After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 436

Chapter 436: A football match with special skills

“There’s still half an hour left before the competition begins,” The emcee of the Xorton family stood in the middle of the playground with a magic item used as a loudspeaker, and loudly said to the surrounding people, “at present, the odds of the two teams are still equal. It seems that everyone feels strange about these two teams, and no one is sure which side will win.”

Hearing this, Robb turned around and said to Nuolun, “Oh, betting is on?”

Nuolun smiled and said, “the Corton family is very smart. It’s such a good opportunity. How can they not open the stock market? I also bet twenty gold coins.”

Robb smiled and said, “of course you will win by betting for your own team, won’t you?”

Nuolun shook his head with a smile and said, “no, I bet that the Corton family will win. Haha.”

“Why?” Robb asked, “don’t you believe your own nephew?”

“It has nothing to do with whether I believe or not,” said Nuolun, “if my team wins, my family will earn a little reputation. If her team wins, I will earn some gold coins. No matter the result, I win.”

Robb gave a thumbs up and said, “awesome! How admirable!”

Look, this is the noble style. Their overall vision is different from those scums.

After the emcee shouted, many townsmen who had just arrived and didn’t know there was a dealer rushed to the place where the bet was placed. Not long after, the Corton family received a bet of over a hundred gold coins. It seemed that it was not difficult to make money from advertising, renting a place, and building a grandstand.

Robb didn’t like gambling, but he also knew that in this era, it was impossible and meaningless to stop such gambling, so he didn’t care.

When he was thinking about this, he saw the little cat run to the place where the bets were done. She put a large piece of dried fish on the table and said, “I bet that Mr. Kante will win!”

The staff broke out in a sweat on the spot. “Well, well… We only accept bets with money.”

Huahua said, “such a large piece of dried fish is much more useful than money. Why do you accept such a useless thing as money?”

The receptionist was rendered speechless

Little Yi didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. She walked over and pulled Huahua’s arm. “Hey, what are you doing?”

Huahua said, “I’m here to make dried fish. I heard from the old man over there that if I win, it will turn into two silver coins. I just want to put one dried fish here, and I’ll have two dried fish later.”

“There is a winner in gambling. Do you only consider winning? If you lose, this dried fish won’t belong to you.”

“What?” Huahua thought about it carefully and was shocked. She quickly took the dried fish back and said, “then I won’t gamble.”

The staff heaved a long sigh of relief. She didn’t know what the use of the dried fish was. If she won, she didn’t know where to find another piece of fish to pay for it.

After a while, the competition finally began.

The twenty-two guards on the playground were divided into two groups and began to chase the ball.

Robb couldn’t help but ask, “you have even figured out a strategy?”

Kante said, “Football is like a battle. I just told the guards how it would be in a battle. That’s it.”

Marian smiled and said, “what a coincidence. My guards are the same.”

The referee had just thrown the ball to a guard of the Chengguang house. The guard suddenly lifted the ball with his tiptoe and shouted, “Valiant Jump!”

With a swish, he jumped over the heads of the three frontliners of the Cortons and instantly flew in front of the enemy’s guards.

Robb, “shit! He used a fighting skill. It’s against the rules.”

“It’s not against the rules. We have revised the rules of Godfather’s invention. We have made an agreement that magic and aggressive fighting skills are not allowed in this competition, but mobility and defensive fighting skills can be used.”

Robb was speechless

The guards of the Chenguang family wanted to jump again, jumping over the head of the guards. Unexpectedly, one of the Cortons also jumped up and blocked him in midair. The two collided with each other on the ground heavily. But before the guard hit, he shouted, “shield wall!”

The ball fell into the hands of the Corton house. The guard laughed and took the ball. “Charge…”

He turned into a red light and rushed to the net.

Robb, “Damn it! How can you play like this?”

The guard of the Chengguang house also shouted, “intercept!” a red light flashed from his body and rushed over. He bumped into the front of the Corton house’s guard and knocked the poor guard out.

“Hahaha! The ball is back. Attack!”

Robb, “I feel like I’m watching a battle. Everyone has a special skill.”

It had to be admitted that football with skills was more beautiful than the real one. Even Robb, who had been used to watching normal football competitions, now looked at the two new teams kicking with great interest. He couldn’t help but roar a few times.

Let alone the ordinary townsmen, the competition was so exciting.

The two sides fought back and forth, with their fighting skills flying in the air. This kind of competition was easier to score than the unskilled football in modern tiems. After all, as long as the defense side was careless, they would be “charged” into the ball net.

There were countless goals in this competition, and the members of the Chengguang house finally won with a score of 11 to 9.

Some of the spectators won and some lost, but no one lost all their money. After all, it was the first football match. The townsmen didn’t know much about the two teams, so they wouldn’t gamble all their money at the beginning. They were all fond of gambling, and they didn’t feel sorry if they lost. They just enjoyed the wonderful game.

After the fight, the townsmen still wanted more. A large group of people surrounded the emcee and shouted, “Hey, when will the next competition start?”

“Yes, yes! We still want to see it.”

“You won’t stop playing after only one round, will you?”

“We still want to see more!”

On the other side, the other noble young masters also began to plot, “it’s funny. Our family should also make a football team to make a splash, hahaha.”.


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