After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 452

Chapter 452: If you want it

Robb turned to Marian and said, “tell her what you think.”

Marian was a little excited to get the chance. As the daughter of a rich merchant, it was an important opportunity for her to directly talk with the queen. If she could seize the opportunity, she would really fly to the heavens.

She quickly calmed down, sorted out her thoughts in her mind, and then told her her plan. Of course, this time, she would not say the word “invite the queen to join”, but changed it to “invite the royal family to join.” it sounded much more beautiful.

The queen listened carefully and pondered!

Indeed, at the beginning, she only considered the direction of transportation of troops, food and weapons. She only wanted to use it, but did not expect to get any benefits from it. In this way, of course, she could not build anything. But now she heard from Marian that the train will be open to the public. They could charge train tickets, transportation fees, train tickets, and then make a second train one by one with the money earned.

“If it goes on like this, it won’t be a big problem to cover the whole kingdom.” the queen gave Marian a suggestion. “However, to put it bluntly, the yield of steel and iron can’t keep up with it.”

Marian said, “Your Majesty, I have considered the steel and iron output. To build a railway, of course, we need a lot of steel and iron. Therefore, our first railway may be built between Westwind town and Bright Road, connecting these two important big cities. This long railway is going along the foot of the Black Pine Mountain. There are several places along the way that are suitable for mining iron mines.”

“In other words, the iron mined can be transported back to Bright Road by train, right?”

Marian replied, “yes. Bright Road and the Westwind town are both big cities with a lot of people. If the railway is built between these two big cities, the income from the tickets we can get is certainly the most, and the freight will be more prosperous. After all, Westwind town is an important production place of goods now, where there are sugar, iron, silk stockings, and all kinds of strange things…”

The queen knew from the bottom of her heart that Westwind town and Bright Road were the most suitable route to set up the first railway. However, the biggest problem now was that Westwind town was not under her control. Although nominally, Westwind town was still a town of West Gran, because of the existence of the powerful Robb, it was completely out of her Majesty’s control.

It was troublesome!

At this moment, Robb suddenly chuckled and said, “I know what you are thinking.”

The queen snorted and said nothing.

“You are thinking that since Westwind town is not your territory, it’s weird to build a railway to Westwind Town, right?”

“Westwind town is my territory,” the queen said stubbornly. “You are just a disobedient person in my territory, and I don’t have time to deal with you now. In fact, there are many disobedient people in my territories, and you are not the only one. For example, the elf village in the forest and the dwarves in the western mountains are all the same as you. Don’t think you are the only one special.”

“Oh, I see. Aren’t you tired?” Robb said, shrugging his shoulders. “It turns out that there are so many disobedient bad guys in your territory. It’s so hard to manage a kingdom.”

If others said this, the queen would not even move her expression.

However, Robb’s words made her feel a lump in her throat. She wanted to cry and said slowly, “you also feel that I’m tired? I thought you would only mock me in a strange way. But you can see how hard I’m working. If you really understand how hard I’m working, give Westwind town back to me.”

Robb, “you want Westwind town?”

The Queen: “yes!”

“If you really want it…”

Robb said in a long voice. The queen thought, [This guy is going to cry again.]

Unexpectedly, instead of crying out as the queen thought, he smiled and said, “okay! Westwind town is your territory, but it used to be a small town, and you didn’t care much about it. But now that it has developed greatly, it’s natural to set up an executive agency. Send someone to take charge of it.”

“What?” the queen was stunned.

Robb smiled and said, “you see, there are more and more chores to be dealt with in a city of tens of thousands of people. Today we have to build the road, tomorrow we have to build the bridge, and the town needs to be planned. We need to plant trees, repair the sewers, clean it, pay the police, provide food for the prisoners in prison, treat people, build an orphanage, nursing homes…”

He listed a long list of chores in a twinkling of an eye, and then said, “All these messy things are paid from my private purse. Even if I am a landlord, the landlord doesn’t have any food left. How can I always make so many things with my private money? Of course, the most important thing is not to pay, but that it’s me dealing with them. It’s annoying.”

Hearing this, the queen couldn’t help laughing. “I’ve long wanted to complain about your poor administrative management ability. In the big Westwind Town, there is no government establishment. It’s completely relying on blind management, leaving a few policemen there for force management. It used to be a small town, but now there are ten thousand people. I don’t think it’s going to work, right?”

Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “well, so I’m asking you whether you want it or not now. I don’t care if your administrative team is in charge of this town. You see, in this way, Westwind town really belongs to you. How happy it is!”

The queen was overjoyed and wanted to say yes, but she immediately felt that something was wrong.

After all, she had dealt with various forces for many years, so it was not easy to deceive her, she pounded the table and said “How dare you! I almost agreed to be tricked by you. If I send an executive team here, I will nominally send someone to take back the jurisdiction of Westwind Town, but in fact, these people can’t defeat you. You will hold their necks with swords, so they will work for you. I won’t be able to take back Westwind town. Instead, I’m just sending you a lot of administrative staff to help you with city management, and you can continue to be lazy on the stone stool and enjoy yourself. “

“Wow!” Robb put on a symbolic snicker and said, “every time at this time, you become exceptionally smart.”

“Humph!” the queen snorted angrily. “If I were so gullible, I would have been killed seventeen or eighteen times already.”

Robb said, “but you really think too much this time. Although those vile conspiracy theories are very effective in guessing people’s plans, they are meaningless to me. If I were really a person who would put a sword on someone’s neck and forced others to work for me, would Westwind town have such a situation now? Miss queen, you can think about it carefully.”


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