After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 455

Chapter 455: Apply for transfer

Robb smiled and told the elf elder, “Don’t worry. This town can absolutely be guarded. Look at the humans in our town, have any of them ever worried about the monsters?”

In fact, the elf elder had already felt that it was strange. The people in the Westwind town all seemed strange. They were all afraid of death, but when they asked them if they were afraid of monsters, they would say, “Godfather is here.”.

The elves had never seen Robb fight enemies. How could they dare to trust Robb as the townsmen did?

The elder wanted to say something more, but at this time, the commander, Elsie, led a strange team over. At the front of the team was a skeleton. He wore a black robe, a staff in his hand, and a crown on his head. He looked very extraordinary. It was no other than the necromancer number 32.

Behind him, there was a large group of humans, dressed like all kinds of officials.

Elsie led the group of people into the yard and stood in front of Robb. “Godfather, these people came from Bright Road and said that they were ordered by the queen to take over the administrative management of Westwind Town.”

Robb gestured the elf elder to wait for a moment. Then he turned his head and looked at number 32’s group. He smiled and said, “Wow, it’s so good to have you here. I’m looking forward to see the stars and the moon. I’m relieved now.”

The group of administrative staff showed embarrassment. Before they came to Westwind Town, they had summoned up great courage, and even wrote their family’s posthumous notes. Because they were clear that the actual controller of Westwind town was not the queen. They came to the town to take over the administration, tax collection, and power of the town. It was really a narrow escape, and the queen also showed that she did not have the strength to protect them.

Everyone was thinking that they might have to be looked down upon by the Godfather when they came here, but they didn’t expect that Godfather seemed to be easy to talk to. Although the first word “wow” looked very cheap, the following words sounded as if he wanted to see them very much.

With a snort, number 32 took a step forward and said, “don’t pretend to be hospitable. If you take the initiative to ask for administrative personnel from the queen, you must have bad intentions. But this is the territory of our kingdom. Even if you have bad intentions, the queen can’t ignore this town, so she sent us here. I, number 32, dared to come and are not afraid of death.”

Robb glared at him and smiled. “Isn’t this the man I killed in the Black Pine Mountain?”

Number 32 snorted and said, “it’s me! You killed me ferociously at that time, but it was useless. The queen used the dead reincarnation magic to pull my soul back to a skeleton! I can still work for the queen. This time, I’ll lead an executive team to take over Westwind town.”

Robb clapped his hands and said, “not bad. I didn’t expect you to be a talent in internal affairs. You know a lot. You know necromancy, making magic items, and administration.”

“It’s useless to praise me.” Number 32 put on a tough look and said, “you’re a bad guy in our territory. I’m very clear about this.”

“Come on, you are the bad guy,” Robb said with a smile “When I was in Westwind town just now, I just wanted to be a lazy priest and live a low-key and simple life. If you hadn’t stolen the bones in my cemetery, would the church of light send Elsie and the others to Westwind town? If they didn’t come, would I go to the mountain to beat you? If I didn’t beat you, would my strength be exposed? If I didn’t expose my strength, I could continue to be a lazy priest in a low-key way, but It’s all your fault for trying to occupy Westwind town like that. If I were the queen, I would have hung you on the ceiling fan on fifth gear by now. “

“What?” Number 32 was stunned.

The administrative staff behind them whispered and discussed for a while. Then they suddenly understood and pointed at number 32 together. “It’s you who did this!”

“How did it become me?” number 32 was shocked. “No! That’s impossible.”

“We’ve thought about it carefully. It’s indeed your fault!” the administrative staff behind shook their heads. “I didn’t expect you to be the main culprit. We have to report this to the queen as soon as possible.”

Number 32: “…”

He opened his mouth wide in surprise. Since there was no muscle connected to the bone, his jaw fell down accidentally and fell to the ground with a click. He quickly picked up his chin and re installed it. “How dare you slander me like that? Robb, you are a bad guy. I will fight with you.”

“Wow, what are you going to do with me?” Robb laughed and said, “don’t forget how you died.”

Of course number 32 remembered how he died. The tracking arrow that he couldn’t avoid was too terrifying! He now knew how powerful Robb was.

People should have unyielding spirit, and even in the face of powerful enemies, they should have the courage to resist.

Number 32 patted his ribs and said in a roar, “I’m not afraid of you! Even if you’re strong, it’s useless. I’m dead anyway. Hahaha! You can’t scare me anymore. Do you know why I dare to take the initiative to come to Westwind town to manage the administration? Because – I! Am! Not! Afraid! Of! Death!”

“Really?” Robb suddenly pointed at number 32, and a black light column fell from the sky and covered him.

Number 32 was shocked. “What are you doing?”

Before he could finish his words, an angel with black wings fell from the light column, throwing feathers towards number 32

Then, a black light flashed.

With a swish, number 32 had internal organs, flesh, eyes, ears, hair…

All of a sudden, it became the skinny skeleton that Robb met in the mountain last time. He was as thin as a skeleton, but it was not a skeleton.

He looked up at Rafaela in disbelief and then lowered his head to look at his hands. He was indeed alive. Shit, he suddenly came back to life.

Robb suddenly said to him, “now you’re alive. Come on, I’ll give you another chance to fight with me. Anyway, you’re very brave, and you’re not afraid of death. Come on, fight and kill me, you bad guy.”

Number 32: “…”

The atmosphere was once again very embarrassing. He suddenly took out a crystal ball from his pocket, dialed the Queen’s number and said anxiously, “Your Majesty, I apply for transfer and return to Bright Road as a teacher.”


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  1. Daniel Fischer has spoken 1 month ago

    This makes me wonder what the limits of resurrection magics are. Is it time, does the soul still need to be there or is it a matter of remains/corpse being somewhat intact. Mostly I wonder, if he could resurrect people like Lilian’s parents, who have been dead for more than a year.


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