After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 461

Chapter 461: It’s so small. Let me see how you can draw on it

Robb answered the phone and saw the dignified face of the queen.

“If you don’t have something to tell me, I’ll hang up.”

This had already become the standard opening remarks of the two people now. The one who dialed the phone, the other side answered like this, which was very hypocritical.

The queen said with a straight face “I’m here to protest against you. Among the students of the magic school who took shelter in Westwind Town, two of them majored in alchemy. Their slaves told their family on a regular basis that these two students were lured by you to play with mud, saying that they were going to make something called ‘water mud’. These two students are only thirteen years old and have a promising future. Their family has placed great hopes on them. Now you actually let them play with the mud. These two nobles came to my palace this morning and complained tearfully that they wanted to pick up their children as soon as possible, in case they would learn from you. “

“Wow!” Robb laughed. “When did you see someone learn from me? How could you be so bad?”

The queen glanced sideways and said, “yes, I see a person who has learnt from you every day.”

“Who is it?” Robb asked.

“Me!” the queen pointed at her nose and said angrily, “I’ve been running every day to lose weight, but I still gained two pounds this month! It’s all your fault. What kind of nonsense candy did you invent? And it’s getting worse. Now even clear candy is sent to Bright Road. How fat are you willing to make me?”

After saying that, she fell to the ground with a thump. “If I keep putting on weight, I won’t be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom anymore.”

Robb smiled and said, “in terms of your figure and appearance, you are not the first in the first place. It’s just that you have the queen’s halo, otherwise, there are countless beautiful women among the people who can fight with you.”

The queen said angrily, “are you talking about the woman with red hair who took a bath with you last time?”

Robb said, “eh? You have such a good memory. You still remember something from such a long time ago.”


“Well, let’s get to the point,” Robb said with a smile “The two kids are good at learning. When they successfully develop cement, you will know that if the two nobles insist on taking the children away, I certainly won’t object. After all, I don’t have the right to determine the future of other people’s children. If they want to take them away, they can take them away. I won’t stop them. Anyway, there are many alchemists everywhere, especially after the elves come to my place. I don’t lack these two children. But you know me well. Whether you believe me or not depends on you. You can judge by yourself. “

The queen remained silent. She had to think about it carefully. So far, except that she had gained weight from him, the others had learned a lot from him. They would not suffer losses from him. It seemed that it was necessary to have a good talk between the two noble families.

She turned her attention back to the screen and asked, “well, what are you playing with?”

Robb picked up two crystal balls in his hands and said with a smile, “look, I’ve also got the materials to make the crystal ball.”

The queen couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s so small. Can you see clearly the image inside?”

“Of course, I also have a big one.” Robb picked up a 75 inch LCD board from the nearby box.

The queen said, “it’s big and thin. It’s inconvenient to carry it. What’s the use of this thing? It’s just for communication. Is it necessary for it to be so big? Let me tell you. The crystal ball we are using now is the most suitable one for communication after thousands of years of research by the experts of making magic items in Fengmo continent. It’s inconvenient to carry it when it’s bigger, and it’s inconvenient to watch it when it’s smaller.”

“Well, I didn’t say that I want to use it for communication.” Robb said, “I want to use it for something more meaningful — livestreaming!”

“What is a livestream?”

“I can’t explain it clearly. I’ll talk to you later,” Robb said. “I’m going to do it now. Do you want to see it?”

The queen said, “okay! It’s a good idea to have a look. Anyway, I’ve finished my government affairs today. I’m going to have a rest. I’ll use this time to see what you can make.”

As she spoke, she waved at a nearby eunuch. The eunuch immediately ran over and handed her a piece of cake. The queen took a plate of cake with her left hand and a fork with her right hand, and gently pried a piece of cake off it and put it in her mouth. The sweet taste made her eyes curve slightly.

It was also a pleasure to see Robb playing around with the crystal ball while eating her favorite cake.

At this time, Lilian had already taken out the transparent magic essence ink. Robb carefully took out the 75 inch big screen and put it on a shelf that had been prepared. In this way, the 75 inch big screen stood up. He took up the pen, dipped some ink and drew runes on the big screen.

The queen knew what rune he was drawing without even looking at it. While eating the cake, she complained in a muffled voice, “do you really want to make such a big communication device? When it’s done, I don’t think you can move it, so you can only carefully hang it on the wall. Every time you want to communicate, you have to run to the wall and stand there. Are you stupid?”

Ignoring her complaints, Robb picked up another 75 inch screen and drew the same rune.

The queen said, “well, both sides who have to call now have to face the wall. They are both stupid!”

Robb smiled and said, “don’t be so hasty. These two screens will not be used to communicate with each other. They are just receivers, only responsible for receiving the images, not for transmitting them out.”

“Oh?” the queen said, “no wonder I feel that the runes you drew are a little small. It turns out that they only accept and don’t send anything out.”

Throwing the crystal ball, the size of a billiards ball in his hand, he said, “this is what I will use to send.”

The queen said, “I’m wondering how you can draw runes on such a small crystal ball. You can’t draw them at all. Just a few runes would make it full at once. As long as the runes collide with each other, you will be blown up to the sky.”

Robb chuckled and said, “at this time, I’m going to show you my true skills. Just watch!”

The queen asked curiously.

Robb put a crystal ball on the table and then picked up his pen to draw runes on it.

Now was the key! The queen stared at it and put down the cake.

At this moment, Robb suddenly said, “shrink!”

With a swish, Robb’s body became smaller, and even his clothes and the pen in his hand also shrank and in a flash, he shrank to the size of a cup. Compared with Robb, the crystal ball the size of a ping pong ball was now like a big stone.

Robb picked up his pen and calmly drew the runes on it. “Look, I can draw micro runes now.”

The Queen: (╯‘ – ’)╯︵ ┻━┻


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