After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 450

Chapter 450: The oil caravan of the desert kingdom

The workers and soldiers stayed in Stone Canyon, working hard on construction and public security.

Robb and Lilian walked around the valley. The nobles who came to travel also walked around the canyon for a few circles. Then they were ready to go back to Westwind town.

The group of people returned to the train and sat down elegantly. The nobles once again picked up their teacups, and the train conductor was about to start the train again.

At this moment, Elsie’s big tank suddenly moved. The cannulas rotated and aimed at the north side of the canyon. The soldiers around him also became vigilant.

Someone shouted, “there are many people from the north. It’s a large group!”

“Send some people to have a look!”

“Let me use the detection skill to see. Ah, it’s not an enemy, but a caravan.”

“It’s a caravan from the desert kingdom, from Morta’s family.”

Robb was happy to hear that, but now he was in the shape of Robb Smith, so it was inconvenient for him to go out to talk. He had to wink at Nuolun next to him. The latter understood and jumped off at once. He said loudly, “if it’s a military matter, it’s usually handled by commander Elsie, but since it’s a business matter, I’ll receive this business group.”

After saying that, he turned around and waved to the train, “Kante, Robb, follow me to learn to do business.”

Robb knew that in fact, he was going to ask him to follow and secretly preside over it. But he was afraid that if he did so, it would expose Robb’s identity, so he called over Kante. Everyone knew that Kante had no brain at all.

Robb smiled and pulled Kante. The two jumped off the train together and followed Nuolun.

Soon, the caravan of the desert kingdom arrived in front of them. This caravan had an obvious desert style, and all the goods were carried by large camels. The merchants were all wrapped in headscarves, and their faces could not be seen. They could only be seen from the family textures embroidered on their clothes that they were from Morta’s family.

This group of people did not expect that there were so many people in Stone Canyon, and there was even a strange car. The last time they came here, it was not like this.

The merchants were startled, but they immediately recognized Nuolun and Elsie. After all, after several times of oil transportation to Westwind Town, it was difficult to not know these two people. In front of them, a middle-aged man with a veil covering his face jumped off the camel and bowed to them. “We are from the desert kingdom and are delivering oil to Westwind town.”

Without Robb’s asking, Nuolun asked with a smile, “how much oil have you transported this time?”

“We have delivered 198 barrels this time!”

“Eh? What’s with the strange number? 198 barrels? Why not two hundred barrels? And the amount is too little.” as far as Nuolun knew, oil was the life of the big train. Godfather couldn’t rub out the two things, oil and gasoline. Without these two things, the engine would be useless, leaving only the heavy and difficult steam engine to use.

Godfather hadn’t taken out the steam engine out of Elsie’s tank yet, because he didn’t like that kind of machine very much. He also said that the steam engine was the tears of the times, which had a great impact on the environment. And that, If possible, try not to use it.

The merchant from the desert said awkwardly “Well, as you know, it’s very inconvenient to transport the oil. We have climbed mountains and rivers all the way, so we only transported 200 barrels this time. Unexpectedly, we encountered monsters in the Black Pine Mountain. In fact, two days ago, we were attacked by monsters on the road, and two barrels of kerosene were ignited and burnt by the torches thrown out by the monsters. Fortunately, we kicked away the burning oil barrels in time and didn’t detonate other oil barrels. Otherwise It’s all over. “

“Are monsters so rampant?” Robb frowned. Monsters can wave, but they can’t break his supply line of oil. You are going to be beaten if you attack like this, you know?

Just as he was thinking of this, he heard Elsie shout, “were you attacked on the way from Crystal Canyon to here? Damn it! How dare you destroy Godfather’s oil? Brothers, leave 200 hundred people here to guard Stone Canyon. The others go with me. Let’s go to deal with those monsters.”

Elsie rushed out with three hundred soldiers in high spirits.

The merchant from the desert looked at the troops far away and felt relieved. If Elsie could clean up the monsters, then he would be safer on his way home.

He said to him, “Mr. Nuolun, what are you doing in Stone Canyon? And the huge iron car next to you… What’s this again?”

Nuolun smiled but said nothing. He put on an unfathomable expression.

It was not until Robb glared at him that he put down his noble airs and said to the desert merchant, “well, since it’s really hard for you to transport oil and that it’s much more difficult to transport than ordinary goods. Your next trip will be much easier. You can walk at least 150 miles less.”

The oil merchant, “?”

“Carry your oil to this big train. The last few carriages are empty.”

When those carriages arrived, they were carrying the materials needed to build the tracks in the mine. After they were moved out, the carriages became empty. Now they could just move the oil up one barrel after another. 198 barrels of oil.

“Leave your camels and caravan in Stone Canyon to rest. You take two attendants with us to Westwind town to see Godfather.”

“Ah ah ah?” the desert merchant was more and more confused. It was not until he was pulled into the big train by Nuolun and pressed on a chair that the train started and drove out of Stone Canyon repeatedly that he realized what had happened. He couldn’t help but scream in surprise, “Wow, this big car is so awesome.”

“This is the great invention of Godfather from Westwind town, so of course it’s amazing. Have you ever seen Godfather take out something not amazing?”

The desert merchant was shocked by the great invention and couldn’t say a word. Marian, who was sitting in the carriage, thought to herself, [This big train is really awesome. When I come here, I can bring a large truck of goods, and when I go back, I can also bring a large truck of goods. If the caravan has agreed on the time, the train will pick up goods back and forth every time, so that it won’t run empty, then it will be convenient for purchase and delivery at the same time. In this way, I feel that the price of many goods will need to be calculated again.]

After all, the transportation cost was not to be underestimated, and after using this big train, the transportation cost was much smaller.


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