After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 443

Chapter 443: It worked

‘If I went shopping with a girl I liked, I wouldn’t be so lazy’. Lilian was overjoyed to hear that. Ah! She was so happy!

However, before she could enjoy her happiness for three seconds, another person came and stole the show.

Xuelu jumped over from the side and hung around Robb’s neck. “I’m also the girl you like. Take me to visit the devil king city.”

Robb, “is that shopping?”

“Of course!” Xuelu said. “For you, what’s the difference between devil king city and the streets?”

“That’s a big difference,” Robb said. “There won’t be roadside stalls selling snacks in that city, nor will there be all kinds of western scenes. Only a group of fierce monsters will jump out from time to time to seek death. Only ghosts will go to that kind of crappy place.”

“You don’t deny that you like me. You are just denying that it’s shopping, right?” Xuelu laughed. “Oh, yeah, I win.”

Robb cursed in his heart, [damn it! I was tricked. This woman will probably be more insatiable in the future.]

He had no choice but to push Xuelu away in a hurry. “Don’t disturb a good man who is concentrating on studying magic items and working hard!”

Xuelu giggled. She didn’t want to disturb him anymore. She sat on the stone stool opposite Robb’s table, and silently watched him tossing and turning in silence.

Robb silently took out two pieces of amethyst from the bag and put them on the table.

Then he took a look at the manual on magic runes in his hand. It didn’t say that he had to make the crystal into a ball, so Robb didn’t bother to cut the amethyst into a ball.

He picked up his pen, dipped it in some “transparent magic essence ink”, and slowly drew runes on the smooth crystal.

Drawing runes was not an easy job. As he drew, he infused his own magic power into the runes. The magic power must be concentrated steadily, and it couldn’t be increased or reduced at once. Otherwise, the runes would be unstable and easily explode.

When drawing, the tip of the brush couldn’t tremble and there couldn’t be any mistake. If the drawing was wrong and the pattern was imperfect, it would either become a broken rune, or the two runes would accidentally collide and cause explosion.

It was not easy for Robb to draw a line of runes. He just didn’t expect that there would be a small crack on the purple crystal. A drop of ink from the tip of Robb’s brush slipped into the crack and flowed to the side of the crack, instantly connecting the two runes.


Robb immediately pulled Lilian and Xuelu behind him


The power of the explosion all hit him. He let out a strange scream and flew into the sky. He flew far away and fell into the Westwind Canal nearby, and it happened to carry him into his own small fish pond.

At this time, the little kitten Huahua was squatting by the fish pond and looking at the big fish in it. These fish were all Robb’s. she couldn’t eat them without Robb’s permission. She could only look at them anxiously. They were all so big that she really wanted to eat them.

At this moment, a Godfather flew out of the sky and fell into the pool with a loud bang, splashing a large amount of water. A frightened big black fish also flew out with the water and landed in Huahua’s unfolded palm.

Holding the big fish in her hands happily, Huahua asked, “Godfather, are you flying so far here to give me fish to eat?”

A golden light flashed under the water. Robb nursed himself and cured the HP that had disappeared from the explosion. His head came out of the water and said to Huahua, “Okay, okay. It’s fate that the fish fell into your hand like this. I’ll give it to you.”

Huahua was overjoyed and ran home happily with the fish in her hands.

Robb didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. He climbed out of the pool and saw that Xuelu was laughing happily. However, Lilian quickly ran into the room and took clean clothes for Robb.

Robb said to Xuelu angrily, “look at Lilian. She is perfect. Learn from her.”

She didn’t intend to learn from Lilian at all.

Robb crawled out of the water, changed his clothes and returned to the stone table. He seriously thought about the reason why he failed just now, He said “I finally understand. The best way isn’t to make it into a ball, it’s to get a smooth surface. The smooth surface can guarantee that a whole set of runes can be written down safely, not like what I did just now. “

“Only you dare to find out the reason in this way. No one else dares.”

Robb was not a person who would give up easily. He picked up a tool that the gem miners used to cut crystals, brushed, and cut an amethyst to make it smooth. After carefully looking at it for a long time and confirming that there were no tiny cracks or grooves on it, he picked up the pen again.

This time, he had to be very careful when he was drawing runes. Every rune should be carefully compared and drawn. He has to pay attention to the distance and the size of the runes. He can’t draw too big. If the runes were unable to bear the size of the crystal, it would explode again.

This time, he drew the runes carefully and successfully.

Then he cut the other purple crystal and drew the corresponding runes.

Robb touched one purple crystal three times, and the other one immediately lit up with light.

“Haha, it’s done!” Robb handed the shining amethyst to Xuelu and said, “come here and make a phone call.”

Xuelu took it and chuckled, “where is the magic treasure? You did it so easily again. Fortunately, I’m used to you doing all kinds of things, and I’m not surprised at all.”

“Try it. Don’t just say strange words.”

Xuelu touched the amethyst and answered the phone.

Robb quickly moved his eyes to the front of the purple crystal, but unfortunately, there was something wrong with the picture shown in the purple crystal. The whole picture was covered with a layer of purple, and Xuelu appeared very blurry in the picture. The picture was stretched, with a very strong sights of tearing, just like a disturbed TV signal.

Robb tried to say something, but the sound coming from the crystal ball in the hand of Xuelu was also intermittent, mixed with all kinds of noises.

“Is it possible that the runes weren’t been drawn well?”

“No!” Robb shook his head. “If the runes weren’t drawn well, they should have exploded. But it seems that the runes have succeeded and taken effect. The problem should be on the crystal…”


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