After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 448

Chapter 448: God of Flags

Three hours later, the train reached the Stone Canyon.

What they saw that both sides of the railway was no longer a forest covered with green trees, but ugly stone cliffs. Two towering cliffs sandwiched a center of land. In the middle of the canyon, there was a small corridor shaped plain, and a small river passed through the middle of the plain. There were also some fertile fields suitable for planting on both sides of the river.

Lilian shouted excitedly, “look, everyone. My home is near. I’m almost there.”

She was the closest person to the Godfather. Although she was a maid, the blue crystal necklace of from her master hanging on her chest showed her position in Godfather’s heart. No one in the Westwind Town dared to disrespect Lilian.

All the nobles in the carriage gave Lilian a big smile and said, “ah, is this your hometown?”

Lilian smiled and said, “yes, you’re right. Look at the land by the river. It used to be full of beetroot.”

She turned around again and pointed out from the window on the other side. “Look over there. There is a mine there. Uncle Johnny used to work there.”

“Ah, look, that shabby house over there. It’s my aunt’s home.”

Robb looked in the direction she pointed and saw two shabby thatched huts, which were so dirty that they were about to collapse at any time because they hadn’t lived there for a year.

Poor! She looked so poor at a glance!

At this time, the train arrived at the station, slowed down and slowly stopped. A large number of people had gathered at the side of the station. One was commander Elsie, five hundred soldiers from Westwind Town, and some workers. They were still working on the final project to perfect the train station here.

In addition, there was also a large group of soldiers in black armor, who were moved in advance last night. They had been waiting for Madeleine here for a long time.

Of course, these people were not the only ones in Stone Canyon.

Next to the train station was the village of Stone Canyon. It was a dilapidated village, but it was not uninhabited.

The original residents of Stone Canyon were all taken to live in Westwind Town because of the incident of necromancer event last summer. The village was empty, and then the invasion of the desert kingdom occurred. After that, some residents living near Crystal Canyon moved to Stone Canyon.

And some demi-humans living in seclusion in the nearby mountains also moved here.

These people directly borrowed the houses abandoned by the original residents of Stone Canyon to live here, which formed a small population of about two hundred people.

When the railway of Westwind Town was built here, the two hundred residents were startled. However, Elsie had once been a bishop of the Church of Light, and his ability to deceive the people was really brilliant.

He drove the fierce tank into the village. First of all, he showed dominance, and then climbed out of the tank. With a smile on his face, he took a candy in his hand and told the villagers, “although we are strong, we won’t bully others. We will only help.”

This move instantly conquered the two hundred residents in the village, making them firmly believe that the new Church of Light was a kind and great church. As long as they followed the new Church of Light, they would be able to walk towards the path of happiness and prosperity.

Therefore, the two hundred residents didn’t feel flustered at all when they saw the large train carrying people here one by one. They even had a feeling of excitement that their life would definitely become better in the future.

At this time, Robb was still wearing the makeup of Robb Smith. When he got off the train, Madeleine immediately jumped off the train. Then, she turned to look at the two hundred residents and shouted, “look, this is Robb Smith. The queen has given him Stone Canyon. From now on, this is his fief. You are all his citizens. Do you understand?”

The commoners were shocked. A leader came? It was not a good thing! A new leader was always a greedy, tyrannical villain. Moreover, when a new leader arrived at a place, he would immediately show his authority

However, before they could think about it, Robb said with a smile, “don’t be afraid. Even if the new broom sweeps clean, there won’t be three fires burning you. I won’t tax you, because the queen is still carrying out the tax-free policy. Moreover, I won’t randomly collect more than she requires. I won’t add another copper coin myself.”

Hearing this, the people were a little relieved.

Robb added, “besides, I will find a better way to make a living for you, so that you won’t take the tax the queen is about to charge seriously.”

The commoners didn’t believe what he said, but the soldiers and workers who came from Westwind Town burst into laughter. “That’s for sure. We have the technology of Godfather. Haha, you people from Stone Canyon are lucky.”

After comforting the people for a short time, they calmed down.

Madeleine turned to Robb and said, “Robb, thank you for sending us here by train. I should go now. I have to go to Crystal Canyon as soon as possible to help the garrison there.”

Robb patted her shoulder guard and said, “okay. Be careful.”

“Don’t worry,” Madeleine said. “Back then, Mondra and the Church of Light worked together to hunt down Elizabeth and me and we survived. Now there are only a few monsters. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Hey, don’t make a flag for yourself!” Robb quickly said to the sky, “God of Flags, what this woman said just now doesn’t count. She is still a child and has no scruples about her words. Don’t take it to heart when the wind blows.”

Madeleine asked, “what is the God of Flags?”

Robb said, “well, that’s the only God I believe in. Only the God of Flags. That’s the evil god.”

Madeleine, “aren’t you a wind magician? You should believe in the wind god.”

Robb, “I’m just cooperating with wind god. Only the God of Flags is the God I really admire and fear. Let me tell you, even if Godfather is so powerful, even if he casually starts flag, he will still be slapped in the face and be scared.”

Madeleine was speechless

She thought to herself, [is Robb hinting me that the only way to defeat Godfather in Westwind Town is to defeat the God of Flags? But where are we going to find this God? Forget it. Anyway, I will report this news to Elizabeth later. She has been looking for a way to fight against Godfather. I should be happy to hear this news.]


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