longer that Elsie put on a very heavy expression and said, “dear friends, I feel that your efforts are in vain. There are too many casualties here, but too few people can be treated. If it goes on like this, many of the injured will die because of their serious injuries.”

At this time, Little Yi was also exhausted and sweating. She consumed to much magic and she began to feel dizzy, but it was not convenient for her to vomit.

The elves also had a heavy expression on their faces. They were a kind and obedient race, and they had a deep love for their compatriots. Unlike those evil races, who could laugh at their compatriots’ deaths and even share their corpses.

The elf elder whispered, “what should we do? Is there any way to save these injured people?”

The others shook their heads at the same time and said, “we really can’t heal them. The magic power spent by rejuvenation is too much, and our magic power is almost exhausted.”

The elf elder closed his eyes in pain

At this moment, Elsie suddenly stood in front of the elf elder and put on a serious face. “Elder, at this point, there is only one way to keep everyone alive.”

“What?” the elder raised his head and looked at Elsie, overjoyed. “Do you have any idea?”

“Yes!” Elsie pointed at the transmission portal that was still emitting purple light. “You can go to our town. There is a chapel and a powerful priest in the town. He can help you treat the injured.”

Hearing this, elder elf frowned and hesitated.

Although humans and elves had always maintained an alliance, it was still a great risk for elves to enter human cities and towns. Especially since the Black Dragon flew in the air sixteen years ago, the Church of Light had become very powerful. It not only controlled kingdom of knights, but also took over the kingdom of magic. As a result, it became more arrogant and domineering. It could kill or burn people of other faith, A few years ago, an elf who liked traveling was caught by the government in a human town. They said that he was a heretic and planned to burn him to death.

Fortunately, other elves arrived and saved their compatriot in the night.

How could he trust such a human?

Noticing the confusion of the elf elder, Elsie pointed at Little Yi and said with a smile, “there is no Church of Light in our city, but the new Church of Light. Don’t you think it’s a good one?”

The elf elder turned his head and looked at Little Yi. Seeing that the nun was trying to chant to save the injured, he felt a little relieved. He looked at the injured and exhausted subordinates all over the place. He also knew that the current situation could not be taken into consideration slowly.

“Okay, let’s go to the human town for temporary refuge!”


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