After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 446

Chapter 446: You will live a happy life

Looking at the jubilant workers, Madeleine couldn’t help looking up at the big train that had just stopped at the station. She was surprised. Although she had heard a lot about the big train from the other ministers, she was still shocked when she saw it with her own eyes.

This thing was too big, especially with the ten carriages behind it. It was beyond imagination.

It was beyond the common sense of this world that such a huge and iron-made car could run.

Even if they used magic, they couldn’t drive such a huge iron car, let alone using cows or horses.

But she had just seen it run over from a distance. Although it was not very fast, it ran very steadily. The huge weight did not seem to have become a burden at all, but added an aura to it.

Robb turned his attention back to Madeleine and said with a smile, “look, the train in Westwind Town is open to traffic. You can easily go to Stone Canyon from here. If you use this big train to transport your soldiers to Stone Canyon, you can save a few days’ walk.”

Madeleine, “how long does it take to run from Westwind Town to Stone Canyon?”

Robb smiled and said, “three hours.”

Madeleine was shocked. “Three hours?”

The distance between Westwind Town and Stone Canyon was 150 miles!

The speed of their knight regiment was only 80 miles per day, and it was not that they couldn’t run faster, but that they had to consider the physical strength of the war horses and soldiers, so they couldn’t run at maximum speed.

However, even with the daily marching speed of 80 miles, it would still take two days from Westwind Town to Stone Canyon.

Now that Robb said “three hours,” how could Madeleine not be shocked.

Robb smiled and said, “the speed of this big train is 50 miles per hour, which sounds much slower than a horse. When the horse runs with all its strength, it can reach 18 meters per second, but the horse needs rest, but the big train doesn’t need it. It can keep moving at a constant speed of 50 miles per hour.”

Madeleine was speechless.

Robb smiled and said, “so, you can have a good time in Westwind Town. Ask the soldiers to have a good rest for a whole day, and then let the train run a few times. You can transport five thousand soldiers to Crystal Canyon several times faster. You can let them rest first, then you can set off from Stone Canyon and go to Crystal Canyon in high spirits.”

Madeleine opened her mouth wide in surprise and couldn’t close her mouth for a long time.

“Well, don’t be so surprised.” Robb smiled. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to go shopping in Westwind Town.”

“Oh, okay.” thinking of going shopping with Robb, Madeleine immediately left the train thing behind. She lowered her head and said, “I’m wearing black armor. Don’t you think it’s not beautiful?”

“It looks good,” Robb said with a smile. “In fact, it’s more beautiful than wearing casual clothes.”

“Really?” Madeleine was overjoyed.

A day passed quickly because happy times always passed very fast. Robb took Madeleine to walk around Westwind Town, and showed her around all kinds of factories, the school, fishing by the river, and picking fruit on the mountain.

Normally, in a cartoon, there would be an episode at this time with all kinds of scenes of the hero and heroine going shopping, and the close-up picture of Madeleine’s smiling face. But we are in a novel, so there is no such thing.

With a swoosh, the happy time was over.

The sunset was setting in the sky again. Robb invited Madeleine to have a rest in the chapel, but Madeleine’s face instantly turned red. She refused to go into the New Light Chapel even if it killed her, because it meant living with a man? It was too early.

She rushed into the dark chapel nearby and grabbed a guest room. Of course, when she took a shower that night, she was also moved by the shower.

The second day!

Last night, the train ran twice overnight, sending some soldiers and war horses to Stone Canyon. This morning, it ran the third time, so thousands of soldiers of the Black Earth Knights had already been transported to Stone Canyon first.

At noon, the train was ready for the fourth time, and this time, it was the last small group of soldiers to go to Stone Canyon.

Robb, Madeleine, Lilian, Suofa, and even Nuolun, Kante, Marian, the daughter of the lord chamberlain, the elder elf, as well as the large group of noble children, the mayor of Stone Canyon, uncle Johnny, all joined the queue.

The ten carriages were originally used to transport the iron tracks, sleepers, and all kinds of construction equipment. Last night, it had transported a lot of soldiers, who were dirty and smelly. However, since the servants of the nobles went out together. All kinds of water magic and purification techniques were thrown randomly, and the carriages became clean again.

The servants put a red carpet in the carriage, tables, chairs, silver plates and water glasses. In a flash, the ten carriage became high-end and noble, from a dirty truck to a beautiful train.

In the name of laziness, Godfather stayed in Westwind Town and didn’t get on the train.

Robb Smith, on the other hand, took Madeleine, Suofa and Lilian on the train and sat in the VIP carriage. He knew that if Lilian followed him, it would be easy to find out, so he specially asked Lilian, the mayor of Stone Canyon and uncle Johnny to sit at a table.

As soon as the train drove out of Westwind Town, Lilian looked out of the window and burst into tears “Oh, I’m finally going home! Last summer, I came to Westwind Town with a group of carriages from Stone Canyon. I saw this scenery all the way. At that time, I thought that I would live in my new master’s house for the rest of my life, and that I would never go back to Stone Canyon. I didn’t expect that… I can see the sceneries that I have been through once. I’m home, I’m home!”

Robb’s heart ached when he saw this. But he was not in the position to comfort Lilian.

Fortunately, uncle Johnny didn’t sit next to her for nothing. He smiled at Lilian and said, “Lilian, don’t be sad. If it weren’t for your leaving Stone Canyon, how could you have such a good master as Godfather? How happy your life is now! There’s no need to look back. Look forward! You will be very happy in the future.”


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