After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Compared to you, I am innocent and kind

Robb said, “what are you thinking about? Who the heck is bullying you. I’m just studying the crystal ball.”

“You are so close to it.” the queen said with a disgusted expression. “I heard that some men would hang up the portraits of the women they liked and kiss the portraits. They are very strange. I didn’t expect that you are more abnormal than them. You called me specially and wanted to kiss me through the crystal ball.”

“What?” Robb was stunned. After a few seconds, he realized that when he got close to the crystal ball, his mouth was very close to the ball.

The queen remained calm and said, “if I were an ordinary woman, I might be scared by your shameless behavior. But I’m not the kind of woman who makes a fuss easily. I have to remind you that even if you kiss the me shown in the crystal ball, it’s not me. It’s just a kiss on the crystal ball. It’s meaningless.”

“Why are you so narcissistic?” Robb turned the crystal ball over and over and said, “I’m just studying it.”

The queen added, “it’s useless to look at it over and over again. It’s not that you can see the bottom of my dress if you turn it over. No matter how you turn it over, the viewing angle won’t change, because it’s the crystal ball on my side that collects the sight.”

Robb, “in your mind, I’m just a man who kisses balls and turns the crystal ball over to see other people’s skirt?”

“No.” the woman said, “I just saw that you were absorbed in your research. I just wanted to make trouble for you.”

Robb was speechless

Robb said, “my lady, I’m looking for the runes on the crystal ball, but the crystal ball is transparent. I want to ask, how can runes work without runes?”

The queen smiled, “so you have something you don’t understand? I guessed it when you insisted on buying the crystal ball from me. You seem to know everything, except that you don’t know much about the crystal ball.”

“That’s why you think too highly of me. In fact, I don’t know much.” Robb said, “for example, I don’t know how to have a baby.”

The queen was rendered speechless

“Hey, don’t suddenly fall into silence. Tell me where the runes are.” Robb said.

“The runes are transparent.” the queen didn’t hide anything, He directly told her the secret, “It’s a rune drawn with top-grade magical essence ink. Top-grade magical essence is very rare, coupled with the purified moon water from the elves, to make the colorless and transparent ink, and then use the transparent liquid to draw runes on the crystal ball to make the crystal ball. Don’t waste your time. These two materials are also very difficult to get with the power of the kingdom. If you want to get them, it’s almost impossible for you to get them … “

Before she finished her words, Robb waved his hand and took something from the air. With a swish, a high-grade steel armor flew out of the warehouse. This steel armor was a defensive equipment, with a red light on it. It could be seen that it had a top-grade enchantment.

Robb disassembled it.

And afterward, top-grade magical essence appeared on the table.

The queen was rendered speechless

This was very unreasonable.

Fortunately, only this was not enough. The queen snorted and said, “what’s the use of just this? You need the purified moon water, so you must go to the forest to look for elves. Let me tell you, elves are arrogant. They have always regarded humans as low-grade races, and they are very reluctant to deal with humans. Do you want…”

Before she finished her words, Robb suddenly turned into an owl with a bang. He grabbed the crystal ball with his claws and flew towards the black pine mountain nearby.

“Huh?” the queen was a little confused. “How can you become an owl? How can you fly in the sky?”

“Wow!” Robb flapped his wings and said with a smile, “haven’t you seen a flying druid?”

The queen was rendered speechless

She didn’t know what to say for a long time. After a few seconds, she said with difficulty, “where are you going as an owl? Don’t tell me you can find the elf village.”

“I can’t find it,” Robb said. “Elf villages are always hidden in the forest. It’s hard to find them.”

“So you know,” the queen snorted.

“So…” Robb said in a long voice, “I asked them to move to Westwind Town.”

The queen was rendered speechless

While speaking, Robb had already flown to the Northeast hillside of Westwind Town. After he climbed over the hillside, a newly built elf village immediately appeared in front of him. All kinds of strange tree houses were hung on the trees. In the middle of the elf village, there was a moon well that had just been dug a few days prior, and a pool of clear water reflected the sky.

He flew to the well and stood on a branch.

An elf guard beside the well immediately saw him and bowed to him. “Honorable druid, what brings you here?”

Robb said, “I need purified moon water.”

The elf guard smiled and said, “I’ll prepare it for you right away.”

He fetched a bucket of water from the moon well with a beautiful small bucket, and then used the unique “natural purification” magic of the elf race to purify the well water into incomparably clear water. He handed it to Robb and said, “Honorable druid, this is the water you want.”

Robb said, “thank you!”

“You’re welcome. It’s my honor to work for you,”

Robb grabbed the crystal ball with one hand, and a glass bottle filled with moon well water with his other hand, flying towards the chapel.

The queen was rendered speechless

Robb smiled, “what’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

The queen thumped the table and said, “Fuck! Why?”

“Don’t be rude. It’s not good for a girl to be rude, not to mention that you are the queen of a kingdom,” Robb said earnestly. “For the sake of your kingdom’s image, you should set an example, elegant and calm…calm…”

The queen said, “how could you pretend to be a great druid to cheat an innocent and kind elf?”

Robb smiled and said, “you just said that creatures like elves are arrogant, but now you say they are innocent and kind. You really change the helm very quickly.”

The queen said angrily, “compared to ordinary people, elves are arrogant, but compared to you, they are innocent and kind. I’m not wrong at all. By the way, compared to you, I’m also innocent and kind.”

Robb ignored the Queen’s complaint and flew back to the chapel. He put the crystal ball and the glass bottle on the table and turned back into a human. Then he picked up the essence and threw it into a glass bottle of water. The magic essence was immediately dissolved in the water and quickly spread in the water. A bottle of the best transparent magic essence ink was made in this way.


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