After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 462

Chapter 462: I’ll show you something at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon

While Robb was drawing runes on the crystal ball, the queen angrily protested in front of him, “don’t you often announce that you invent something that can be used by everyone, even ordinary people, or even people who are not magicians? But now you are shrinking yourself to draw runes, and no one else can do it. This is against your principle all the time.”

Her protest meant that she couldn’t do it herself. She couldn’t learn it, so she was very angry.

Robb said while drawing runes, “don’t do that. It’s too ugly. In fact, you can do it sooner or later. You have to believe in the creative ability of the people. Not long after, the people will invent very small and thin fingertips to solve the problem of drawing runes on small beads, and even… draw beautiful paintings on a grain of rice.”

“Paint on a grain of rice?” the queen squinted. “You must be crazy.”

“Time will tell whether I’m crazy or not.”

Robb ignored the queen and concentrated on drawing runes. Soon, he finished drawing on the crystal ball.

The queen also knew a little about magic items. She was surprised to find that Robb had drawn the small runes on the crystal ball.

This symbol was used to match two crystal balls, so that they could be matched into a pair. When one needed to communicate, they could call for another crystal ball.

Robb drew one more rune, which meant that it matched another object. Moreover, Robb deliberately left a large space in a spot, which meant that he would add more runes here to match more crystal balls in the future.

The queen immediately looked at Robb’s two 75 inch crystal panels and asked, “your crystal ball matches two screens at the same time? And you want to match more in the future?”

Robb nodded, “yes!”

The queen frowned and said, “what’s the benefit of doing this? If you make a phone call, there will be many crystal panels answering the phone at the same time. At that time, you can’t talk to a certain person in private. A person will come to watch in front of each screen.”

Robb, “it’s not used to make phone calls. I said that it’s for livestreaming.”

The queen was rendered speechless

“Don’t guess too much. You will know the specific use of it tomorrow,” Robb said. “Now, send someone through the transmission portal. I’ll give you a crystal panel. You take it and I’ll demonstrate it to you tomorrow.”

“Give it to me?” the queen squinted her eyes. She didn’t believe it at all. When Robb wanted a crystal ball for communication, the queen had asked Robb to give him a strategic transmission scroll. But now Robb had the same thing and gave it to her directly, which made the queen, who had lived in an environment of deception and betrayal for many years, have a strange feeling in her heart.

Robb smiled and said, “I said I would give it to you. Do you think I am as petty as you?”

The queen didn’t get angry, but said calmly, “I’m not narrow-minded. I can’t be as willful as you when I rule a kingdom. No matter what, I have to consider how to seek greater benefits for the kingdom and carefully use the kingdom’s assets. Don’t pretend to be generous to others just because it’s on a whim.”

“Yes, yes! You are right!” Robb said, “do you still want the crystal panel?”

“Since someone wants to send me something, of course I want it. Don’t be silly.” the queen turned around and ordered. Soon, a small group of royal palace guards came through the transmission portal. They were careful, afraid that there would be ambush here. But when they came over, they only saw Robb waving at them. With a gentle smile on his face, he said, “don’t be afraid. Come over quickly and carry the crystal panel over there. Be careful not to touch it. Such a big panel is easy to break. After you go back, ask the queen to make a metal frame to protect it well. It’s okay to apply a film. But I know you don’t have the technique of applying a film…”

The guards didn’t understand what he was talking about at all. What film? Forget it. Ignoring him, they lifted the panel, carefully passed through the transmission portal and went back.

Robb said to the crystal ball, “put this crystal panel in the hall of your royal palace, where the ministers have meetings. Call all the ministers at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon. It doesn’t matter whether they believe it or not, as long as they have time, call them over and sit in front of the screen. I’ll show you a good thing.”

The queen said, “why two o’clock in the afternoon? You know I’m very busy in the afternoon, so I won’t be free until the evening.”

Robb said, “because the football match starts at two o’clock in the afternoon. It’s getting dark in the evening, and we don’t have to play at all. Don’t worry about it. It only takes two hours.”

The queen was rendered speechless

The queen didn’t like to waste time. She didn’t know how much work she had to do to deal with government affairs in two hours, but when she looked at the huge crystal panel that the guards had just moved from the transmission portal, she thought, [he must have a deep meaning in giving me this thing. I’d better spend two hours to study it and let all the ministers come to observe it. Perhaps it is really a great strategic magic item.]

On the second day, it was sunny.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, it was hot.

The whole Westwind town seemed to come to life. After lunch, the townsmen were full, brought a few silver coins of pocket money, dragged children, helped the old and the young, and came to Marian’s stadium in the south of the town.

Marian’s stadium was a newly built large stadium named after Marian Corton. It was located on a flat ground in the south of the town and covered a large area. Anyway, Godfather encouraged the wild land to be explored in a random circle. Therefore, Marian spent a lot of money to flatten the soil and build the walls.

There was a large football field in the middle of the stadium. There was no lawn in the soil.

Next to them was the grandstand made of bricks and stones. The grandstand was divided into several floors, with the VIP seats on the top floor and the economic seats on the bottom. The seats on the first floor were enough to accommodate eight thousand people, which almost took all the residents of Westwind town into consideration, but even so, the seats were still not enough, because there were ten thousand people in Westwind Town, and almost all the ten thousand people had come. Even hundreds of elves in the nearby village had come.

The arrogant elves never liked to get involved in such kind of sports that required sweating and rolling in the mud, but although they didn’t like to get involved, they liked to watch from the side.

On the best viewing seat beside the competition field, she raised a rod. The front end of the rod was installed with the small crystal ball made by Robb last night. She touched the crystal ball three times and dialed a number.



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