After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Please pay the livestreaming fees

“It’s my daughter. Ah, it’s my lovely daughter.” the lord chamberlain finally understood. “It’s my daughter who made the team.”

The ministers were rendered speechless

The daughter of the lord chamberlain took up the magic tool and made a noble curtsy. Her elegant temperament made the more than eight thousand audience admire her. She opened her red lips, she said solemnly, “today is the first day that my football team will compete. We came here today in the spirit of learning, progress and fighting, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to win. My team members are the best team members in the world, the best team members, they will show the momentum of the lord chamberlain. Thank you.”

The audience burst into thunderous applause.

“Oh, my daughter is so cute,” said the lord chamberlain

The ministers were rendered speechless

“Her team will definitely win!” a group of noble young masters and ladies shouted in the VIP seats in the grandstand, and their servants and guards also roared, with a little momentum.

He immediately aimed the camera at the group of young masters and ladies.

With a sweep of the screen, the ministers in front of the screen immediately shouted, “ah? That’s my son!”

“She is my daughter.”

“Why did they go to see this?”

“Huh? My nephew didn’t go to Westwind Town for refuge. Why is he also in Westwind Town today? When did he slip there?”

“They are all cheering for the lord chamberlain’s team.”

“Well, it seems that we should also be on the side of the Lord chamberlain. After all, the local team of Westwind Town has nothing to do with us.”

At this time, the camera was still sweeping around the VIP seats in the grandstand. The queen suddenly slapped on the table and said angrily, “Number 32, who I sent to Westwind Town is also watching the match. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. He should be working. Why is he there?”

The ministers were rendered speechless

The queen turned to the secretary next to her and said, “Note that number 32 skipped work and deduct his salary.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

He immediately raised his pen and wrote down, “X day on September 1345, Number 32 skipped work for a day, and ten silver coins are deducted from from his salary.”

“That notebook is so horrible. Have I been recorded on it?”

The competition was about to begin

The players of both sides began to get ready and spread on the huge football field.

The ministers had more or less fought before, and they could tell at a glance that the troop deployment of both sides was very strategic. Some were attacking, some were defending and some were organizing. It looked like a mini military array, and it was real.

Then, with the referee’s whistle, the competition began!



“Shield wall!”


“Fire strike!”

“Air strike!”



A large number of incomparably gorgeous fighting skills were thrown out. The twenty-two players of both sides instantly exerted their momentum, all kinds of movement skills, and all kinds of defensive fighting skills. The football was so beautiful that all the ministers present were immediately attracted by the exciting competition.

There was no doubt that they were on the side of the team of the lord minister. Every time the team of the lord minister grabbed the football, they would cheer, and every time a goal was shot, a few ministers would jump up and applaud. When the ball was in the hands of the local team of Westwind Town, they would be extremely nervous, tightly holding their fists. Once the ball was thrown in the net, they would all sigh in unison, and collapse into their chairs, as if they had lost their spirit.

Of course, the most nervous person here was the lord chamberlain himself, because it was his own football team!

He was several times more nervous than other ministers. When he saw the team throw the ball, he almost picked up the chair and smashed the crystal plate. Fortunately, he knew that it was very precious and couldn’t be smashed, so he tried hard to hold it back.

Forty-five minutes later, the first half of the game was over.

The emcee came out and said, “Half-time. Please have a rest, drink some water and go to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, we will bring you the wonderful second half competition. Thank you for watching.”

As soon as he finished his words, he turned off the crystal ball.

The ministers breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s so beautiful!”

“It’s too nervous and exciting. It’s good to have a rest for fifteen minutes, or I can’t even withstand it.”

“This competition is more wonderful than any other competition I have watched.”

“Activities like swordplay and horse racing are not worth mentioning before this one.”

“Can we watch this kind of competition in Westwind Town in the future?”

“Oh, that’s exactly what the livestream means. We can watch them.”

The ministers were talking about it, and the queen was about to have a rest and drink some water. At this time, the crystal ball on her table suddenly flashed. It was a call from Robb.

The queen picked up the crystal ball and saw Robb’s smile slowly appear inside. “Miss queen, is the football match beautiful? Is it fun to watch the livestream?”

The queen nodded calmly and said, “very good! I have to admit that this is a wonderful competition, which is called online livestreaming. It is very convenient for us to see the competition hundreds of miles away. It is a very good tool.”

“It’s good that you understand its use.” Robb suddenly revealed an evil smile.

As soon as she saw his bad face, the Queen’s heart jolted. “What are you planning? I feel a sense of urgency.”

Robb said, “I don’t want to do anything either. I just want to ask you, do you want to see the second half?”

“Of course I want to see it!” the queen said. “The competition has not been decided yet. How can we not continue to watch it?”

Robb, “if you want to see it, please pay a gold coins for the livestream fees. Otherwise, I won’t play the second half.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Silence, eerie silence, lasted for three seconds. Then the queen jumped up angrily and slapped her hands on the table at the same time. “How dare you! You are such a bastard!”

Robb said, “I have organized such a good competition here and I even personally made a magic item for you to see it. I have done so much preparations. What’s wrong with charging you a gold coin for livestreaming? It isn’t too much? I didn’t say that I would charge ten gold coins, right? A gold coin is not expensive for a queen of a kingdom.”

The queen was so angry that she almost jumped up to hit him, but she couldn’t do it through the crystal ball. She could only slap the table crazily and said, “you bad guy, you gave me a crystal panel, but in the end, you still deceived me for money.”


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