After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Godfather, stand up and treat the injured

The elf elder made up his mind. After all, he had no other choice. If he didn’t want his fellow elves to die of serious injury, he could only make such a decision. The few druid couldn’t withstand it, and Little Yi’s magic power had been consumed a lot. They couldn’t save the injured anymore.

The elven archers tightened their bows in their hands and were a little worried. However, humans had just helped them fight a battle and repelled the orcs. Now it seemed unreasonable to suspect humans. At this point, they had to take a risk for the sake of the injured.

A group of smart archers stood and said, “let’s go there first. We can come back after seeing the situation there.”

Elsie waved his hand and said to the soldiers from Westwind Town, “you go with the elf friends.”

The soldiers of Westwind Town went through the door first with a smile. The archers hesitated for a moment, but still plucked up the courage to follow them into the transmission portal.

After a few seconds, they came back and said to the elder, “there is a very quiet town over the transmission portal. There is no trap, and no army surrounding the transmission portal.”

“Oh? Really?” the elf elder waved his hand and said, “lift the injured and let’s go there.”

The elves carried the injured people and entered the transmission portal one by one.

The reinforcement elves also went through.

The first thing the elf elder saw when he got through the transmission portal was a quiet town. It was night now. Westwind Town was still asleep, but there were many people sitting by the transmission portal. They were the workers who first walked through the transmission portal and returned to Westwind Town. They were sitting on the hillside beside the transmission portal, blowing the night wind, waiting for the end of the battle at the portal.

Now seeing a large number of elven soldiers coming over, they knew that the battle had been over.

The group of workers stood up and smiled, “they are here. We should go back to the construction site.”

“Hey, the orcs have just come over there. Is it safe?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“If I don’t go back, does our overtime business trip count? The salary for the business trip is three times of the normal salary. I don’t want to sleep in Westwind Town. I want to sleep on the construction site, so that I can get the money at ease.”

“What you said makes sense. I want to go back, too.”

Therefore, as soon as the elves came in and stood, they saw the workers pat their buttocks and return to the battlefield. Life and death were small, but making money was big. Anyway, with Godfather’s resurrection, they were not afraid of death.

The elf elder looked around Westwind Town in the night

His night vision ability enabled him to see things far away in the dark night. Beside it was a hillside, a cemetery, a small Church of light, and beside it was a Church of Darkness. Two churches were sitting in rows. A winding river flowed by the side of the two churches. The water wheel on the river was slowly rotating, and it lifted the water from the river without stop and poured it into a strange tower beside it.

There was a strange building across the church, with a long iron track in front of it. It seemed that the iron track they had seen in the construction site was extended from here.

It was a big town!

Westwind Town had a population of at least tens of thousands of people, which was a very terrifying size for the elf tribe, because the elf tribe generally had a population of no more than two thousand people.

The elf elder searched in his memory library for more than 900 years and found the dust laden memory. “This should be Westwind Town, right? How could it become such a big town?”

Elsie said, “this town is amazing. Let’s talk about it later. Let’s go to the chapel to find Godfather and treat the injured.”

This was indeed the top priority. Looking at the two chapels standing side by side on the hillside, the elf elder was a little surprised. “Where did they come from? No, actually, why are the two churches placed side by side in peace?”

“I’ve told you that this is the new Church of Light,” Elsie said. “The Church of Darkness nearby has also started to reflect on it recently, wondering if they should build a new Church of Darkness.” he pointed at the new Church of Light at the foot of the hill and said, “move all the wounded to that chapel.”

The elves quickly made a move. There were nearly two thousand elves coming to the chapel together with the injured and the uninjured. How could there be so many people in the courtyard of the chapel? They had to put the injured in the courtyard and sit down, while the uninjured people retreated.

It was interesting that more than 2000 elves acted together to move living people and set up a courtyard of the injured, but they were actually quiet. These elves not only fell to the ground silently, but also did not make any painful groans while injured.

The injured were all over the yard. Little Yi said, “I’ll call Godfather out to treat your wounds.”

Hearing what she said, the elves seemed to understand that she would only invite one person to cure their wounds? Are you kidding me? We came to a human town full of hope. I hope there are many priests here who can cure us. But there is only one as a result? One? One?

What the hell!

Even the noble and elegant elves were about to jump up and curse. Several of them were so tired after healing others, and they couldn’t treat so many casualties. Now you say you want to ask one person to treat us? Ahhh! We shouldn’t have trusted humans.

When without any explanation, Little Yi rushed into the chapel. At this time, the two light nuns also got up and came out to welcome her. She asked them to prepare some food, and then quickly ran to Robb’s room. She knocked the door and said, “Godfather, wake up! There are many injured people who need your treatment.”

There was no response

Little Yi was anxious. She bumped into the door and saw Robb lying on the bed, pursing his buttocks. She jumped to the bedside, grabbed Robb’s shoulder and shook it hard. “Godfather, wake up! Wake up!”

Shaking was not an attack, so she couldn’t Miss!

Robb was woken up by the shake. He mumbled, “are you kidding me? I was woken up two times tonight. Why are you still so unreasonable? What did Elsie do? Did he die?”

“It’s not that this time. It’s a treatment. Saving people is like putting out a fire. Many people are dying, and there are also injured children.”

Oh, I see. Robb continued to ask in a daze, “where is the injured?”

“They’re in the courtyard of the chapel. Come out and help us. There are nearly a thousand injured people. We can’t deal with them.”

“What else can I do in the yard?” Robb said, “I’ll go back to sleep. I’ll give them a heal with a wide range. Just let them stay in my magic range.”

After saying that, Robb raised his hand, and naturally and his magic power also returned to peace.

Then he fell back on the pillow and continued to sleep.

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