After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 439

Chapter 439: I want to watch the competition, but I don’t want to move

The elf elder also quickly tried a spoon. Sure enough, the sweet water really turned into clear water.

It was so embarrassing!

Although the elves used to like drinking pure and clear water, after drinking sweet sugar water, water just doesn’t taste the same.

He had to say awkwardly, “what the hell is going on?”

Robb smiled and said, “well, actually, it’s very simple. For water, sugar is also a kind of impurity. If you completely purify the water, then even the sugar will be purified. So… This is not an easy thing to do. You have to carefully study and think about it carefully. You should distinguish the impurities of sugar from other impurities, and then purify other impurities, leaving only sugar and water.”

Hearing that, the elf elder seemed to have turned on the light on his forehead and said happily, “I see. Mr. Nuolun, please prepare another pot of sugar water and some small cups. I’ll do experiments one by one this time. Soon, I’ll find out which kind of impurities is sugar and which kind of impurities are those of bad things.”

Robb gave him a thumbs up and sat aside to watch.

The elf elder deserved to be called a super wise old man who lived for more than 900 years. He had a very high level of control of natural elements. Not long after, he made a good cup of sweet water without any impurities.

The man was overjoyed. He quickly evaporated the sugar water and crystals.

Before long, a crystal clear, big ice candy like glass appeared in front of the three people.

“Oh my God, this candy is so beautiful.” the elder was overjoyed. “This kind of candy is the pursuit of our elf race. Those brown candy pieces are only suitable for dirty short people.”

Robb immediately winked at Nuolun, who understood what he meant. He walked up to the elf elder and said with a smile, “Sir, your purifying magic is very powerful. I want to discuss with you whether you can help me purify some more of this kind of candy. Of course, I will give you a generous reward.”

The elf elder said, “I’m old. Is it appropriate for me to work for someone?”

Nuolun was speechless

What he said made sense. An old elf of more than 900 years old was the leader of the elf race in the Black Pine Mountain. How could he work here.


The elf elder said, “don’t worry. I know what you are thinking. Naturally, many people in our elf race know how to purify it. Later I will send some young people to help you make it, and I will teach them how to make this candy. Alas, how noble the elf race is, but in order to eat beautiful candy, I have to do this.”

After all, he didn’t like the hot and messy factory. He turned around and walked out. Two young elf guards protected the elder and returned to the place where the elves lived on the mountain.

Robb smiled at him and said, “Congratulations! Now you have mastered the very advanced technology of making clear candy. Next, as long as you coax the young elf magicians and make them cooperate with you to produce candy for a long time, you can beat the factory of Bright Road.”

“From now on, my candy will be specially sold to the nobility. Haha, let those brown candy become low-grade goods.”

When the two walked out of the factory and came to a place where no one was around, Nuolun said in a low voice, “besides, I have to remind you of one more thing.”

“What?” seeing that there was no one else around, Nuolun regained his attitude towards Robb and said respectfully, “Godfather, could you give me some advice?”

Robb smiled and said, “you can’t rely on the elf race to make high-grade candy for you all your life. If one day these elves don’t cooperate with you and return to the forest, or even cooperate with your competitors, you will be hanged up to fight.”

Nuolun thought about it carefully and was shocked, “what should I do? Marry an elf? No, I have a wife. I’ll let Kante marry an elf.”

Robb, “shit! That’s what you think of the first time?”

“Yes, it’s a good idea,” said Nuolun, “if you marry a smart elf, you don’t have to worry about them running away.”

Robb said crossly, “can’t we think of a humane method to solve it?”

Although he was a highly intelligent expert, he didn’t know much about chemistry. His mind went into the fixed form. “Humans can’t purify it themselves naturally. It’s the special magic of the elves that work with it.”

Robb said “However, humans have alchemy skills. Removing the impurities in the sugar liquid is actually removing some elements in the water. It’s the same as the theory of alchemy. However, alchemy research is slow and requires a lot of processes, but you have to do it. At least before the cooperation between these elves and you ends, you have to study the method of making the candy. Otherwise, you will always be controlled by the elves. “

After thinking carefully for a while, Nuolun finally understood what had happened. He quickly bowed to Robb and said, “Godfather, you are so far sighted that I can’t compare with you.”

After solving the problem of Nuolun, Robb came out of the factory.

On their way home, they had to pass by the school of Westwind Town again. At this time, the football match had been over for a long time. The audience in the school had already dispersed, and only a small number of people were still wandering inside.

There was a notice at the gate of the school, which was posted by Marian. It read, “the next football match will be held at the same time next week on the playground of Westwind Technical School.”

Robb knew at a glance that Marian must have seen the fierce competition and was reluctant to end it like this, so she made an appointment with Kante for the next competition.

There were only two football teams for now, and only the two of them could play. But it was estimated that a new football team would appear soon.

Then there will be more and more teams! Maybe there would be a first level, second level or even super level competition in the future.

Damn it! I want to see it! It was football with skills, more beautiful than the original world.

But what should he do if he wanted to be lazy?

Sure enough, it was impossible to watch live broadcast of sports here!

Robb thumped at the school gate, feeling dejected.

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded, “Godfather, what are you doing here?”

It was Little Yi’s voice. She knew that Robb was Godfather. His disguise didn’t work on her.

Robb raised his head and said gloomily, “I want to watch the football match, but I don’t want to go out and walk. I’m confused, so I’m lying here.”

Just now, Little Yi was still worried about him, thinking that he was not feeling well, sick, or why he was sad. She didn’t expect him to say such words. She immediately didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. “Hey, don’t be lazy. Laziness is one of the seven sins…”


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