After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 445

Chapter 445: I can help you save some time

Robb had already seen what she was doing, but he pretended not to see it. He took out a fishing rod and threw it directly into the river without putting any bait. Then he began to fish leisurely. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Madeleine walking slowly from hundreds of meters away to the gate of the yard, as if she was taking a walk.

Then she greeted, “Hello, are you Godfather from Westwind Town?”

Robb put down the fishing rod and turned around. “Don’t pretend that you don’t know me. You already saw me on the phone through the crystal ball.”

Madeleine said, “the picture in the crystal ball was a little distorted. It’s normal that I can’t recognize you from it.”

What the fish eye camera saw was indeed a little distorted, but it was not enough to not recognize the person. Robb knew that she was talking nonsense, but he did not point it out. “Duke Madeleine, you are the head of the royal knights of the kingdom of Gran. You did not help the queen fight in Bright Road. Why did you come to my Westwind Town?”

Madeleine was not a coward at all. She raised her head and replied, “the war with Mondra has come to a seesaw battle again, and we have a small advantage. At present, the spearhead has already counterattacked, and is slowly retracting the lost land of the East, heading straight for the lair of Mondra.”

Robb said, “Oh, is this the reason why you come out for a walk?”

Madeleine said, “I’m not going out for a walk. Recently, the Black Pine Mountain has been frequently attacked by monsters, and several villages have been attacked by monsters. We’ve suffered great losses. Even the important border area of the Crystal Canyon has found the traces of monsters that are about to move. Under the order of the queen, I led five thousand soldiers to Crystal Canyon to consolidate the border. If we want to go to Crystal Canyon, we have to pass through Westwind Town. I just happened to pass by here.”

“Oh? Did Crystal Canyon also get attacked?”

Crystal Canyon was an important barrier at the junction of the desert kingdom and East Gran. Since it was attacked by the desert kingdom last time, the queen had paid more attention to it and sent a heavy army to consolidate the border. Not long ago, a small number of monsters were discovered in Crystal Canyon.

Of course, the garrison would not just watch the monsters stroll around. They decisively launched an attack and fought with them. Then they were surprised to find that the monsters were not ordinary small monsters, and that there were enemy reinforcements continuously coming behind them. Outside the Crystal Canyon, there was a big army of monsters.

The guards of Crystal Canyon were frightened. They hurried back to the fortress, guarded the fortress, and then madly asked for help from Bright Road.

Therefore, Madeleine volunteered to lead five thousand soldiers out.

Of course, the queen could guess why she would ask to help the soldiers of Crystal Canyon, but she didn’t complain even if she knew. It was reasonable for her to come to Westwind Town and then to Stone Canyon on the way. She had no reason to refuse.

Robb smiled and said, “well, I know what happened. That aside, Miss Madeleine, are you here to see Robb Smith?”

“Of course not.” Madeleine said, “I led the army through Westwind Town to rest. The soldiers were tired and needed a rest. So I went into the town for a walk. When I was walking, I suddenly saw a chapel here and then saw you. I think Robb should be studying magic with you now. Since I’m here, can I take a look at him along the way. Is it strange?”

“Yes, yes, it’s not strange at all.” Robb shouted at the chapel, “Robb, come out to pick up the guests.”

Madeleine, “why do I always feel something is wrong with this sentence?”

However, Robb didn’t pay attention to her complaint, because after he shouted, he switched his consciousness to his real body, and then manipulated the body with makeup to come out of the chapel.

When he saw Madeleine, he pretended to be surprised. “Ah? Madeleine, why are you in Westwind Town?”

Seeing Robb, Madeleine was also very happy, or rather ecstatic. A long lost sense of happiness rose from her heart. She quickly explained, “here is the thing…”

Hence, she could copy and paste the first paragraph of her speech.

Robb saw that she was worn out and had a hard time on her way, but she had to pretend to be calm in front of him. Coincidentally, she happened to pass by. He asked softly, “look at you. You deliberately rushed in a hurry on your way, and then have a rest in Westwind Town for a while.”

“No, that’s not the case,” Madeleine said. “I’m not in a hurry…. There’s plenty of time.”

“Well, don’t be so stubborn,” Robb said with a smile. “Relax and have a good rest in Westwind Town. I have a way to save you some time on the following journey.”

“What?” Madeleine asked, “how?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a long cry in the distance, “woo!”

It was the sound of the train, reminding the townsmen not to stay on the railway. The townsmen of Westwind Town had already seen the big train. As soon as they heard the sound, they knew that a huge monster was going to enter the town, and of course they would not run to the railway again.

Then, Madeleine heard a strange sound. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Soon, a huge train head appeared in front of her

Last time when Robb showed the queen and ministers the big train with crystal ball, Madeleine went to the battlefield outside the city and did not watch it together. Therefore, she only heard of it, but she had never seen it before. This was the first time she saw the train. She saw its huge body dragging ten carriages. It drove to the train station opposite the chapel and stopped steadily.

Then, many people jumped out of the ten carriage, all dressed in mud and dust. As soon as they jumped off the train, they shouted at Robb, “Godfather! We have repaired it. The iron track from here to Stone Canyon is open. Yeah!”

The workers threw their hats into the sky and danced happily, as if they were on holiday.

Hearing the news, Robb was also very happy. He subconsciously turned back to Godfather and laughed loudly, “well done, extra bonus of one gold coin for each person.”

“Oh, yeah!” the workers got even happier.


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