After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 453

Chapter 453: I’m willing to go

The queen thought about it carefully. It seemed that it was true.

Robb didn’t like to use force to threaten others. In other words, he had never used force to threaten others. His force seemed to be only from protection and coercion.

And when he wanted others to do something, he liked to “seduce” others with benefits. Of course, from the result, anyone who was seduced by him would make money.

Now Robb was luring her. He threw out such a big piece of cake as Westwind Town, which made the queen want to eat it very much.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, she had to admit that Westwind town had become a prosperous economic center. For the rulers of a kingdom, such a city certainly is truly one that they would love to firmly grasp. They can rely on the city’s strong economic ability to control other towns, and even the whole kingdom.

The queen found that she couldn’t resist the temptation. Even though she knew that Robb had ulterior motives and planned to take away some of her administrative talents, there was still a devil in her heart repeatedly saying to her, “what if he doesn’t have evil plans? Try it! It’s not a big deal to lose a few people.”

In fact, Robb had never restricted the entry and exit of the people from Westwind town. It was sure that these administrative personnel could come out after they entered. There was no need to worry about them being detained by him. Even if she sent someone to learn the methods of Westwind Town, it was worth sending someone there.

“Okay, it’s settled then,” said the queen. “I will send a team of governors and a secretary to take over the administrative management of Westwind town. Moreover, I have to warn you that since you have said that there are a lot of internal affairs in Westwind Town, the people I send must collect tax. Otherwise, why did you say that?”

Robb said, “great! I think it’s time to pay taxes. We must use the tax to do urban construction and pay the police. Otherwise, it’s not normal for us to rely on my private money all the time.”

“I’m going to get my men ready. Let’s end it here today,” the queen hung up the phone.

Marian was surprised to hear the conversation between Robb and the queen. She didn’t expect that Godfather would give Westwind Town back to the queen, but she didn’t want to say anything more. It was getting late, so she bowed to him and left.

It was not until then that Suofa came up from behind and asked in surprise, “are you really going to return the Westwind town to West Gran?”

Robb smiled and said, “what do you mean by returning it? The Westwind town has always been the territory of West Gran, and I have never taken it away.”

Suofa didn’t say anything. She just looked at Robb with a weird look, which was clearly saying, “don’t lie. You have always been the king of this place.”.

Robb said, “I’m just a lazy person. I just want to live a lazy life. I want to build and develop the town in order to make my lazy life better. Now the town is big and there are a lot of things to deal with. On the train today, several town leaders are still asking me how to deal with the orphanage and the nursing home. They asked me about it and made me feel headache. Only ghosts have the time and mood to do the orphanage and the nursing home problems.”


Robb said, “anyway, there are a lot of things that need someone to deal with. Except for the queen, there is no better person to deal with it.”

Suofa skill said in a low voice, “but this will give your town to someone else!”

“Haha, your vision is too small,” Robb said lazily. “If I want, I can kill the king of the desert kingdom and the king of the knight kingdom the next second, and even kill the king of Big Tang afterward, and spend another do the same to West Gran, clapping the queen and forcing her to marry me. Then I only need a few more to get the whole world. What’s the difference between sending people to this town or not?”

“Are you scaring me?”

“I said this not to scare you, but to tell you that I really don’t care who is the owner of this town. I only care about whether I am happy or not.”


The second day, early in the morning.

In the royal Palace of Bright Road, the queen summoned her most trusted ministers.

The queen said in a majestic tone, “there is a difficult task today. I have to give it to someone who dares to sacrifice himself for the kingdom. I have to tell you first that if you carry out this task, you will have a narrow escape from death. Perhaps you will not be able to go home for the rest of your life…”

At this point, the ministers had already been shocked, and several people quietly moved back a little.

The queen saw all this, but she didn’t say it out. It was normal for people to be afraid of death, but it would be strange if they were not afraid of death at all. At this time, the first reaction was not to retreat, but to jump out to show that they were exhausted. They were basically good at acting. The person who thought first and then stood out was the real loyal one.

The queen didn’t want to question her ministers in such a way. She didn’t wait for these people to express their opinions, she immediately said “I plan to send an executive team to Westwind town to set up an organization to be responsible for tax collection and daily affairs of that town. As you know, Westwind town is now under the control of that man, and his fighting capacity alone is comparable to an army. Our kingdom has been tired of dealing with the army of Mondra and the monster army in the Black Pine Mountain. We don’t have the strength to fight with that man, so we can’t protect our personnel that will be stationed there. “

As soon as these words came out, the ministers could not help but look at each other.

Indeed, it was a life and death mission. Although the man had a good reputation, everyone present was political. Everyone knew what his reputation was.

Reputation was often played out, especially for big shots like Robb. He might not be the real him that he lets you know. Maybe he was helping the people on one hand, but enslaving them on the other hand. Maybe he was rescuing the homeless children while killing them secretly and studying evil alchemy with their blood.

This kind of thing was not rare in this world!

They didn’t know who he was, and his reputation was too unreliable.

“Is there anyone willing to go?” the queen said. “I won’t force you to do such a dangerous thing. If anyone is willing to take the risk, I will not treat him shabbily in the future.”

The ministers looked at each other. After a long time, a proud voice suddenly sounded, “I’m willing to go!”

Everyone turned around and saw that it was number 32. This guy had already been killed by Robb, and now there was only a skeleton left. He chuckled and said, “I’m dead anyway. I’m not afraid of death at all.”


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