After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 432

Chapter 432: What can you do?

The elves discussed about it.

The elder frowned and thought hard. After a while, he raised his head and looked at the big owl on the roof. “Mister, we of the elf race are not used to living in human towns.”

Robb smiled and said, “I know you elves have your own way of living, and you must feel uncomfortable living in a human town. You can choose to live next to Westwind Town. Look in this direction, there is a gem mine over there, which is far away from the main area of Westwind Town, but there are also a group of gem miners living there. They almost form a residential area.”

Several smart archers used their “Detection”, with a line of sight of thousands of yards, and their eyes went straight through the back mountain. Sure enough, there was a gem mine there, and a minecart filled with crystal ores is there.

Several gem miners happily picked them up, looking for the stones of good quality.

Beside the mine, there were small wooden houses where a group of miners lived. It was a little far from the town, so it had its own unique community with its own wooden wall.

Robb smiled and said, “see? Those miners don’t live with the people in our town at ordinary times, but if they need any help and materials, they can come to the town. The crystals they mine can also be sold in the town, which is very convenient.”

“You elves can also live next to Westwind Town in this way,” Robb said, pointing to the hillside next to him “Find a small forest not far from the town and live there. When you first live there, humans could provide you with some food and daily supplies. After you settle down, you can develop your own strength and start a new life. Isn’t it better than you disturbing your brethren? Why don’t you think about it carefully? Do you think you have enough strength to help so many refugees? “

These words made the elves’ hearts thump, but there was still the biggest problem that hadn’t been solved.

The elder said, “but this is also the Black Pine Mountain, right? The monster army in the mountain hasn’t been solved yet. If they attack Westwind Town again, what should we do? This place may be burnt to ashes like our village.”

“Hahaha!” Robb burst into laughter. He suddenly jumped forward and jumped down from the roof. The wings of the owl retracted in midair, and when he landed on the ground, he had turned from an owl to a black cheetah. He ran through the elves at an extremely agile speed, and in an instant passed through everyone and returned to his daily lazy stone stool.

The black leopard leaped towards the stone stool and turned into a big fat seal in the air. With a light and crisp sound, the big seal collapsed on the stone stool and basked in the sun.

At this time, he lazily said, “tens of thousands of monsters for you elves is difficult. After all, you have too few people, but for humans, tens of thousands is nothing. Monsters are not necessarily able to survive better than humans. Who are humans afraid of? Ask the fifty thousand monsters to have tried.”

These words were domineering and powerful. The elves thought carefully and believed that it was true.

After thinking for a while, the elf elder turned around and said to his fellow brethren, “listen to me, everyone. The monsters burned our village, killed hundreds of our compatriots, and drove us out of the Black Pine forest. We don’t have the strength, so we can only escape with our tails between our legs. But now it’s different. Since humans have the confidence to resist the monster army, we elves shouldn’t escape anymore!”

The young archers raised their bows and said, “yes!”

“We have to stay here.”

“Find an opportunity to join hands with humans to defeat the monster army and recapture our forest.”

Then everything was settled.

The two elf reinforcements from Baiyang and White Birch forest said goodbye to their own compatriots, and of course, they also said goodbye to Robb, who was called “Great Druid”. They also said that if they wanted to fight with the monster army, they would come to help them at any time, and then the two reinforcements returned quickly.

The elves from the Black Pine Mountain decided to stay.

Robb arranged some food for them, and then said to the elder with a smile, “by the way, I want to ask what the elves of your Black Pine Mountain are good at?”

The reason why Robb asked this question was, of course, to extort the work of the elves to see what they were good at, and then use their capital to ruthlessly squeeze them and let them work for Westwind Town. Hahaha.

Unexpectedly, the elf elder replied, “we are good at poems and literature.”

Robb was speechless

“Well, why are you so stunned?”

It was really weird for a big seal to be stunned

Robb said crossly, “that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking something more useful.”

The elder said, “Poems and literature are the most useful things we know! They can cultivate our emotions and make our life full of love.”

Robb covered his face with his hand. No, he couldn’t. The short hand of the seal couldn’t even cover his face. It couldn’t reach so long, so he could only pat on his stomach. It was so embarrassing.

Damn it! Did I take more than 1000 losers into the town to eat and drink for nothing? Robb was a little embarrassed. Now it was not the right time to play with these stupid things in Westwind Town. What he needed to do was to develop and build! What the hell was literature? It’s just a book, isn’t it? All the people who wrote books fooled him.

Robb had no choice but to say, “well, I won’t ask what you are good at. There are some things you are not good at, but can you use them to survive?”

“Oh, that’s it,” the elf elder said. “Our elf craftsmen know how to make some small things, such as the elven bow, dagger, biscuits, and also know how to refine gold, magic, and making of magic items. Alas! Anyway, they are all insignificant skills. Compared with our poetry and literary attainments, they are not worth mentioning.”

The muscles on Robb’s face twitched. Go to hell with damned poems and literature. There are so many things that you know, but all of them are more useful. Give me a good understanding of their real value!


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