After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 442

Chapter 442: To study the crystal ball

The queen looked at the transparent magic essence ink on Robb’s table and felt annoyed!

For ordinary human beings, it was really difficult to get this kind of ink, but Robb got it way too fast, so it was not difficult at all. The queen looked at him angrily and hung up the phone with a snap.

Robb smiled. It was good for her to hang up the phone, so that he could be more focused on studying the crystal ball.

But how could he find out the transparent runes on the crystal ball?

Right, he can use the skill of a ranger – Trap Detection!

This skill could show the hidden “magic traps” on the ground. After studying in the school of magic, Robb had already understood that the so-called “magic traps” was actually a series of magic runes drawn on the ground.

In theory, one could sense the hidden runes by sensing traps.

He closed his eyes, used trap detection, and then opened his eyes to look at the crystal ball

Sure enough, on the transparent crystal ball, a row of symbols with mysterious light slowly appeared. Robb didn’t know these symbols, so it was obvious that he hadn’t learned them yet.

He thought of the book of magic runes number 32 gave him, and quickly took it out. He turned to the later pages and looked for it page by page. Soon, he found a page number with the same runes drawn on the crystal ball.

The instructions, usage, and even an example of these runes were written here, and the crystal ball was also mentioned in it.

Robb began to study it carefully

It turned out that there were four groups of runes on the crystal ball.

The first group was responsible for collecting images and sounds. Their main function was to collect the images and sounds around the crystal ball into the crystal ball.

The second group of runes was responsible for “transmitting the sound and images”, and they were responsible for transmitting the sound and images to another crystal ball that corresponded to them.

The third group of runes was responsible for receiving images and sounds.

The fourth group of runes was responsible for playing the images and sounds.

These four groups of runes worked together, forming two crystal balls that could make calls to each other, collect the scene and sounds on the other side, and play them on the other side.

For the people in this world, this could be considered a very complicated magic item. Runes were used in four groups, but before Robb came to this world, magic items didn’t even have the concept of having multiple conditions.

Such a crystal ball with four runes and incomparably complicated structure deserved the title of being “strategic-grade”.

The materials used to make it were very rare, and the process was also complicated. It would be strange if it was not precious.

However, this kind of complexity was seen by Robb, a man from modern times, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “How is this precious and extraordinary? The result is just so-so.”

In the future, any technology product could be dozens of blocks more complicated than the crystal ball. It was not difficult to understand these runes, and even children could easily understand their principles.

It seemed easy to copy the ink. He had the ink himself, and now he only needed the “crystal”. He waved at Lilian and said, “Lilian, come here.”

The lovely little maid immediately ran over and asked, “master, what can I do for you?”

Robb smiled and said, “go to the gemstone mine at the back of the mountain and ask Uncle Johnny for some crystals of good quality.” (uncle Johnny is a gem miner from Stone Canyon.)

“Okay!” Lilian hadn’t seen uncle Johnny for a long time. She was still thinking about the townsmen who came from Stone Canyon. She took out some desserts from the chapel warehouse and put them in a basket. Then she walked briskly towards the mine.

After a while, Lilian came back, followed by Uncle Johnny. He brought over a big bag and opened it. It was full of beautiful crystals. At this time, the gemstone mine in Westwind Town had also undergone a reform and evolution, with a small iron track inside.

The miners didn’t need to carry out the ores themselves, but just dig them out. They only need to put the ores into the minecart one by one. Their yield became extremely high. Therefore, the purple crystals was no longer worth much in Westwind Town, but it was still at a sky high price if sold to other towns. The miners all made a great deal of money.

Now uncle Johnny was wearing noble clothes!

Yes! A flower T-shirt, beach shorts! Absolutely noble.

However, Robb only took a look at those crystals and frowned. This bag of crystals was all purple crystal, not white crystal.

“Only purple crystal?”

Johnny nodded and said, “Godfather, the mineral vein you found for us is a purple crystal mine, and only crystals of this color are available.”

“Really?” Robb said, “it’s so embarrassing. I don’t know if this kind of crystal is okay or not. Anyway, I’ll have a try first. Besides, do you know where there is a completely transparent and flawless crystal mine?”

Johnny said, “In Stone Canyon, there is a very small and broken crystal mine, and the volume is very low. But once we use Godfather’s rail system, it should be very easy to dig out good crystals.”

“Oh?” Robb was relieved and said, “so there is one in Stone Canyon. That’s easy. Haha, our railway will soon be connected to Stone Canyon. Okay! I’ll practice with the purple crystal first. After the railway is connected to Stone Canyon, I’ll dig out transparent crystal to do what I want.”

Johnny said in a low voice, “Godfather, are you going to make the crystal ball for communication? We dug it out from Stone Canyon before, and the best crystal was provided to the king to make the crystal ball for communication.”

Robb smiled and said, “the crystal ball is so low-level. I won’t do such crap. When I get the materials, you will know what I’m going to do.”

Uncle Johnny bowed and left.

However, Lilian walked around Robb and asked, “master, are you going to open a big crystal mine in Stone Canyon after the train is connected?”

“Yes!” Robb said with a smile.

“So… Are we going to rebuild the village in Stone Canyon?” Lilian asked.

Hearing her question, Robb knew what she was thinking about. He reached out a hand, touched Lilian’s head and said with a smile, “of course we need to rebuild it, and it will be more beautiful than before. When you want to go back and have a look, we can take the big train and travel to Stone Canyon easily. We can have a good time there.”

Lilian’s face showed a look of yearning, but she immediately pouted and said, “Master is lying. You are too lazy on the stone stool, so you won’t go out with me.”

“Haha, you are mistaken. If I went shopping with a girl I liked, I wouldn’t be so lazy.”


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