After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Are you a traveler?

Marian’s heart was filled with excitement. That evening, when Robb returned to Westwind Town, he cleaned his makeup, lazily sat on his stone stool and went fishing with a fishing rod. After a while, he saw Marian slip over.

“Godfather!” Marian smiled and sat opposite to Robb’s stone table. “I took the big train today. I went to Stone Canyon and looked around. I feel that this big train is more and more extraordinary.”

“Oh? Really?” Robb smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it. But you, the daughter of a merchant, came here to specially tell me is saying something. Do you want to play with a big ticket?”

Marian chuckled and said, “sure enough, I can’t hide anything from Godfather. I’m a little jealous. I want to build such a railway and make it.”

“What an ambitious person! I’m afraid you don’t know how much iron this train will need. Even the queen of West Gran has no choice but to give up.”

With a mysterious smile on her face, Marian said, “Her Majesty is already poor. Our family is as rich as the royal family.”

Robb was speechless

Marian continued, “what’s more, we can work together with other noble families. When we were chatting on the train today, I heard from the big merchant, Pobo, that he also wanted to make the train business more profitable. If my family join hands with Pobo, the capital will be more abundant. It will need hundreds of miles of railway to make a big train. It should be no problem.”

“You have invested a lot of capital. Once you go bankrupt, you will lose all your money,” Robb said with a smile.

Marian smiled and said, “the people who’ll set up the second railway may lose all their money, but as the first one, I will definitely make a lot of money.”

“I have to remind you that the train has to burn oil, and the oil can only be produced from oil transported from the desert. In this world, only my” alchemy “can refine the oil into kerosine, and no one else can. How can you make a big train move with normal oil? I won’t give you the oil.”

Marian said, “we don’t need the engine, so we don’t need to use it. I saw the steam tank. That kind of steam tank is also very powerful. The key point is that its fuel is coal, and that kind of fuel can be as much as we want. There is no problem at all.”

Robb laughed and said, “what a smart woman! Well, I admit that your idea is feasible. The steam train is indeed more suitable for the normal technology tree route to climb. Now, since only I can play the gas train. If others want to play it, you’d better use the steam engine first. Then I want to know how you are going to make money by using the railway and the train.”

Marian chuckled and said “I have thought about it carefully. This big train can transport people and goods, so if I have a train and a private railway, I can make money by collecting transportation fees. A person can charge a few silver coins for the transportation fees. If one train can have ten carriage, it can transport thousands of people at a time. It only takes a trip to earn hundreds of gold coins, and even more. And the transportation of goods can be more exorbitant. Calculating it by weight and body There are many ways to get some profits from merchants. “

Speaking of this, she smiled and said, “I only need to spend the initial construction cost, and then I don’t need to spend anything else. This train only needs a few months to run before I can earn back the cost, and then I will make full profit.”

“Hahaha! That’s a good idea! Your insight is already above your father’s. but have you ever thought that the function of transportation will become an important strategic function in the military? Will the queen be willing to have such a good, strategic thing in the private hands of several nobles?”

Marian smiled and said, “if she won’t, we can just invite her to join us. Anyway, we have invested a lot in the early stages. With each shareholder, our family can reduce some costs and reduce certain risks. In this way, the royal family will also control a part of the railway line, and the queen will open a wider door in policies.”

“You think too much. Are you a traveler?” Robb asked.

“A traveler? What’s that?” Marian asked.

“Well, it’s good that you don’t understand.” Robb smiled and said, “since you don’t understand, I’ll teach you something more. You can use the money you earned from the first railway to build the second one. Won’t you make more money together with two railways? When you have money, you can build another railway, and then three railways will make more money… Over and over again.”

Robb’s expression suddenly became serious. “One after another, at last, your family’s railway will cover the whole kingdom, and you will become a railway tycoon who controls the entire transportation industry. As long as you stamp your feet, the whole kingdom’s freight system will tremble. This is much more powerful than the silk stockings town your father played.”

Marian’s eyes lit up as if she had learned something.

Robb suddenly took out the special crystal ball for communication with the queen and dialed a number.

It was already in the evening and it was time to talk on the phone, so as soon as the phone was dialed, it was connected. The Queen’s face appeared from the crystal ball. “If you have something to say, go ahead. If you don’t have anything, hang up!”

It was obvious that she was taking her revenge on Robb for what he had said when she answered the phone last time.

Robb smiled and said, “my lady, let me introduce a very useful young talent to you. She might be an important minister of internal affairs in your kingdom in the future.”

The queen turned to Marian and said, “Oh, I know her. She is Marian Corton, a junior student in the department of magic items production from the magic school. She helped Robb to complete the task of making some magic items like the mines here. She is a student with good taste. What’s wrong? What other talents does she have? Why did you introduce her to me seriously?”

Robb said, “didn’t you envy my big train last time? She has a way to help you get it out. Moreover, she can help you spread the railway to the whole kingdom.”

Hearing this, the Queen’s face suddenly became more serious. “She is just a student of the small magic school. What can she do? Even I can’t do anything about it!”

Robb smiled and said, “you have no choice. You only take the railway as a tool to serve the war, but you never think about how to use it to make profit. Therefore, when you think of building a railway, you only consider how much it will cost, and you can’t afford it at the first thought. However, this young girl not only thinks of expense, but also income. With her method, you can use the least money to support the railway all over the kingdom.”


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