After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Friendship is a good thing

A smile appeared on Lilian’s face. It was a real and happy smile, but there was a trace of regret in it. No one else could understand what she was regretting, and only she herself could understand.

The train was running on the soft rails.

Madeleine looked out of the window at the scenery that was constantly retreating, and her heart was also heaving. The train was so powerful! It was far beyond her knowledge that her five thousand soldiers and thousands of war horses were sent 150 miles away in one night. How could she not be shocked?

Although this thing was not as useful as the strategic-grade transmission portal, how could it be so easy to get that? That required a great magician to use all his magic power to open it. Moreover, according to the size of the magician’s magic power, the number of people that the transmission portal could carry was limited.

Only by using a large number of magicians and drawing a large magic transmission array could a large army like five thousand people be carried. Now, their problem was solved by the big iron car

She couldn’t help but exclaim, “Robb, Godfather in Westwind Town is really amazing. I didn’t know it was so good without sitting on it.”

“Is it that good?” Robb shrugged and said, “This can only pull ten carriages, and it can only run 50 miles per hour. It takes three hours to run 150 miles. I’m angry to see that. According to me, 150 miles is only 75 kilometers. The real excellent high-speed train should be able to do that in 40 minutes.”

“Run 150 miles in 40 minutes?” Madeleine said. “That’s impossible! How can you do that? It’s not that strong.”

Robb said with a smile, “the magic is cast by human. It depends on the magic of humans, which is a human’s power. Humans are weak, but the power of technology is endless. One day, technology can do everything that magic can do.”

Robb was not bluffing. The four kinds of magic, namely wind, earth, water and fire, were easy to achieve with technology. What was more difficult to achieve was the magic of abstruse techniques, such as instant transmission, and taking things through the air. However, these techniques would be undertood by science sooner or later, such as taking things through the air through magnetic fields. And in cartoons, many teleportation technologies such as the glass and plasma jumps can already been imagined. These things would be able to be realized one day and replace the abstruse techniques.

Of course, there was no need to completely replace them!

Since there was magic in this world, Robb had to respect magic. He thought about using magic and technology to make something greater than pure technology or magic.

At this time, the train had been running for a long time.

The nobility, who had taken the train for the first time, also cooled down from their initial excitement. They no longer marveled at the train, and began to pay more attention to the scenery and enjoy life.

As the servants of the nobles came, they immediately brought tea and snacks to their masters. These nobles were well prepared. They brought all kinds of delicious food, placed them on a small table near the window, and then looked at the scenery by the window, while bragging leisurely.

“The train is very stable.” with a glass of Coca-Cola in his hand, he tasted it in a very elegant posture and smiled. “It’s much more stable than taking a horse drawn carriage. I don’t dare to drink water like this in that a horse drawn carriage.”

Several nobles nodded at the same time, “that’s right! You have to be careful drinking water in a horse drawn carriage or it’ll slap all the tea on your face.”

“It’s much more comfortable to travel in this train than riding and taking a carriage,” said Nuolun. “If I can take such a train to go out in the future, I will be very happy to travel around.”

The nobles nodded in agreement.

Even the elf elder couldn’t help but say, “if we build this railway between the two elf villages, wouldn’t it be very convenient for our elf clan to get along with each other? I haven’t seen several old friends who have moved to the other forests for eight hundred years. I really want to take such a train to see them.”

Everyone couldn’t help complaining, “eight hundred years. Do you still remember their appearance?”

“I can’t remember.” the elf elder said, “besides, what’s the use of remembering? Anyway, they must be old and have changed a lot. I don’t need to remember their appearance, as long as I remember the stories we had together. When I was sad, they gave me happiness. When I was hesitating, they gave me faith. When I was lonely, they gave me warmth… How wonderful friendship is…”

“Wise words!”

The nobles applauded together. After the claps, Robb asked, “what stories did you go through together when you were young? Tell me! I have wine, and you can tell stories.”

The elf elder thought for a while seriously and then shrugs. “Only ghosts would remember stories from eight hundred years ago.”

Everyone, “you just wanted to say those words and say that you have friendship, right? You have completely forgotten about it!”

The elf elder blew his beard and said, “Alas? I’m old and my ears are not good. What did you say?”

Everyone was speechless

It was hard to tell whether a person was old or not, but he was really thick skinned. Being more than 900 years old face was too terrifying.

Of course, this small episode couldn’t change the high spirits of the crowd. Along the way, the elder elf kept writing poems, converting the scenery on both sides of the railway into poems. The nobles always liked to be meretricious, but threw the thick skinned elder of the elf out of the nine night clouds, and truly admired his literary cultivation.

Looking at the scene of people chatting happily in the large carriage, Madeleine thought to herself, [the train is not only stable than the carriage, but also more people can sit in the carriage and chat with each other, which is much more lively than a normal carriage.]

“Look outside!”

“There are wolf riders outside following our train.”

All of them looked out of the window at the northeast of the train. Sure enough, in the forest along the railway, there was a group of wolf riders who were running crazily, and on the wolf riders sat the fierce looking elite orcs. Obviously, the wolf riders were staring at the train again and wanted to come up to rob.

However, the wolf riders seemed to be able to catch up with the train at the beginning, but after chasing them desperately for a while, they were left far behind.

When Robb saw these orcs following the train, he remembered a few movies he had watched when he was a child. At that time, some people also chased after a train, trying to grab something on it. However, they either couldn’t catch up, or were “shot” by a gun stretched out from the train.

Tut, tut, movies are truly a history full of blood and tears of natives!

And the development of Westwind Town was also a history of the death of monsters.


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