After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Give the normal Robb back to us

In Westwind Town, there was a whole set of methods to receive the refugees. Under the order of Robb, a group of townsmen helped the elves quickly build a village in the forest not far from the northeast of Westwind Town.

Of course, the construction style of this village was completely different from that of humans. For example, humans would cut down big trees and sawed them into planks to build houses, but the elves would gather the branches and leaves on the trees to make natural tree houses. Such tree houses were very small, looking like the nests made by big bugs on the trees

However, the elves didn’t care about the size of the room. What they really lacked right now was food!

The food for more than 1000 people was a heavy burden for any town in the world, but for Robb, it was not a burden at all. He even sent someone to ask the elves, “what do you like to eat most? You can customize it.”

After getting the answer of “dried bananas” from the elves, Robb planted banana trees in a large field

The elves settled down, eating the bananas, while secretly studying the strange town, Westwind Town.

To their surprise, this town was bustling, lively and full of vitality!

It had the most advanced production and concepts, the most tolerant freedom of faith, and all kinds of delicious food. Perhaps… Living here was the most correct decision.

Now, the only doubt hanging above their heads was the monster army in the Black Pine Mountain. When would that monster army attack them? Could they block them?

At noon, Robb had just finished the lunch prepared by Lilian. He saw many townsmen passing by at the door of his chapel one after another. While walking, these people were whispering, “which team do you think will win?”

“I think the members of the Chengguang clan will win!”

“Hey, I’m looking at the members of the Corton family.”

“Well, then we are enemies.”

Curious, Robb couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, what are you talking about?”

The townsmen turned around and made a big bow to him. Then they hurriedly said, “Godfather, don’t you know that miss Marian Corton from the Corton family and Kante from the Chengguang family rented the large playground of Westwind Technical School, where they are going to hold a football match?”

Robb shrugged and said, “I really don’t know about it. Why didn’t anyone inform me in advance?”

The townsmen laughed and said, “because Godfather likes to sit on his stone stool without moving, we think you won’t go to see him, so we haven’t informed you.”

“Nonsense.” Robb said, “I’m very diligent, especially when I hear that there is a football match, I won’t be lazy.”

After saying that, Robb pounded the table and shouted, “where is the live broadcast on TV? I can’t even watch it. God! Do you want me to watch it on a wheelchair?”

Although the townsmen loved Godfather very much, they couldn’t help complaining at this time, “didn’t you say that it was impossible for you to be lazy for a football match? Then don’t slam the table here. Get up and go to the scene.”

“Humph!” Robb said, “I like football, but I don’t like it to the point that I will fly to the scene to watch every world cup, let alone two small teams… If there is no live broadcast, then forget it.”

He lay down on the chair and said, “no, No. you can go by yourselves.”

The townsmen were speechless and left silently. The lazy Godfather was hopeless.

Robb had been lying on the chair for less than two minutes when he saw Xuelu, Little Yi, and the two light nuns coming out of the chapel together. They were all very beautiful, walking together. They walked past Robb, as if they were going out.

Robb stopped them immediately, “Hey, where are you going?”

“We’re going to watch the football match,” said Xuelu

“You also want to see it?” Robb asked, “are you sure? When did you become a fan of football?”

“I don’t like it. I just heard that everyone is going to see it, so we must go to see it too. There is something new coming out, and if we don’t go to see it, who is an adventurer?”

Pointing at Little Yi and the two girls, Robb said, “you are not adventurers, are you?”

“I’m invited to make an opening speech. Of course the two of them have to go together to come with me.”

Robb was speechless

The four girls left together, and the chapel became quiet. Robb turned his head and saw that number 8 of the chapel of darkness next door also went out with the two little dark nuns, and the little kitten Huahua also followed them.

Well, is the time for the public to watch the football match coming?

“Lilian, Suofa, aren’t you going to see it?” Robb turned to look at the two maids standing not far behind him.

Lilian smiled and said, “I’ll only follow you. I’ll be wherever you are.”

However, Suofa said in a low voice, “I haven’t forgotten that I’m still training myself.”

“Well, I have two maids at home with me. I can still sleep with them…”

Before he finished his words, a beautiful figure came in timidly at the door of the chapel. It was the daughter of Lord Chamberlain. This girl was driven away by Robb as he didn’t allow her to Robb Smith’s study. She seldom appeared. Today, she gathered her courage to come here again.

“Godfather! I… I’m here for Robb and want to invite him to watch the football match.”

Robb snorted, “he doesn’t have time. He is studying the wind magic.”

“Godfather!” the daughter of lord chamberlain suddenly raised her voice, “I think you are wrong.”


The girl was ready to risk everything today. She plucked up the courage and said to him, “you Robb in the room all day long to learn magic. If it goes on like this, even if he has powerful magic power, it will be useless. His mind will be distorted. Humans can’t stay in a small room all day long. They must come out to feel the sunshine, breeze and communicate with others. This is a healthy attitude to life.”

“Nonsense.” Robb said, “you are talking like a real show. The dead house doesn’t need these to live a normal life.”

“You are a dead mouse, but Robb is not.” the daughter of the lord chamberlain said angrily, “he is a healthy and bright boy. He works hard on Bright Road, not like you who likes to be lazy. Give the normal Robb back to us.”

“Eh?” Robb thought to himself, [what she said makes sense! It seemed that there was something wrong with his plans. He had to let Robb Smith out occasionally, or else he would be exposed.]


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