After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Don’t act like a bastard

“Laziness is one of the seven sins…”

Before she could finish her words, it suddenly occurred to her that she had often mocked Robb like this when she first came to Westwind Town.

The cold and fierce expression on her face softened, and then she chuckled. She helped Robb up from the ground, patting the dust on his clothes, and said with a smile, “since you don’t want to move, think carefully how you can watch the competition at home. Anyway, you often invent all kinds of strange things for your laziness.”

As soon as she finished his words, memories emerged, “When I first came to Westwind Town, I saw you invent water because you were too lazy to get water. Later, you invented a lot of things because you were too lazy to do anything. I was angry when I first saw these things, but after a long time, I found that they were really useful. You are a very talented man. I believe that you will invent a way to sit at home and watch the competition because of laziness.”

“Oh? Really? Why are you so confident in me?”

Robb stretched and said, “Okay, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll make an interesting invention to solve the problem of being lazy at home watching games.”

Seeing that he had recovered, Little Yi’s expression returned to her usual cold look. “Well, do you have a secret plan in your heart?”

“Of course!” Robb snorted said, “After thinking carefully, the most important thing to watch the competition at home is to ‘send the pictures and sounds in the distance to me’. This technology is already available in this world, but it has not been used on a large scale. I just need to use it properly.”

At first, Little Yi didn’t understand, but she immediately understood, “the crystal ball?”

“That’s right,” Robb said. “The legendary crystal ball! It is a strategic magic item. Every kingdom hides it as if it is a treasure. They are afraid that it will fall into the hands of others. I’ll just use it to watch the competition.”

“It’s for strategic purposes.”

“What’s the use of strategy?” Robb asked, “Can it help me watch the football match?”


Robb grabbed her arm and said, “let’s go home. I’ll study how to make it.”

“That’s good. Don’t hold my hand though.” Little Yi said anxiously, “We’re in public. It’s not good for you to hold my hand like this. I’m a nun. If I hold a man’s hand, I will be laughed at by the townsmen.”

Before she could finish her words, she found that the townsmen nearby all turned their heads, pretending not to see the two of them.

Are you kidding me? Who will laugh at you? Not to mention a nun, whoever Godfather reaches his hand out would close their eyes, even if he reached out to pull other girls in the street. ‘who is Godfather? He was the leader and backbone of Westwind Town. If he wanted to beat a girl, no one dared to say anything even if they dared to be angry, not to mention that they were not angry at all.

Little Yi didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh

However, there was justice in this world after all. There were always some people who would not compromise in the face of power. Even at the cost of their own lives, they would still fight desperately against evil until their last drop of blood.

Suddenly, a roar came from behind the tree not far away, “Shrill Lightning!”

The holy sword and swords came at Robb with the momentum of thunder and lightning.

Robb couldn’t hold her hand anymore, so he had to let go of her hand and put his hands in the middle. With a bang, he caught the little girl’s holy sword.

“Hey, why did you suddenly draw your sword and attack people?”

“You actually molested a holy nun,” the big girl said angrily. “Holy nuns are not allowed to be touched by anyone. A villain like you who dares to touch a holy nun will turn into ashes.”

Robb, “I just took her hand. How could it be so impolite?”

“Anyway, you are a bad guy.”

“Well, then I’ll just hold you too!” Robb took Little Yi’s hand with one hand, and the big girl with the other. The two girls were struggling to resist, but it was useless. In the end, they could only be held obediently.

“Let’s go home and do some research on how to do it.”

He took the two girls back home and went back to the chapel. As soon as he let go of their hands, the little girl jumped far away and washed her hands immediately. However, Little Yi didn’t have such a big reaction. She just rubbed her hands and felt a little embarrassed. However, she was much more mature than the big loli and wouldn’t wash her hands because of it.

She returned to the chapel and took out the thick new bible of light. Then she sat opposite Robb’s stone stool, flipping through the Robb in her hand while waiting for Robb to study it.

Robb washed his disguise away and turned back to a handsome man with golden hair. He took out the special crystal ball that was used to communicate with the queen and put it on the table. Then he began to study the ball carefully.

Obviously, this ball had been tampered with. According to the rules of making magic items in this world, it should have been drawn with special runes for communication, so it could be used to make phone calls. This rune should not be very rare, because it was mentioned in many games, cartoons, novels.

Experts could communicate through the crystal ball, check the scenery in the distance, record their last words before death, and so on.

Runes were widely used, so they wouldn’t be difficult to draw. Otherwise, few people in the world could draw them.

Robb planned to plagiarize the rune.

However, he took the crystal ball and looked around, but he couldn’t see any runes on it. The crystal ball was crystal clear and transparent, without any flaws on it. Not to mention the runes, even dust could not be seen.

Robb had no choice but to hold the crystal ball in his hand, touching it left and right, looking around.

At this moment, the crystal ball suddenly lit up. The Queen’s dignified face appeared in the crystal ball, as dignified as usual. She said in a slightly dissatisfied tone, “I’m busy with government affairs. What are you calling me for?”

It turned out that Robb took the crystal ball, rubbed it left and right, and inadvertently called her.

It was still early, so he called in the afternoon. Robb’s call at this time made the queen very curious.

Robb said, “I’m sorry. I’m studying this crystal ball. I called by accident. You can hang up and then go on with your government affairs.”

As he spoke, he took the crystal ball close to his eyes and carefully looked for the magic runes.

As a result, in the Queen’s eyes, Robb’s face became particularly large, covering the entire crystal ball, as if he was going to drill into the crystal ball and go for her.

She shouted, “what are you doing? Don’t act like a bastard across the crystal ball!”


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