After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 454

Chapter 454: They are accumulating strength

Number 32 was the teacher of magic item production in the magic school. At the same time, he was also an internal matter type talent. He was good at dealing with all kinds of documents and arranging government affairs. In fact, he was quite capable.

The queen took a deep look at him and said, “you were killed by that man, so you must have a grudge against him. You asked to go to Westwind town to manage government affairs, not to avenge yourself.”

Number 32 hurriedly said “How can I? No matter what, I always put your Majesty’s business first and put personal grudges at the bottom. Westwind Town is completely out of your Majesty’s control now. A group of brave people must go to the town and take back the executive power of the town at one point. It’s not a bad thing that I was killed by that man, but a good thing. I can’t collude with him, I will only keep a distance from him. This task must belong to me. “

The queen thought it over and agreed.

If the official sent to the Westwind town colluded with Robb and pretended to listen to her, but in fact, became Robb’s lackey, it would be very difficult. But number 32 was loyal to her and had enmity with Robb, it would be the best to send him to Westwind town.

He would never risk his life. Instead, he would keep sober and fight for the town.

“All right!” the queen said firmly. “I’ll send you there. You need to bring more administrative staff with you. Secondly, management. The most important thing is to learn how to bring all aspects of Westwind town back to Bright Road. If you learn something, send someone to bring it back to Bright Road immediately, in case that you are caught by the man after you learn too much.”

Number 32 knelt down on one knee. “Yes!”


Through a shortcut to Crystal Canyon. The Black Earth Knights team led by Madeleine attacked the group of monsters in Crystal Canyon and drove the monster army who was peeping at the canyon back to the Black Pine Mountain. Then the Queen’s other troops also repelled several waves of monsters in the South.

Even in Westwind Town, there was a wave of monsters, but these monsters were found by the sentries of the elves race in the mountain forest far away from the town. The elves who had lost their homes were full of anger and formed a wave of ambush in the mountain forest. Before Robb and Elsie could make a move, the monsters were repelled and rushed back to the mountain.

Then, the monsters that attacked the Black Pine Mountain frequently suddenly disappeared, as if there was no monster in the night, and the whole world became quiet.

Robb also got up early this morning. He sat on a stone stool in the yard, with bread in his left hand and a milk cup handed over by Lilian in his right hand.

Marian was sitting opposite to his stone stool, with the multiplication table on her back over and over again.

This woman was very persistent and also very good at learning. Robb had taught her the calculation way. Now she calculates faster than Robb. After all, Robb was not a calculation expert, but Marian was very willing to devote herself to the practice of calculation.

She didn’t need to practice hard to defeat Robb, which hurt Robb very much. So he deliberately used the method of division to bully Marian. In the end, it turned out to be the state of teaching Marian the multiplication table

Seeing that she was skillfully calculating all kinds of division problems while carrying the table on her back, Robb knew that it wouldn’t be a few days for this woman to beat him in terms of the calculation speed of the division. It seemed that if he wanted to keep his dignity as a ‘master’, he had to take out generations to bully her.

Thinking of this, Robb suddenly became worried. If one day this woman learned all the math knowledge he could, how could he play with her? By then, he would lose his face?

When he was thinking of this, he saw two elf archers escorting the elf elder down the hill.

These elves now knew that Godfather was a great druid. Anyway, there were many surprising things, and it was not a big deal after getting used to it. The elves had a long life, and they were used to the changes of the times, the vicissitudes of life, and even the new moons.

The heroes of various races passed by the elves like riding horses. When they first came out, they were as dazzling as meteors, but in the end, they were all worn out.

Therefore, they accepted the fact that Robb was a great druid very frankly.

The elf elder came to Robb and said in a low voice, “Great druid, I’m here to talk to you about the things in the forest.”

“Oh?” Robb asked, “what’s wrong with the forest?”

The elder said, “a few days ago, the monsters attacked everywhere, but they were all sent back by the armies from all over the land of six months. They didn’t have much activity in recent days. What do you think?”

“Nothing,” said Robb.

“You didn’t think about it?” the elf elder said helplessly.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any special opinions?”

The elder didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. “I don’t think the monsters will be afraid of humans or elves. It’s unusual for them to suddenly quiet down like this.”

“Oh?” Robb said, “I see. Do you mean that they stopped attacking and harassing meaningless small groups of troops because they are accumulating strength and preparing to launch a big move?”

The elf elder couldn’t understand the words’ accumulating strength, but he could roughly guess what it meant. He nodded and said, “yes, they either don’t come, or there will be a large wave of attacks if they come.”

Speaking of this, the elf elder looked at the wall in the northeast of Westwind town with a little worry and said in a low voice, “is the wall too short now? The guard is too relaxed. If we have to deal with the monster army, which might come next, we should strengthen the city defense.”

He said seriously, “I’m afraid that the temporary village built by our elf tribe will be the first to bear the brunt. Once we sense that the monster army is approaching, we will all retreat to the main town area. And the defensive work in the main town area now is really hard to put our minds at rest.”

Robb smiled and said, “it doesn’t matter. You haven’t been here for a long time and don’t know the combat effectiveness of Westwind Town yet.”

The elder said “Last time, we saw the heroic posture of the commander, but… To be honest, the total number of troops is still too small. With five hundred people, we have to guard a big city with the scale of ten thousand people. There are loopholes everywhere.”


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