After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 458

Chapter 458: The monster army gathered

Although the table was overturned, the queen did not object to the request of “spending a lot of money to improve the environment of Westwind town” .In the end, she also understood that Robb only allowed her team to take over Westwind Town, which did not mean that she really obtained the control of Westwind town. Now that the town was still in Robb’s hands, and her team had just arrived, it was not easy to gain a foothold there. At this time, she could not dream too much. The most important thing was to survive first.

Moreover, she really wanted to see what Robb was going to do with that town. Since Westwind town was going to use her own tax to build it, she would just act as if it hadn’t been taken back. Anyway, she won’t pay anything.

“I’m still very busy,” the woman said. “Number thirty-two, the special tax fund of Westwind Town will be used for the construction of Westwind town. If there is any extra money, it will be handed over to the national treasury.”

Number thirty-two quickly bowed to the crystal ball. After the phone was hung up, he took the crystal ball back and put it into his pocket.

When he turned around and was about to leave, Robb suddenly stopped him and said, “don’t leave in a hurry. Since you have come here, you must have a place to work first, right?”

Number thirty-two said, “the queen has given me a sum of money in advance. She asked me to build a house here as the governor’s tally, so that I could have a place to work.”

Robb said, “don’t ask the queen to pay for the governor’s tally. I think she is very poor and pitiful. The governor’s house is also an executive part. Let’s pay it from the first tax in Westwind town.”

After saying that, Robb took out a bag of gold coins and said, “this is the tax I pay. You can use the tax I pay to build the governor’s house first. As for the money that the queen sister gave you, return it to her.”

The executives were rendered speechless

It was really an accident! He didn’t expect that Robb would also take out money to pay the tax. Moreover, this bag of gold coins looked so much, probably a few hundred. He must have paid too much?

Robb shrug and said, “I can’t refuse to pay more, because the real estate in Westwind town is very expensive. The money you brought is only enough to buy a bathroom.”

Number thirty-two snorted and said, “you underestimate me. We have brought a large sum of money with us. Keep your money. The queen has said that anyone can look down upon us, but you can’t look down upon her.”

After saying that, he turned around and left without taking Robb’s money.

With a turn of the camera, number thirty-two fell down in front of the mayor of White Birch Town. He was overwhelmed by the “governor’s house cost” reported by the mayor of White Birch Town as he could not afford it again. He had no choice but to bend down and return to Robb with a dirty face. “Well… Godfather… Your money…”

“Hahaha!” Robb laughed and threw the money over. “It’s the most interesting to slap number thirty-two’s face.”

At this time, the elf elder who had been sitting next to him said unexpectedly, He said to number thirty-two “Now that you’ve finished talking, it’s time to talk about the monster army. Although you’re new here, I still have to tell you that the monster army may be about to launch a large-scale attack, and this is the largest city nearby, so the monster army is very likely to attack here. As the new governor of this town, you should consider how to deal with the attack of the monster army, right?”

“What?” Number thirty-two straightened up and asked, “the monster army is coming?”

The elder nodded seriously and said, “I was talking about this with Mr. Robb just now. The land of Westwind town is too big, but there are only five hundred soldiers. It’s impossible to guard against them. I think you should use the tax to build a solid city wall for Westwind town first.”

Number thirty-two smacked his lips and said, “if it was in another town, we really need to reinforce the city wall as soon as possible. But as for Westwind Town, it’s a waste of the money of the tax. Forget it.”

Elder elf, “Hey!”

Number thirty-two turned around and ran away.

The elf elder was speechless. Well, when the monster army comes, I’d like to see how these humans can be so confident.

At the same time, in the depths of the Black Pine Mountain.

In a deeper valley than the place where Robb captured the spiders last time, a large group of monsters surrounded a small hill, crawling and worshiping. On the top of the hill, there was a huge stone chair, on which sat a red skinned monster with a pair of black horns on its head.

Yes, abyssal monsters.

However, this monster did not have wings. It could be seen that it was not very powerful. The real powerful monster had a pair of black wings, which was the symbol of the most powerful monster.

However, this monster without wings was also a monster. Compared with other monsters, it was at the top of the food chain and was the ruler of the whole monster race. He used his majestic eyes to scan the three big monsters kneeling down at the bottom of the hill, including goblins, ogres, trolls, orcs, horned demons, and hellhounds. Then he looked back at the dragons, the hydra, the behemoth and other large monsters kneeling behind him.

He couldn’t help but feel a little complacent!

After several months of accumulation and summoning, the giant sleeping beasts were awakened and finally formed into this huge army. With such a large army, it could almost sweep away the humans, elves and short people outside.

The largest human kingdom outside the Black Pine Mountain was the kingdom of Gran. If the Kingdom hadn’t been divided into two halves and had a civil war, the monster army might not be able to win. But now that the kingdom of Gran was divided into two parts and attacking itself and that not long ago, Mondra had sent a werewolf to negotiate with him and asked him to send troops to help deal with his enemy.

He pretended to agree with Mondra’s request and sent a small group to pretend to attack Bright Road. It didn’t matter if they win or not. Anyway, it was good for the monsters to have the civil war in the kingdom of Gran continue.

Now, army was finally ready.

“Sir, the orcs have all assembled,”

“Your Highness, all the goblins sent to test human strength have been withdrawn.”

“Sir, there are two hundred and sixty harpies, thirty-six dragons and fourteen thunderbirds. We have a huge air force.”

“Sir, the lizard men and the murlocs have assembled. We are not afraid of water battles at all,”

“Sir, eight behemoths have gathered. We are invincible in the battle on the land,”

Reports came one after another.

“Very good! Everything is ready.” the monster laughed. “It’s time for a large-scale battle.”


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