After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Royal ministers

On Bright Road, in the royal palace.

The 75 inch crystal screen had been set up with a metal frame by the queen overnight and was installed on a wall. At this time, the ministers had also gathered.

Last night, the queen had informed all the ministers in an urgent manner that as long as they had time today, they need to come to the royal palace to learn and observe the new magic item. No one dared to refuse this order? Even if they didn’t have time, they would still make time.

For a moment, the ministers who were qualified to enter the hall were almost squeezed out.

The lord chamberlain was especially busy with the affairs in the royal palace. At this time, he was as busy as a dog. He urgently sent a large number of chairs, arranged them in a row, and arranged for the ministers to sit. He also arranged tea, drinks, coca-cola, cakes, snacks and french fries. It took him a long time to make every minister satisfied.

However, this could not stop the ministers from whispering, “what the hell is this crystal panel?”

“It’s for communication. He just made the crystal ball like this.”

“It can’t be carried anymore. It can only be fixed in the royal palace.”

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, the queen seldom leaves the royal palace. It’s good for her so that she can see the pores on the opposite face clearly.”

The queen said in a deep voice, “don’t even guess! According to the person who gave me this panel, it’s not for communication, but for livestreaming.”


“What the hell?”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

The queen said, “time’s almost up. We’ll know what it is soon. Be quiet. Don’t guess randomly. Don’t be like a group of people who have never seen the world. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the LCD screen lit up. A call came.

The minister ran over, gently touched the crystal panel, and connected the call.

The queen immediately straightened her posture, making the solemn expression she usually had when she called Robb. However, just as she straightened her posture, she remembered that this panel seemed to be one-way communication, and only the opposite side could send pictures and sounds, but the pictures and sounds on her side would not be transmitted, so there was no need to put on a posture of negotiation.

The queen relaxed her posture again.

The crystal panel was lit up

Such a large screen was unprecedented in this world. Of course, the shock of the screen was unparalleled. The moment the screen lit up, all the ministers could not help but let out an “ouch”.

Then, a huge stadium appeared on the screen. The middle of the playground was empty, and no one was there. On both sides of the playground, there were a lot of people, all shouting and screaming.

A minister frowned and asked, “is it an arena? There are so many audiences.”

“Well, it looks like an arena.” another minister cut in, “is Westwind town still doing such an inhuman thing? Look at the enthusiasm of these townsmen. Isn’t it already 1345? Why is there still someone who is happy to watch slaughter?”

“They are so heartless!”

“The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse and worse!”

At this time, a minister raised an objection. “I don’t think it’s an arena. Isn’t the place left in the middle too wide for an arena? There’s no need for such a large place for an arena.”

The football field was certainly large, much larger than any arena in ancient times.

Hearing this, the ministers looked at it carefully and found that it was really not like an arena. The space in the middle was spacious, and the fence of the auditorium was too short. If it was really an arena, the warriors could jump into the place with a light jump. Wouldn’t it be a big deal?

The queen then said, “I heard it was called football, but I don’t know what exactly football is. Anyway, it’s not something like an arena.”

The ministers stopped talking and turned their attention back to the screen.

At this time, the emcee walked to the middle of the football field. The minister looked at the emcee’s face and surprisingly recognized him. He could not help but exclaim, “ah? This man! He is a housekeepers of the Corton family.”

Many of the nobles present had gone to the Corton family’s household to watch the fashion show, so many people had seen their housekeepers. But after all, he was a nobody, so there was no discussion about him. Everyone thought, [it seems that this is a new thing made by the Corton family.]

The emcee took out a magic tool for boosting sound, put it in front of his mouth and said loudly, “ladies and gentlemen… Today, a great competition is going to be held here…”

He was talking nonsense.

Fortunately, he didn’t talk too much nonsense. After he quickly finished speaking, he shouted, “now, please welcome the first team to enter the stadium – the local team of Westwind Town!”

The spectators in the audience shouted crazily. Most of the eight thousand spectators cheered for this team. A side door beside the stadium opened, and more than a dozen players came out in succession.

This team was made up of the local members of Westwind town. With strong local genes, it was very popular. As soon as it appeared, there was a wave of people in the audience, and the momentum was astonishing. Suofa that was responsible for controlling the crystal ball immediately turned the camera to the grandstand.

The queen and the ministers were all stunned. “How can you play like this?”

After the camera swept around the grandstand, it returned to the emcee. The emcee shouted again, “now, there is a challenger from outside – the team of the daughter of the lord chamberlain!”

As soon as these words came out, all the ministers’ eyes were fixed on the lord chamberlain.

The lord chamberlain was confused. He pointed at his nose and said, “I… I didn’t know!”

He looked at the screen foolishly. A dozen of team members were on the stage. He recognized one at a glance and pointed at the screen in surprise. “Ah? This! This is the team leader of the guards I sent to protect my daughter.”

“And I know this one. He is an elite of the guard team.”

“What the hell? This group of people are the guards I sent to protect my daughter.”

The ministers asked, “Lord chamberlain, what’s wrong with your guards?”

“I really don’t know!”

At this time, the emcee suddenly shouted, “The lord chamberlain’s daughter’s team is a strong team. They are from the royal capital of West Gran, Bright Road, and abide by the will of the kingdom. In their dictionary, there is no failure, but only the desire for victory. Now let’s interview the leader of this team.”

Therefore, under the watchful eyes of the public, the daughter of the lord chamberlain appeared. Today, she dressed generously and decently. Wearing a long dress, she exuded a noble temperament. Under the cheers of the crowd, she walked to the emcee and took the sound boosting magic tool.


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