After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 431

Chapter 431: How about living here?

Little Yi was speechless on the spot

She didn’t expect that Robb would transform. As a matter of fact, why did he change into an ugly owl with black and purple feathers.

Robb turned into a huge owl and flew out of the window.

At this time, the yard outside was full of elves. They came to express their thanks to the great druid, and they also wanted to get the guidance of the great druid to discuss what to do in the future.

Therefore, the elves stood quietly outside, waiting for Robb to get up.

At this moment, a huge owl suddenly flew out of the chapel and swept over everyone’s heads. The elves were smart and reacted quickly. The moment the big bird flew above their heads, they raised their heads almost at the same time and then saw this strange and ugly owl.

Several elves in the crowd recognized what it was almost in an instant.

Several people shouted at the same time, “The bird of virtue! It’s the bird of virtue!”

“Did the great druid become this bird?”

“That’s awesome! It’s also the first time I’ve seen a great druid transform into a bird.”

“This is a very advanced transformation technique.”

Robb circled above their heads and then fell down. He stood on the roof of the chapel and said with a smile, “Oh, look what I’ve found. A large group of people of the goddess of abundance.”

Robb only knew about their goddess, but he had already forgotten her name, so he spared her name directly.

When the elves heard him speak, there was no doubt that it was a great druid. All the elves crossed their arms over their chests and respectfully bowed to Robb. “Good morning, Mr. Great Druid. We are the people from three different tribes. We are the people of the God of Abundance, Mielikki.”

Robb quickly remembered the name “Mielikki” and thought to himself, ‘now I know the name of the goddess of the forest. I can’t say anything wrong in the future.’.

He pretended to ask, “what’s wrong?”

The elf elder hurried forward and told him what had happened last night. Being so angry that Elsie, who was next to him, blew his beard angrily, thinking, [I wanted to report to Godfather myself, brush my face, and invite a wave of meritorious service, but I was preempted by you, an old elf.”.

Robb listened quietly and finally knew what had happened last night. He gave Elsie an encouraging look, indicating that he had done a good job. No matter when, it was a great achievement to deceive people to Westwind Town! It was a huge credit.

Unfortunately, Elsie didn’t understand the expression in his eyes, because he was really not good at looking at the eyes of the owl.

Robb turned to the elves and said, “in a word, the elf village in the Black Pine Mountain was burnt down by the monster army, and many people were killed. Then the rest of them escaped. The elves from the Baiyang forest and the White Birch forest came to rescue them, and then they came to Westwind Town.”

“Yes!” the elves nodded.

Robb began to pretend to think, and the way the owl tilted his head to think was extremely cute. Seeing that, the two little girls in the distance clapped their hands desperately. “Godfather is so cute.”

However, the kitten Huahua climbed up the roof from the other side secretly, and then carefully climbed towards Robb from behind. While climbing, she licked their lips with their tongues and said, “what a big bird! It looks delicious.”

Suofa jumped over from her back and clasped the back of Huahua’s neck. “That’s Godfather. Are you sure you want to eat him?”

“No, I won’t. I just want to grab the bird.” Huahua lowered her ears and turned into a cat with folded ears. “I just wanted to pounce on it.”

Robb pretended to have thought it over and said to the elves, “well, I’ve already known what happened. What are you going to do next?”

The elves had obviously considered this question last night. The elder said, “I think we should temporarily move to Baiyang or White Birch forest to live with our compatriots.”

Robb said, “can the two tribes allow so many of you to move there?”

This question hit the nail on their heads, and the faces of the elves suddenly became awkward.

In particular, the archers sent out by the Baiyang and White Birch forest all had an indescribable embarrassment on their faces.

In fact, Robb could tell from the beginning that there were only one thousand people in the troops sent by the two tribes to rescue the Black Pine Mountain, including men and women. That was to say, the two elf tribes, the baiyang tribe and the white birch tribe, were not large in scale. They must be just two small tribes with a population of about one thousand.

After all, these two forests covered a small area, far less than the Black Pine Mountain.

The scale of the elf tribe in the Black Pine Mountain was not small. Although hundreds of people had been killed by the orc army, there were still about one thousand and three hundred people. If such a large number of refugees entered a small tribe with only about one thousand people, they really couldn’t feed them.

There were more refugees than the local residents, so no one could withstand them.

The elf elder said in a heavy tone, “if the elf tribe in our Black Pine Mountain is divided into two parts, and each of them is divided into two parts to the Baiyang forest and White Birch forest, it can barely accommodate them. However, half of them also has six hundred or seven hundred people, which will also bring a heavy burden to the forest, but we have no other choice now.”

The people from the two sides of the forest stood out and said, “although it will be very hard, we won’t ignore the difficulties of our compatriots. We’ll work harder and squeeze out the necessities…”

Although the three tribes said so, they all felt heavy in their hearts. The elves of the Black Pine Mountain did not want to be separated, and the other two tribes also thought, [with so many people added, are the mushrooms in the forest enough for all of us to eat?]

Robb said with a smile, “I have a way to make you relax.”

“Oh?” the elves of the three races raised their heads together.

Robb smiled and said, “how about the refugees from the Black Pine Mountain live here? There are ten thousand people in our Westwind Town, and it’s not a problem for us to accept more than one thousand refugees. In fact, I’ve been collecting people to Westwind Town for a while now, and I’ve always maintained a strong capacity. If you live here, you don’t have to separate, and you won’t cause any burden to the other two tribes.”

“The most important thing is,” Robb pointed at the Black Pine Mountain in the north with his eagle wing. “If you live here, you can still live in the Black Pine Mountain.?”

The elves couldn’t help but be moved. The originally quiet people suddenly lowered their heads and began to whisper.

The Black Pine Mountain was a place where their race had lived for thousands of years. Now a group of monsters suddenly came and wanted to drive them away. Who would be willing to do that? They would be glad if they could return.


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