After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 438

Chapter 438: For the sake of beauty

Knowing the materials of candy, it was not difficult to make real candy. After all, it was not a profound skill. For example, milk candy, salty candy, fruit candy and so on, the technology required was very low, and it only needed the necessary materials.

Those chefs only needed to do a few more experiments and mix the materials a few more times to find the best mix. Soon, they could copy all kinds of candy from Nuolun’s factory.

In fact, the several sugar factories on Bright Road had begun to try their best to catch up with him. And their research and development was not inferior to that of Nuolun’s, so he began to feel anxious about the business of his own sugar factory.

“Then what should I do?” asked Nuolun, looking at Robb as if he was grasping at a life-saving straw

Robb smiled and said, “that is to make a product with real core competition, so that your competitors don’t even know how to imitate it.”

“How am I going to do that?”

Robb pointed at the elf elder beside him and said with a smile, “there is a wise old man who is proficient in poems and literature. He is more than 900 years old, and he is not very good at magic, alchemy and making magic item. I think if we cooperate with him, there will be real core competitive products.”

Nuolun was speechless

Hearing this, the elf elder smiled and said, “that’s because we are absolutely confident in poems and literature. As for others, they are just small passages. They are not worth mentioning.”

Robb said, “I have an opinion on that. I don’t know if it’s right or not. Let me discuss it with you. Do you think it’s okay?”

The elf elder smiled and said, “please go ahead.”

Robb said, “as creatures in this world, we have the reason to make the world more beautiful, right?”

“That’s right!” the elf elder suddenly sang, “for the sake of beauty, I will die without regret!”

Robb, “Good! Good!”

The elf elder said proudly, “I’m flattered!”

Robb said, “would you like to help Mr. Nuolun to make the brown sugar more beautiful?”

The elf elder smiled and said, “of course I do!”

Robb said, “that’s good. Then I’ll go straight to the point. I think the reason why candy has a terrible brownish brown color is that there are impurities or pigment in the sugar liquid. If the impurities in the sugar are removed, it won’t be this kind of brownish brown color.”

Hearing his words, the spirit of the elf elder suddenly came back. “Oh? You can make candy beautiful?”

“Exactly!” Robb smiled and said, “don’t you dislike the brownish brown sugar? It’s ugly and you can’t eat it, right? I think you can try to talk to the water elements by taking advantage of the special magic, element controlling ability of your elf race. Maybe you can find something that could help.”

Hearing Robb’s words, the elf elder was interested. “Okay, I’ll try.”

The three stood up. At this time, the football match had finished, and the townsmen were still surrounding the emcee to ask when the next match would begin. The noble young masters and ladies were also busy bragging, and no one came to care about them. Even the daughter of the lord chamberlain was taken away by other students.

Robb, along with the three of them, came to the sugar factory of Nuolun.

The factory was not far away. It was on the hillside behind the Wangjiang District. As all the townsmen in Westwind Town were encouraged to open up their own lands, the capable nobles could easily circle a large area of land on the hillside for themselves.

It was the same with Nuolun. He had planted a large area of sugar, and he had built a big brick house as the factory building, which was filled with large pots for boiling sugar. A group of workers were barebacked, stirring the hot sugar with a huge spoon in the steaming factory.

As soon as the three of them entered, the elf elder frowned

The noble elves didn’t like this kind of hot place, just like they didn’t like the big furnaces of the dwarves, nor did they like dirty and messy short people and their ugly beard braids.

Fortunately, the air was filled with a sweet fragrance, which made the elf elder not so disgusted.

Robb walked to a pot of sugar water that had just been melted, pointed at the big pot, and said with a smile, “this is the sugar liquid. There are many impurities in it. I only know that there are impurities, but I don’t know how to remove them. This depends on you.”

The elf elder looked at the pot. There was a large pot of sugar water, which was still in the liquid state. With the naked eye, he could see some impurities floating in it. These impurities were probably the residue of the beetroot.

He frowned and said, “isn’t it good to take these pieces away?”

Robb shook his head with a smile and said, “it’s not that simple. These visible impurities are easy to deal with. We can remove them with gauze. The real problem is that the impurities melted in the water are so small that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. They are directly mixed with the sugar liquid. Generally speaking, they need to be removed by the method of lime.”

“Lime?” Nuolun and the elf elder asked at the same time, “What is it?”

Robb shrugged and said, “that’s a skill of God. I haven’t studied it, so I only know the name and don’t know the detailed steps. So we can only use other methods to deal with it.”

Hearing this, the elf elder understood and said, “well, I’ll try to use the unique ability of the elves to understand it.”

He stretched out a hand and suspended it on the big pot. He began to recite some ancient elf language, which was incomprehensible to Robb and Nuolun. They only knew that with his words, the hand floating on the pot emitted a glow.

Then, the sweet water in the pot began to rotate, and many tiny, obscure light particles floated up, like fireflies flying out of the pot.

The view was so beautiful that Nuolun was a little stunned.

The elf elder whispered, “sure enough, the water is very impure. There are many impurities in it, and it needs to be purified…”

“Natural purification!”

The elf elder’s hand pressed against the pot, and the magic light flew into the pot. Then a wondrous scene appeared. All the sugar in the pot floated in the air, and then many light particles constantly flew out of the sugar water and dissipated in the air.

After a long time, the elf elder waved his hand and the sweet water returned to the pot. But this time, they didn’t look like turbid liquid anymore, but clear, transparent and pure water without any impurities.

“Oh, this is great!” said Nuolun excitedly, “can’t I make a transparent and beautiful candy like glass with this?”

Robb shrugged and said, “no, no, No. don’t be so excited. If I’m not wrong, the sweet water is not sweet anymore. Not only the impurities, but also the sugar has been purified. It’s just a pot of water.”

“What?” He quickly spooned a little water with a small spoon, blew it cold and poured it into his mouth. Then he said with a bitter face, “sure enough, it turned into clear water.”


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