After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Madeleine’s here

Robb pointed at the purple crystal and said, “it’s obvious that the problem is the material I used to make the crystal ball. The purple crystal is obviously not as pure as the transparent colorless crystal. It contains impurities and pigment, which makes the images and sounds transmitted by the crystal distorted.”

“Oh, I see. The impurities in the purple crystal tore the image and sound, so that’s why it is like this. In other words, we still have to use pure crystal.”

Robb nodded and said, “well, I’m angry. In the end, I have to dig up the crystal mine in Stone Canyon before I can do start the live stream.”

Xuelu couldn’t help asking, “what does live streaming mean?”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “it’s too troublesome to explain. Let’s talk about it later.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are lazy when it comes to other people’s affairs. Don’t be lazy when facing me.” Xuelu held Robb’s arm and shook it hard. “Tell me, tell me… Magicians like to study strange things most. If you don’t make it clear, I won’t be able to sleep.”

The most powerful skill of a woman — coquetry!

If this skill was used to make random requests, a man would be disgusted. But when it was used on such a trivial matter, no man could resist.

Robb’s face was slapped by the skill of “coquetry”, and he couldn’t bear it at all. He had to say, “Okay, okay, okay. When we go to the hot spring in the evening, you can come as well. I’ll tell you slowly in the hot spring. Is that okay?”

Xuelu chuckled and said, “that’s more like it.”

A week later, the second football match in Westwind Town began again.

The Corton family and the Chengguang family were still participating in the competition, and the venue was still the rented playground of Westwind Technical School. However, this time, the audience was several times larger than last time.

Half an hour before the football match began, the whole town was empty, leaving only a few poor sentries guarding the city wall.

The stands beside the playground was not enough, or in other words, the playground of Westwind Technical School was not enough. The whole playground was crowded with spectators, and the teaching building beside was also full. Many people climbed to the nearby roof, walls, and tree tops.

The betting area of the Corton family were almost squeezed out by the surging gamblers. However, when they placed their bets, they found that Godfather was actually sitting at betting area. He looked at them with a sneer, and there was a banner hanging next to him. “The amount of your stake can’t exceed your salary for a month.”.

A policeman, standing next to Robb, held a magic tool with a loud speaker and roared, “look carefully. Under the supervision of Godfather, everyone can’t place more bets than their own salary for a month. Anyone who dares to place extra bets will be immediately covered with a white hat of ‘bad gambler’. As soon as he is found, the punishment of third gear ceiling fan for five minutes will be given to that person!”

Under the pressure of Robb, their bad gambling spirit was finally stifled.

But even so, Marian’s family could still make a lot of money by sitting in the manor, because there were too many audiences.

Once again, the competition ended with the victory of the Chengguang clan.

After the competition, a new competition schedule was posted at the gate of the technical school. It turned out that three more nobles had formed their own football team, and they had set the date of the competition with Marian and Kante. The following competition schedule was very exciting. There was almost a competition every week.

Marian found that there were more and more spectators in the competition, so she immediately invited the construction team of the White Birch town to build a special football field next to the town, with a large grandstand

At noon of this day, Robb had just had lunch when he heard the alarm bell ringing in the southeast of the town. Then, a sentry quickly ran over and knelt down on one knee in front of Robb, He reported loudly, “Godfather, Black Earth! The Black Earth Knights coming. They have gathered at the gate of the town in the southeast of Westwind Town, with a total of five thousand people. Mr. Elsie is on a business trip with the railway construction team, and he is not in the town. Please have a look.”


This news made Robb a little stunned. It was impossible. It was impossible for the queen to send people to attack Westwind Town at this time, and there wouldn’t be only five thousand people, right?

As soon as he thought of this, he saw the second sentry running over. He knelt down on one knee and shouted, “Godfather, the head of the Black Earth Knights, Duke Madeleine requests to enter the city. She said that she could enter the city alone without any subordinates and asks for your permission.”

Now Robb realized that this woman was coming to see Robb Smith. It was troublesome and he had to put on makeup again. He waved his hand and said, “my Westwind Town has always been hospitable and no one can refuse her. You go and tell Madeleine that she is allowed to enter the city freely and even the army can be brought in. The taverns, restaurants and snack vendors in our Westwind Town will also welcome her army.”

Hearing this, the sentry couldn’t help laughing. “Do you want to beat them hard? How about I inform all the peddlers to raise the price of their goods by two times, and wait for the Black Earth Knights to enter the city to slaughter them ruthlessly?”

Robb said angrily, “Hey! What the hell? You are a sentry, but why do you sound like a profiteer? Don’t ruin the reputation of Westwind Town! I’m doing business in Westwind Town. I don’t want to play these tricks. Let me tell you, what I hate most is that the scenic area would maliciously raise the price and ruthlessly slaughter foreign tourists. This kind of damned tourist attraction should be exploded in place.”

Although the sentry didn’t understand what was going on, he knew he had been scolded, so he swallowed hard and went back to the gate of the town to inform Madeleine.

Robb hurried back to the chapel and sat on a stone stool outside. He asked his makeup artist to make him look like Robb Smith. Then he picked up the magic hair dryer that he temporarily made last night and dried his dyed hair. “Look, the hair dryer. I’ve told you that it’s really amazing.”

“The hairdryer cost twelve gold coins, including a ruby and an emerald,” Suofa said calmly

Robb threw up his hands and said, “I have money. I just want to use it casually.”


This was impossible!

Robb left his disguised body in the chapel and sat back with his avatar in the yard. Then, he waited quietly. After a while, a familiar figure ran over on the road in front of the chapel. It was Duke Madeleine, who was still wearing her black helmet and armor. She looked mighty and domineering. However, when she ran a few hundred meters away from the chapel, she suddenly stopped and slowed down.


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