After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 456

Chapter 456: We will collect taxes

The sudden application for transfer of number 32 immediately stunned all the administrative staff following behind him. Weren’t you the first one to offer to come?

The queen in the crystal ball said calmly, “yes? You’re revived? I can see at a glance that he helped you, right? And then you’re afraid of death as soon as you’re revived?”

Number 32 said awkwardly, “I didn’t know life was precious until I died once…”

“Damn it!” the queen said angrily, “work hard. If you don’t do well, go to hell. This time, even you won’t be reincarnated.”

Then she hung up the phone.

Number 32: “…”

Everyone looked at him in a daze. After being stunned for a few seconds, he put away the crystal ball, turned around and shouted at Robb, “Hmph, I… I… I’m not afraid of you. Come on… Duel.”

His voice was trembling!

The administrative staff behind him were rendered speechless

Robb couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Well, don’t be silly. Why should I duel with you for no reason? I want you to come to Westwind town to manage the town and serve the people, not to be a hitman here.”

It was not until then that number 32 finally let out a sigh of relief. After this guy was revived, his face was full of flesh, and there were eyeballs in his eyes. Now it was easy to capture his expression. Only then did Robb realize that this guy had a very rich expression. His eyeballs were rolling quickly.

He said with a little guilt, “We have to collect tax.”

“No problem,” Robb said with a smile. “It’s your duty to collect the tax, but I need to give you my own opinions on the way to collect the tax.”

He said politely, but number 32 understood that he meant. “The method of tax collection should be as I will say.”

Number 32 thought, [I see. It’s the same thing for the nobility again. They work hard to collect tax from the people, but they have to be free from tax for the nobility. All the nobility in the world play like this! Yes, I’m also a member of the nobility. I like to be free from tax!]

Just as he was thinking of this, he heard Robb say in a serious tone, “at present, although the people in Westwind town live a little better than those in other towns, they are still very poor. They can earn over ten poor silver coins a month…”

Before he could finish his words, several low-level executives behind number 32 looked weird. They almost overturned the table and roared, “ten silver coins?”

It turned out that these low-level executives didn’t even earn ten silver coins a month, but when they heard that it was only the income of the citizens of the Westwind Town, they almost fell on the spot.

Robb ignored them, He continued “The townsmen are very poor, and there is no reason for them to pay taxes. So I advise you to make the nobles, businessmen, and factory directors pay taxes first. Although there are not many nobles in Westwind Town, almost every noble has an industry. Ask them to count how many workers there are in their factory, count the number of people, and then pay taxes according to the number of workers. Each worker will receive dozens of copper coins less, and what specific number should be collected should be calculated by you. You study it and if you think it is reasonable, carry it out! “

Number 32 was confused!

The group of administrative personnel behind him were even more confused. Everyone looked at each other. After a long time, they heard number 32 cautiously ask, “tax the nobles, not the commoners?”

Robb, “yes. Is there any problem?”

Number 32: “you… Are you saying the opposite?”

Robb said, “do I look like a fool who will say something important in the opposite way?”

Number 32 broke out in a cold sweat. “If that’s the case, the nobles will protest…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Robb laughed and said, “who dares to? Ask him to come to me? I’m a cold-blooded and ruthless person. I’m an incomparably ferocious domineering man. Those who oppose my policy will be driven out of Westwind town directly and find a place to live by himself.”

Number 32: “…”

Robb didn’t worry about it at all. In fact, he had already talked to the nobility about tax collecting, but the nobility really didn’t care to pay a tax to Robb, because they could have such income now, let alone tax. Even if Robb said that he wanted some money, the nobility would take the initiative to send a lot of gold coins. They only hoped that Robb would continue to play new tricks with them in the future.

If they offended Robb just for a little tax, they really didn’t deserve to stay in Westwind Town, a place full of new stuff.

Moreover, when Robb told the truth, these nobles had already made up their mind that if they paid thirty copper coins for each worker according to their head, their promised salary would be reduced by thirty copper coins when they recruited workers. For example, if they used fifteen silver coins to hire a person, they would use fourteen silver coins and seventy copper coins to hire a person in the future. In the end, the tax would still fall on the poor.

It was easy to avoid tax in this way. There was no need to fight against Godfather on this kind of thing.

Robb also knew that they were planning to do so, but he did not expose the thoughts of the nobles. It was impossible to completely free the poor from tax, let alone in the middle ages or in the future. Those people with low income could not even meet the minimum standard of tax. If they went out to buy something, it also carried a lot of tax.

The reason why he made such a rule was that he wanted to set up a basic rule, so that the later imitators would respect this idea of collecting tax from the rich. As long as this big thinking frame was formed, people would find a way to resist the small tricks played by capitalists in the future.

In the midst of constant resistance, the tax plan would become more and more perfect, and tier like tax collection plans would slowly appear.

He didn’t have to care about it. It was so annoying to care about it. He might as well be lazy.

Robb said to number 32, “the tax you are going to charge will be a huge sum of money that is much bigger than you think, because Westwind town is much richer than ordinary towns, and there must be a lot of tax. But… If I catch you embezzling public funds, you will die more miserably than those who escape tax.”

Number 32 hurriedly said, “it’s impossible for us to embezzle the money. We will only give it to the queen.”

“Wait a minute!” Robb said, “of course, the tax collected should be used in my town as priority. Why do you have to hand it over to the national treasury instead of the local people?”


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