After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Shut up if you can’t speak

“Your Highness, what should we attack first?” An orc prophet came up and said, “the area around the Black Pine Mountain is near the territory of the kingdom of Gran. In which direction can we get the best interests?”

The monster laughed and said, “we can’t attack Est Gran first, because although the queen of West Gran is a woman, she has the view of the overall situation. If our monster army attacks East Gran, the queen of West Gran is very likely to stop her battle with Mondra and turn around to deal with us. Although we are strong now, if East and West Gran join hands, we have no chance of winning.”

The orc prophet said in a hurry, “then shall we attack West Gran?”

“That’s right!” the monster laughed sinisterly “Mondra has been trying to win us over to deal with West Gran, so we can take advantage of this point to attack West Gran first. He thought we were helping him. After we completely destroy West Gran, the strength of the kingdom of Gran will be reduced by half. How can the other half be our match? At that time, we will turn around to deal with Mondra! Hahaha! Human beings, creatures with fish lips, are still fighting in front of their enemies. It’s really funny, hahaha. “

The prophet immediately knelt down and said, “Your Highness, you are so wise.”

The large group of monsters behind him roared in a strange way. They also shouted, “Your Highness, you are so wise!”

Some could not speak human language, so their pronunciation was rich.

The double legged dragons sounded “Roar!”

The three hellhounds, “woof! Woof!”( × 3)

The behemoths howled

Monster, “fuck! Don’t say anything if you can’t speak. What the hell is this?”

The orc knew first, “Lord, which city should we attack first?”

The monster took out a map, which was very rough. It was made by a harpy. It flew in the air and looked down at the surrounding area of the Black Pine Mountain. It was a poor painting. It was rustic. Even from the map, one could feel that the person who drew this picture was only as good as a kindergarten student.

He glanced at the harpy who provided the map, and wanted to punch her in the face. He forced himself to hold back and said, “can you draw the map more carefully in the future?”

The harpy said proudly, “it is widely acknowledged that this map is of the highest level in the history of the harpies. There is no need to draw it more carefully.”

“Bang!” the demon punched the harpy in the face. The latter screamed and fell down.

He took the map and showed it to his confidants. Then he pointed to the southwest of the Black Pine Mountain and said, “if we want to attack West Gran, we can’t attack those meaningless small villages, nor can we give the land a devastating blow. Therefore, only three places are the most meaningful.”

He paused and tapped three times with his fingers. “Crystal Canyon, Westwind Town, Bright Road.”

These were the three biggest cities on the edge of Black Pine Mountain.

The monster’s intelligence was not low, and even above most of the human beings, he quickly analyzed the situation and said, “we can’t go to Bright Road. We have tested the strength of Bright Road. There are too many strange magic items there, which are a great threat to our soldiers. If we fight there, it will consume our strength, and even increase our losses.”

After that, His fingers moved to the Crystal Canyon again “This is the important border town at the junction of the desert kingdom and the kingdom of Gran. Of course, we can attack here by force. The key point is that if we attack here, the desert kingdom in the north will not sit by. Although the relationship between the desert kingdom and the kingdom of Gran is not good, and that they fought a battle half a year ago, they are also human beings. If the desert kingdom finds that the border of kingdom of Gran is occupied by monsters, they will feel threatened and maybe send troops to fight for Crystal Canyon, or even join hands with West Gran, so we can’t attack here first. “

The monster said in a deep voice, “Westwind Town! A big city with a population of more than ten thousand is extremely prosperous and rich in resources. It should be the most important economic town and grain warehouse of West Gran. If we attack here and burn it to the ground, it will cause a great blow to West Gran. Also, there are still many elves there. Hahaha… The elves are also damned.”

The monsters roared at the same time, “Elves be damned!”

The elf race lived in the forest, and they actually had more to do with the monsters than humans. Of course, most of the time, it was the monsters that peeped into the elf village and were ruthlessly defeated by them.

Therefore, the monsters hated the elves more than humans.

“Go to Westwind Town! Kill all the elves and humans!”

“Burn the town to the ground!”

“Roar! Roar!”

“Woof! Woof!”( × 3)

“Fuck! Shut up!”

“Choo! Choo!”

The train stopped in front of Robb’s chapel. The sound was loud, but Robb didn’t mind it.

When he was still a modern man, he liked things to be quiet. But when he came to this world and was lazy for a year, he wanted to have fun.

Because the world was so quiet that no matter where he went, he couldn’t hear music, no big TV on the street, and no TV series at home.

It had been quiet for a long time. It was not bad to hear the train.

He shook the fishing rod in his hand and pulled it hard. With a splash, he caught a mutated fish from the water. The strange looking fish was struggling in Robb’s hand.

Nuolun, who was fishing with him next to him, was very unconvinced. “Godfather, the train came in and hit the ground several times, shaking the ground. The fish were scared away, and the fish on my side ran away. Why can you catch fish on your side? And… What’s with this strange variety?”

Robb ignored his complaint. His fishing skill was about the rules of the game. He took the mutated fish and laughed, “Wow! Mutated fish, good thing! Haha, you will be delicious.”

At this moment, an old acquaintance jumped off the train. It was uncle Johnny. He ran crazily towards the chapel yard while shouting, “Godfather, good news! We have dug out a very huge, pure crystal.”


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