After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 437

Chapter 437: I’m on his side

“Oh, it’s really a wonderful competition.” Nuolun couldn’t help but sigh. “I think it’s a big business. Unfortunately, my family is now fully engaged in the sugar factory, so I can’t do anything else.”

Robb chuckled, “you can’t chew too much. If you continue making sugar, it will be enough for you to eat for the rest of your life. Oh, no, it won’t be a problem even for your descendants.”

The man nodded. He knew that. Besides, the Chengguang family was not a big family in the first place, and his own title was just a baron. It was not a big deal in Kingdom of Gran.

After he came to Westwind Town, he relied on Robb’s help. Now he was rich and powerful. The great nobility and senior officials on Bright Road were not necessarily as rich as the Chengguang family. What else could he not be satisfied with?

Now, if he had to say that there was something bothering him, that was his eldest son. Oh, no, it was his nephew. Maybe it was because his intelligence was inherited from his mother that he couldn’t learn magic. Instead, he became more and more barbaric, and it was useless to send him to the Magic School. The magic he learned from the magic school was physical, and it cost him one hundred gold coins in tuition.

At this time, the elder of the elf race actually came over and greeted Nuolun, “Hello, Mr. Nuolun!”

At this time, Robb was still wearing the makeup of Robb Smith, so the elf elder couldn’t recognize him. He thought Robb was a playboy, a rich young noble, so he didn’t greet him. Anyway, the VIP seats were full of nobles.

Hearing that, Nuolun turned around and said with a smile, “nice to meet you, elder! Are you happy watching the football match?”

The elf elder smiled and said, “this football is very interesting, but the playing method is rolling a ball on the mud, which is not very suitable for the style of us elves. Compared with football, I prefer the candies miss Marian gave us just now. I heard that they were made in Mr. Nuolun’s factory, so I specially come here to ask you.”

“Ah, yes, the candy was made by my family. You can ask whatever you want.”

The elf elder picked up a piece of ice candy and said, “this kind of hard candy is very delicious, but the color is too ugly. For our elf race, it’s hard to accept that such a delicious thing has such an ugly color. Haven’t you ever thought about making it beautiful?”

It turned out that the candy in the factory was brown. That was because when Robb taught everyone how to make sugar, he taught everyone this kind of brown candy. The reason was very simple. Robb didn’t know how to make white sugar. He only knew how to make sugar by local methods and didn’t know how to filter the impurities in the sugar.

He was not a superman who knew everything.

After learning the candy making technique, Nuolun didn’t want to improve it, so he kept making brown ones like Robb’s. although he had studied milk candy, salty candy, fruit candy and other candy himself, they were only the changes in taste, and the color had always been brown.

This kind of brown color was not a big problem for the citizens of Westwind Town, who attached great importance to practical ideas. As for the rich people of the Queen’s family, they were busy with battle all day long, and did not have the spare time to think about making candy beautiful. After all, it was just a condiment. If they really wanted to eat it, they had to melt it and add other materials. What did the color matter?

However, the elf race was different!

They had always boasted of being noble, elegant and biased. Even if they were a group of refugees now, what they were thinking about was “beautiful” and “good-looking”. They didn’t need to think about practical principles, and they only considered “superiority”. Just like they didn’t like to brag about their magic, archery, craftsmanship, but only liked to brag about their poems and literary attainments.

They would feel terrible if they put the brownish thing like candy into their mouths. How could a noble elf eat such a thing? But… The candy tasted so good. In this case, he had to put forward his opinion to Nuolun.

“It doesn’t matter whether it looks good or not. Anyway, it’s edible. Do you want to see it in your stomach?” said Nuolun, looking at the elf elder with his two eyes

The elf elder shook his head and said, “you can’t say that. Who can eat something so bad?”

“Didn’t you enjoy dried bananas?”

The elf elder, “I think dried bananas are pretty, at least better than brown sugar.”

Robb couldn’t help laughing when he heard the two arguing!

The two of them quarreled as soon as possible. In the end, Nuolun was not convinced and had to turn to Robb. At this time, Robb was still wearing Robb Smith’s makeup, so it was not appropriate for him to call him Godfather. ” Robb, come here to judge. This candy is just used for flavoring. Why does it have to look beautiful? The candy I made is made according to the standards taught by Godfather. This elf is really not good at making goods.”

Robb chuckled and said, “in fact, I’m on the side of elder elf on this matter.”

“Eh?” Nuolun was surprised in his heart, [this is the thing you made. How could you stand on the side of the person who is complaining about you?]

Robb smiled and said, “people will definitely pursue good things, abandon ugly things, and pursue high quality life. As long as they can afford it!”

He turned to Nuolun and smiled, “look at the two things, cake and pudding. If they are not beautiful, how can girls like them so much?”

After thinking for a while, Nuolun agreed.

Robb smiled and said, “and there is one more thing that I want to discuss with you. Think it over.”

As soon as Nuolun heard the opening remarks, he knew that Godfather was going to tell him something useful. He immediately put on a serious face and prepared to listen carefully.

Robb said, “with all due respect, what you are making now is because of the lack of technology. It’s easy to be imitated, and you lack the king products that can beat the enemy’s candy factory without any strength to fight back.”

Speaking of this, Robb’s words made Nuolun’s heart sink. His factory really lacked trump cards!

Last time, under Robb’s suggestion, he made milk candy, and studied several types of candy, such as fruit candy, salty candy, etc. However, these kinds of candy were nothing more than adding all kinds of materials into the candy. A good chef can put the candy into his mouth and taste it carefully, and soon he could tell what materials were added in it clearly.


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