After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Are you doing this for Madeleine?

“Fine!” Robb had no choice but to compromise. “You kids are just so playful. But I’ll let you go today. Wait here. Don’t move. I’ll call Robb out.”

He hurried back to the chapel. Creating the avatar, he moved his consciousness. This time, I have to watch the whole football match, which must be more than half an hour. The avatar can only last half an hour. I have to use my real body.”

Suofa quickly put makeup on his real body. Fortunately, she was skilled and well prepared. It didn’t take her ten minutes to finish the makeup, but his black hair was still a little wet. It was not a big problem. With fire and wind magic, his hair was dried in an instant.

Robb said to Suofa, “Remind me after I watch the football match today, I’ll go home and make a ‘hair dryer’ so that people who don’t know magic can dry their hair quickly.”

Suofa said, “in order to dry your hair as soon as possible, you have to make a magic item. Isn’t it too wasteful of materials?”

Robb said, “these materials will become worthless in the future, and quickly drying your hair will become more important, and every household can use them.”

Suofa still couldn’t understand.

Robb didn’t explain, leaving his avatar in the chapel. After he had his makeup done, he walked out of the chapel and smiled at the daughter of the lord chamberlain. “Ah, thank you for your invitation. Although I prefer to study magic at home, I’d better go out for a walk.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain smiled, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Me too. Well, let’s go to watch the football match.”

He strode forward, followed by the daughter of the lord chamberlain. It was so hot, but she still wore a large dress. However, women didn’t care about the cold and heat in order to look better on a date. They could bare their legs in winter and wrap themselves tightly in summer. It was amazing.

When the two walked, it was inevitable for them to not talk.

The daughter of the lord chamberlain smiled and said, “Robb, you’ve been studying very hard recently. Because school is temporarily suspended, everyone is playing every day. Only you are still studying wind magic. You’re so dedicated in reviving the Smith family. You’re so handsome.”

“I’m flattered.”

This was really a great praise. Although Robb was also secretly learning how to make magic items, he did not learn wind magic, nor did he intend to revive the Smith family.

The daughter of the lord chamberlain said, “my father said that the magic items you invented have now become necessary equipment of the royal knights. They are so powerful. You have been studying hard these days, so you must have invented a new weapon, right?”

This question made Robb a little stiff. He thought, [I’m not planning on a strange weapon. What I’m inventing now is mostly for the people’s livelihood.]

However, since he was asked like this, he couldn’t take out nothing. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he was suspected to be doing nothing in his room. Rolling his eyes for two circles, Robb said in a low voice, “I do have a new invention, but I still have to learn, so I don’t have time to make it. Marian, who used to help me invent, is busy with football recently, so she doesn’t have time to help me. If you are interested, please help me to make it.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain was overjoyed. “Okay, I’m willing to help you.”

Robb said, “recently, I have invented a small magic item, which is not very powerful but not very large. It’s called the grenade, and is made the size of a fist. There is a very small flame explosion technique in it, and the condition of ‘Explode 5 seconds after thrown’ is drawn on the shell. The soldiers can carry many such grenades with them. When fighting, they can throw one in the enemy all of a sudden, so as to make sure that the enemy will cry.”

The daughter of the Lord chamberlain said, “isn’t this like a scroll? The material of the scroll is relatively simple. You only need a blank magic scroll. You don’t need to waste any other materials.”

Robb was speechless

Damn it! He forgot that this world has those. Robb said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I invented something meaningless. Then I’ll tell you something else.”

Robb thought for a while. After a while, he got an idea “Katyusha is too big for a single soldier to carry. Recently, I’ve thought of a magic item named ‘fire quiver’, which is suitable for a single soldier but far more powerful than a scroll. Its principle is to shrink the size of Thor’s Roar of the desert kingdom so that a soldier can carry it on his shoulder and take it out. I’ll draw many magic runes on the cannon barrel, and then the magic will be constantly thrown out of the barrel. These runes can be enhanced as well… “

“Oh, that’s great.” the daughter of the lord chamberlain said, “the key to this magic item is the runes with magic power, right? Can you draw it now?”

Robb smiled and said, “of course I can. My teacher has gotten the fragment of Thor’s Roar. He looked at the runes on the fragment, and then studied and practiced it over and over again. Now he has solved the drawing method of the rune.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain said, “that’s great. I’ll ask the craftsmen at home to make a small barrel. After you draw the runes on it, we’ll make it. The queen will be very happy to receive it. If you make such an achievement, maybe you can get a new rank.”

Speaking of this, her face suddenly turned red. She said in a low voice, “Robb, you are working so hard to advance and revive the Smith family. Is it for Duke Madeleine? You work so hard just to match her, right?”

[What? How did these two things connect? Robb was a little confused. First of all, I don’t know if I’m going to revive the Smith family. Even if I’m really doing it, it’s not necessarily for Madeleine. What’s wrong with you? How could she be so imaginative?005D

Seeing that she wanted to know but was afraid to know the real answer, Robb suddenly understood what she was thinking[ Women! Women are such troublesome creatures. Since you are so afraid of knowing the answer, why did you ask? Why did she have to torture herself?]

Well, I’d better give up the idea, so that you won’t bother me again.

Robb began to talk nonsense seriously, “well, since you have asked, I’ll go straight to the point. I have to revive the Smith family and at least to be a duke. Otherwise, my humble identity now doesn’t Madeleine. If I want to marry her, I need to be a duke. I think that’s why I work so hard. Do you understand?”


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