After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Crystal panel

“What?” as soon as Robb heard uncle Johnny’s words, he immediately threw the mutated fish in his hand to Suofa. The strange fish jumped up and down in Suofa’s hands. She had never seen such strange fish before, so she could not help but feel a little flustered.

Robb smiled and said, “find a big fish tank and raise it. I’ll deal with it later.”

While they were talking, uncle Johnny ran up to them and said, “Godfather, I found a big crystal, a big one.”

“What about the crystal?” Robb asked.

“The carriage… It’s too big…” said uncle Johnny. “It needs a lot of people to move it together. They are slowly discharging it.”

Hearing what he said, it seemed that it was really a big one. How many people were needed to unload it together?

Robb cheered up and said, “I’ll go and have a look.”

Once there was a new toy, Robb would not be as lazy as he used to be. In a flash, he ran to the side of the big train. Several gemstone miners were removing the side plate of the train carriage. It seemed that the crystal was so big that it could not even get in and out of the door. They needed to remove the side plate of the train room to unload the goods.

Robb hurried up to help and a huge crystal as big as a car was placed inside. It was in the shape of a pillar, glittering and translucent, pure and flawless. It was the best material to make the magic crystal ball.

In the past, the miners didn’t have the ability to dig out such a large piece of crystal, because the previous mining holes were carried by them.

But now the situation was different. With the help of the minecart, they could put the crystal directly into the minecart and use the engine to pull it out. With the help of the train, they could transport such a huge crystal piece a hundred miles away without any pressure at all. Therefore, in order to ask Robb for credit, the miners brought such a large crystal here.

Robb was overjoyed. “Great job! Great! Hahaha! This crystal is of great use.”

“What a big piece of crystal! How many pieces can it be made into a crystal ball?”

Robb said crossly, “Johnny, come here. I’ll tell you how to cut it.”

Johnny quickly came over and said, “Godfather, please tell me!”

Robb smiled and said, “I want you to cut it into a rectangular piece. Well, I see the size of this crystal, which is about the size of a 75 inch LCD TV. You try to cut it into a 75 inch rectangular thin plate as many as you can. It doesn’t need to be very thin. A thickness of three or four centimeters is okay. It should be the same as the glass of the chapel window.”

Johnny was stunned and said, “what do you want to do by cutting it like that? This kind of crystal has been used to make magic crystal ball since ancient times. Why do you want to cut it like window glass?”

“It’s none of your business. Just do as I say,” Robb said with a smile. “After the crystal body is cut into thin pieces, there will definitely be some leftovers. I can make these leftovers into a traditional crystal ball. It doesn’t need to be a big crystal ball. It’s small and exquisite, and it’s easy to carry.”

Johnny was stunned again. “It’s not appropriate to make a crystal ball with leftover materials. When a crystal ball is used to communicate, it needs to see the person on the other side. If it’s too small, it’ll be too small to see clearly, losing the effect of communication, and it’ll be too small to draw magic runes on it.”

“It’s none of your business. I have my own uses anyway,” Robb said. “Do as I said. Go and call more jewelers to cut and grind for me as soon as possible.”

As soon as Robb finished his words, a pile of BUFFs fell on Johnny.

Johnny immediately understood that it was urgent!

However, if Godfather uses magic to add Buffs, it meant that this matter was very urgent and needed to be completed immediately, and there was no need to buy time.

With a serious look on his face, Johnny said, “I see. It’ll be done soon. do can you need it? I’ll finish it before it’s time. If I can’t finish it, I’ll tell you.”

Robb said “Have it finish before the evening of the day after tomorrow, because the new round of football match is about to start. The football team of the daughter of the lord chamberlain is going to compete with the local football team organized by Westwind Town town. I want to cheer for the local football team. I have to watch this match. So, you must finish it before the day after tomorrow. At least cut out a 75 inch screen for me to watch the live broadcast, and there should be a small crystal ball for the live broadcast Camera. “

Johnny couldn’t understand what a screen or live camera was, but he had to get it to Godfather before the evening of the day after tomorrow. He had heard it clearly. He quickly curtsied and said, “I promise to complete the task.”

After saying that, he turned around, grabbed the huge crystal with both hands and carried it happily.

With the blessing of the king, his strength was limitless. He could carry such a large crystal on his own. He walked as fast as if he was flying, and in an instant he went to the back of the mountain to find jewelers to help him.

Two days later, in the evening

Two 75 inch crystal “panels” were placed in front of Robb. Although the jewelers had come to find Robb for a pile of BUFFs, cutting the crystal was an exquisite job. No one dared to do it too hard, fearing that they would break the crystals. But even so carefully, two panels were broken. It was really difficult to cut them into three or four centimeters in thickness and 75 inches in size.

The bigger the crystal panel was, the easier it was to be damaged. The craftsmen were very careful. It took them two days to make these two panels, and the third one was really late.

In addition, there were several tiny crystal balls, all of which were polished with edges and corners. Therefore, they were only a little bigger than balls in billiards and looked very small.

The two crystal panels were carefully placed in a box full of cotton by the craftsmen, and the few big crystal balls were now held in Robb’s hands. He was rubbing them around like he was playing a fitness handball.

He smiled at Lilian and said, “go and take out the transparent magic essence ink I prepared a few days ago.”

Lilian nodded and left.

At this moment, the crystal ball on the Robb table lit up. The queen called again

He looked up at the sky and found that it was dark. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “it’s so late.”


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