After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 457

Chapter 457: I am the people

Number 32 said, “there’s nothing wrong with paying the tax to the national treasury. If you don’t give it to us now, is this the territory of the kingdom of Gran? If you don’t, we will… We will… We will… We will… We will… We will… Fight!” his voice was trembling.

This person was too weak. On the contrary, the lower ranked administrative personnel behind him bravely stood in front of him, glared at Robb, and blew on their beards, as if they were going to fight back. “This is the territory of our kingdom, and the tax collected here should naturally be handed over to the national treasury of our kingdom. If you want to interfere with this basic principle, then what’s the point of us coming here? You can kill us all, right?”

Robb clapped his hands and said, “good, good. You are all good. You dare to fight against the strong and have the spirit to sacrifice yourself. Such people are really the backbone of the kingdom.”

This praise was from the bottom of his heart! There was no “wow” at all. In order to run a kingdom well, it was not something that number 32 who was afraid of death could do. It must be this kind of person who had courage and strength.

Robb said, “you don’t have to fight with all your might. I’m the most reasonable person in the world. Next, I’m going to reason with you. Listen to me if what I said is reasonable. By the way, take out the crystal ball. I’ll also tell Miss queen about it.”

Number 32 took out the crystal ball from his pocket, put it on the table, and dialed. The queen entered listening mode.

Robb shouted at the queen, “Wow! You actually gave number 32 a strategic level crystal ball for communication. It can be seen that you attach great importance to Westwind town. You have placed great expectations on this group of administrative personnel, right?”

The queen snorted and said nothing.

Robb said, “they just said that they wanted to collect tax and send the money back to the national treasury, but I didn’t agree. Then they wanted to scold me. Now I’m going to reason with them. Come and listen to me, and see if I’m right.”

The queen said, “Okay, I will listen carefully and make a fair decision.”

Robb said, “this is the territory of the kingdom of Gran, and the income here should be handed over to the national treasury. I don’t mind it. I think what you said makes sense.”

The queen knew that there must be a later story, so she didn’t even bother to say yes.

Sure enough, Robb immediately cut in, “but since this is the territory of the kingdom of Gran, and the people here are also the citizens of the kingdom of Gran, they should also enjoy the rights that the citizens of the kingdom of Gran should enjoy. Right? Theoretically, the national treasury should also be allocated to this town, at least to pay the expenditure of this town, right?”

The queen looked puzzled. “What kind of expenditure can it be? Why don’t I know what kind of administrative expenditure a town needs?”

It turned out that nowadays, the central government didn’t care about the development of the local government at all. They only cared about tax collection, and the local government could do whatever they wanted. The local rich people would pay for the repair of the roads and bridges themselves, and the central government never paid a penny.

Robb said, “there is no need for any expense in other towns. That’s because those sites are all granted by the nobility and they are operated by themselves. But I haven’t been given any title of nobility in Westwind town at present. Theoretically, it should be under your direct administration. If you don’t pay, who will pay? Otherwise, I will pay. How dare you give this town to me?”

The queen was rendered speechless

The town was now equal to Robb’s fief, which was much more independent. It was not justifiable for Robb to occupy this place. If she really gave Westwind town to Robb, then this place would really become his private territory. Only ghosts wanted to give this town to Robb!

The queen said, “Okay, the national treasury will pay for the expenses here, and I won’t let you get any pocket money.”

Robb said, “since we have to allocate the money, why do we have to return all the tax of the town to the national treasury first? We can spend it here directly and hand over the extra money to the national treasury. That’s good, isn’t it? In case we have to send the money back and then come back again.”

The queen felt that she had been tricked, but there was nothing she could do now. She had to bite the bullet and ask, “then tell me, what are the expenses?”

Robb said, “first of all, you don’t have to pay the salaries of these administrative staff in the central government. Isn’t it convenient for you to pay them with the local tax?”

The queen nodded, “yes.”

Robb said, “the next step is public service. The land of Westwind town has been expanding everywhere. Today, it’s going to open a new wilderness, and tomorrow it’s going to build a village and expand continuously in all directions. If we want to connect these stretching places to the main town, we have to build a road, and there are several places that need to build a bridge on the canal. You can’t let me pay for it, right? It must be the national treasury.”

The queen nodded, “yes.”

Robb said, “there are too many people and garbage everywhere. Now the invisible corners of the town have been pushed with all kinds of living garbage, and some of them have even been thrown into the Westwind canal. You have personally watched me dig the Westwind channel. Don’t you have any feelings for it? For its health, we have to hire some cleaners to clean the town. And the salary of these cleaners, of course, should be paid by the national treasury.”

The queen said, “I think there is something wrong.”

As soon as he mentioned the others and so on of things that needed to spend money, the queen was dumbfounded. Standing in front of Robb, the group of administrative personnel were also stunned. “Are you sure? Why does the kingdom have to bear so many strange things?”

Robb snorted, “who will be responsible for the kingdom? Me?”

The queen would rather let anyone take the responsibility, but not Robb. She had to say, “I want to ask you, what do you want to make this town look like? It is now a very prosperous and rich town, and you have to put all your efforts into building it, as if you want to make it more magnificent than the royal palace. Why?”

Robb smiled sincerely from the bottom of his heart. “In order to let the people live in a better environment, they will feel happier.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Hearing this, she was a little moved. In fact, as the queen of the kingdom, she also wanted her people to live a better environment and live a happy life. If Robb really thought so, he would be a model worth learning from.

As soon as she thought of this, Robb pointed at her nose and said, “I’m the people. If I want to live a happier life, I have to make my own nest the best place in the world.”

The Queen: (╯‘ – ’)╯︵ ┻━┻


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