After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Great Druid

The elves injured outside the chapel were nervous. They didn’t know if they could be treated in time, especially when they heard that Little Yi would only ask one person to save them.

Everyone was uneasy, and the elf elders and several generals who led the army gathered together were frowning. At the same time, several of them were still desperately chanting.

A smart archer sighed and said to one of them, “can you only cure their wounds one by one? Don’t you have a wide range healing magic?”

“I’m sorry, bro. Our cultivation base is really limited. Although we know everything, we are not proficient in all of them. In healing, we are far inferior to the priest of the Church of Light and we don’t have many treating methods. Normally, there is only one method that is more effective, but this method can only be used to cure a single body, and can’t be used in a group.”

Before he finished his words, he suddenly felt a soft and natural force spreading around the chapel. This force was indescribably comfortable. It was like a quiet and warm wind blowing, calming down people’s disturbed mood. Then, it began to drizzle within a radius of twenty yards from the chapel.

The injured should be afraid of getting wet in the rain, because it was not a good thing that the wound was wet. But the drizzle was different. It was not a real rain, but a magic rain. When the raindrops fell on the bodies of the injured, their wounds immediately began to recover at a visible speed.

Several of them raised their heads at the same time and looked up at the sky in surprise. They blurted out one word, “quiet!”

“It’s quiet!”

“Our magic will naturally be restored.”

“There is a great druid in the chapel!”

After the quiet rain, the injured people in the chapel yard slowly stood up, and even the uninjured people felt refreshed. This was a rain of mercy, a rain of grace. This was a gift from the God of abundance. Everyone accepted it gratefully.

The Elves were full of admiration for the mysterious great druid in the chapel.

After a while, Little Yi came out of the chapel. She said awkwardly, “I’m sorry. Godfather is staying in bed. I asked him to come out to treat your wound, but he refused to get up no matter what. He said that he could cure you guys without getting up. Then it seemed that he threw some magic. I don’t understand…”

Before she could finish her words, she saw that all the injured people outside stood up, no matter male or female, young or old

“Are you all okay?”

“We’re okay now!” the elves bowed to Little Yi. Although her ability was limited, she had been working hard to treat the injured, which was enough to make her receive the respect of the elves.

“Well, it seems that Godfather really doesn’t need to get up,” said Little Yi.

“So, the Godfather you just mentioned is a great druid,” the elves sighed. “Why does the great druid live in the Church of light?”

“What? What is it?” after saying that, it suddenly occurred to her that the mysterious man could use any kind of professional skill. It seemed that he had used the skill of a druid just now. She had to say awkwardly, “well, eh… Eh…”

“Is the great druid sleeping now?” the elder walked over and said, “since he is resting now, it’s not convenient for us to disturb him. Let him have a good rest. We will come to thank him tomorrow morning.”

With a stiff face, she said, “well… Okay… He will have a chance to meet you tomorrow morning after he gets up.”

The elves’ mood was finally relaxed now. The uneasiness of coming to the human town was all dispelled by great “peace”. Since there was a great druid stationed here, they should be trustworthy

The elves simply settled down on the hillside near the chapel. They didn’t mind camping on the hillside. Anyway, the elves loved nature, and they could perfectly integrate with nature. They didn’t mind the ground at all.

Anyway, let’s talk about it tomorrow!

The second day, early in the morning, as soon as Robb opened his eyes, he saw Little Yi standing in front of his bed, shouting anxiously.

“Wow, Little Yi, what are you doing? Do you want to attack me when I’m asleep?” Robb grabbed her collar with his hands and said, “if you get me in this way, even if you become my woman, you won’t be able to get my heart.”

Little Yi didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. She really wanted to scold him for being crazy, but she couldn’t scold him as a nun. She had to be patient and said, “I’m waiting for you to wake up.”

“Why are you waiting?” Robb asked.

Pointing out of the window, Little Yi said, “a large group of elves are waiting for you outside. They said they want to see the great druid. Although I don’t know what happened, I can guess what crazy magic you put last night, which made them misunderstand your identity. If you just run out like this and let them see your current appearance, I’m afraid they will be disillusioned, so I’m waiting here for you to wake up and remind you.”

“Oh?” Robb immediately understood what had happened. He couldn’t help but laugh. “They went out quietly last night, but they regarded me as a great druid. Well, since they want to see a great druid so much, I can let them see me.”

As soon as he finished his words, Robb jumped off the bed in clothes, leaving Little Yi behind. Little Yi quickly covered her eyes and peeped through her fingers. She saw that Robb had put on a pair of beach shorts and a T-shirt, and then pushed open the window.

Little Yi was curious about why he opened the window. In an instant, Robb turned into a bird, opened his wings and flew out of the window.


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