After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 449

Chapter 449: This is my territory

Madeleine led the Black Earth Knights out of Stone Canyon.

The whole group was in high spirits, because they had walked little to none, and rested and adjusted their states here. Of course, they would be in good spirits.

Moreover, on the day they rested in Westwind Town, they were sold all kinds of small goods by the townsmen, spent made a great deal of money. Madeleine didn’t know about this at all. She went to develop a relationship, so she had no idea that her subordinates were almost robbed of their armors.

After Madeleine left, uncle Johnny jumped off the train and ran to the last few carriages of the big train. He shouted to the inside loudly, “come out. The servants are here to take the goods. Hurry up.”

A large group of jewelers jumped out of the last few carriages, and then a group of blacksmith, carpenters, porters, all of them quickly moved all kinds of things out of the train, including tools for exploration, sleepers, iron tracks, several minecarts, a set of wheels, and the engine for pulling the minecart.

As Westwind town had already set up the track system for two mines of Westwind Town, the craftsmen were already very familiar with the way to make one. All kinds of materials, tools, equipment were well prepared. As soon as they jumped off the train, they shouted, “where is the mine?”

Uncle Johnny shouted, “come! Follow me!”

The group of people carried all kinds of materials and followed Uncle Johnny out of the train station. Soon, they arrived at the entrance of an ancient mine. This was the old mine in Stone Canyon. The villagers here had been digging rocks in this mine for generations.

Uncle Johnny touched the abandoned stones at the entrance of the mine and sighed in his heart, “I’m back! It’s been a year and I’m finally back to my hometown. Haha… Brothers, let’s take action first to reinforce the mine and prevent it from collapsing.”


“Then let’s expand the mine and set up the sleepers. Be quick. Godfather wants a pure crystal mine. We have to repay Godfather for his help. We have to get the crystal mine as soon as possible.”


The workers roared and rushed into the mine

But soon they found that they were still short of hands.

With the arrival of this train, there were not many workers, and many of the work was tight and short of hands. It would take at least six hours for the next train to arrive. In fact, the train had already run several times in a row. The train attendant was already very tired, and the next train would at least come back tomorrow.

Who could help with this mine?

The light on Uncle Johnny’s forehead lit up. He ran to the village and shouted at the two hundred villagers, “recruiting porters and craftsmen to come to our mine to help. You don’t need to know the technology. As long as you can work hard, your salary is 20 copper coins a day. Is there anyone who wants to join?”

The salary of 20 copper coins per day was a big joke in the Westwind town. No one was willing to do such a job, but for these two hundred villagers of Stone Canyon, 20 copper coins was a good income, and they could earn 20 copper coins per day? Where could they find such a good thing?

“I want to come!”

“Will you really give us 20 copper coins? Don’t make fun of us.”

“If it’s true, I’ll do it.”

“Me too!”

“I will exert all my strength.”

A large group of people surrounded them. Uncle Johnny didn’t say anything more. He took out a lot of copper coins and put them in the hand of commander Elsie, shouting, “general, do you believe me?”

With a holy and kind look on his face, Elsie tried to play being a leader. “Villagers, don’t worry. I stand out to make a guarantee to you that I will keep the money here. You can come to me to get it after you work. Aren’t you afraid of being cheated on by someone with unknown background?”

Elsie’s smile had the effect of being deceptive. Instantly, more than 200 villagers were subdued. Men, women, and children all worked together to help the mine.

Of course, Robb didn’t need to care about these things. He was just a person who made rules. Once he taught the modern generation’s thoughts, concepts, rules, and operating procedures to the villagers, he would not go to do stupid things again.

At this time, he was accompanying Lilian to the chapel behind the village.

There was a broken chapel, which was originally a chapel of light. When the army of the dead attacked, it was changed to a chapel of darkness. After all the residents in Stone Canyon left, it was no longer a chapel of light, nor a chapel of darkness. It was just a broken chapel.

There was no special feeling given to it by humans. It was just a pile of stones, wood, glass and other things, which did not mean anything.

Lilian went to the cemetery behind the chapel and stood in front of an unknown tomb. She put several wild flowers she had picked in advance in front of the tomb, and then quietly walked towards the tomb.

Robb immediately realized that her parents were buried in it.

It was not popular for western people to kowtow to graves, so Lilian just stood there quietly. After standing for a while, she turned around and said, “I’m sorry, master. I took you to this kind of place.”

“There is nothing to be sorry for,” Robb said with a smile. “Even if you don’t bring me here, I have to come here at least once.”

Every time Robb arrived at a new place, he had to go to the cemetery to look around before he could light up the waypoint. This was the game setting of Dark Blade.

Lilian didn’t know that he was telling the truth. She thought that Robb just said it on purpose to make her not care. She couldn’t help but smile. “Master is so kind to me.”

Robb asked, “do you have any special idea or want to do something since we’re here?”

Lilian looked around and then looked away, she said in a low voice, “I’ve been away from here for a year. I’m used to the bustling Westwind town. When I came back, I found that this place is really a poor and backward place. If I could say what I want to say the most now, that is… I hope this place can become rich, as rich as the Westwind town.”

Robb smiled and said, “even if the residents here are no longer the same as before, do you still think so?”

“Yes,” Lilian nodded. “After all, this is my hometown. I hope it becomes rich.”

Robb gave her a thumbs up and said, “okay. From now on, we will often travel back and forth between here and Westwind town. Let’s personally make this place the prosperous Stone Canyon.”

“Oh, it’s just stupid wish. How can I make my master tired?”

“Silly girl, this is my territory!” Robb said with a smile. “It’s my responsibility to make this place rich.”


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