After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 465

Chapter 465: It’s time for advertisements

The queen was so angry that her beard almost went askew. Fortunately, she did not have a beard, but she was also a smart and intelligent person. How could she be so easily cheated? She rolled her eyes and suddenly understood something. “I saw from the crystal ball that you were sitting at home and did not go to the scene.”

Robb replied, “yes!”

“That is to say, you are also watching the livestream with a big panel,” the queen said. “Last night, you made two panels, one for yourself, and the other for me. There is only one small crystal ball for the livestream. If you stop my livestream, you’ll also stop yours. Humph! Who is afraid? Come on, don’t look at it.”

Robb laughed and said, “Miss queen, did you forget the multiple conditions? Since I have used multiple conditions on the big fire box, of course I will also use them on the crystal ball. This livestream system can only stop yours, not mine. If you don’t believe me, you can have a look. The panel on your side has stopped, but mine is still on.”

The queen took a closer look? The crystal board beside Robb was still playing, but the one beside her had already turned off.

“How dare you!” the Queen almost went berserk on the spot.

The ministers behind her heard the conversation between her and Robb. They hurried up to persuade her, “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. This profiteer is really going too far….”

“That’s right. Such a bad guy!”

“Half of the game is deliberately shown. The rest of the game is to swindle money. It’s too evil.”

“This guy is even more evil than a monster.”

Robb didn’t feel flustered at all. He sat still on the stone stool and said, “let me tell you. The interval is only fifteen minutes. If you don’t pay this gold coin in fifteen minutes, it will be too late.”

The ministers were frozen. Two seconds later, they continued, “bad guy!”



“The people of our kingdom are courageous and will not accept any coercion.”

After that, a minister took out a gold coin from his wallet and said, “Your Majesty, I’ll pay for it. I’ll bear the responsibility of losing power and suffering humiliation. As long as you don’t bow to the evil force, it won’t damage the reputation of our kingdom. Let me be nailed to the pillar of humiliation in history. I’ve made up my mind.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Therefore, a few minutes later, a gold coin was thrown from the transmission portal to Westwind town. Lilian picked it up and waved it at Robb, smiling happily, “master, they have paid.”

“Very good. You can continue to stream.” Robb picked up another micro crystal ball that was specially used for phone calls and said, “Suofa, continue to stream.”

In the gym, Suofa received a call and turned on the crystal ball again.

So, the live broadcast continued

The ministers sat in line and waited excitedly for the second half.

The screen lit up again. The intermission was not over yet. Only a few staff in the court were showing billboards to the audience, on which there were “Chengguang sugar factory, bringing you sweet taste”, “White Birch real estate, your first choice to settle down”, “Primitive Crystal, customized crystal jewelry”

Suddenly, the camera flashed and a beautiful face appeared.

It was the first time that she had logged in to live streaming on the Internet, so she was obviously not used to it. For an assassin, she was really not good at facing many people. Fortunately, although there were a lot of audience here, she could only face the “camera” for the other side.

She said in a nervous and out of tune voice “Advertisement! Time for advertisement! 75 inch crystal board is now open for booking. The special discount is three hundred gold coins per piece. Exclusively customized by Godfather. With the crystal board, you can enjoy the fun of the football game at home. Buy our crystal board, and the follow-up payment is as low as thirty silver coins for a competition. By the way, the 75 inch crystal board must be cut from a whole huge crystal It’s hard to say whether you can get so many crystals in the future. If you miss this, you may not be able to buy it. Maybe you can only buy 50 inch or 20 inch boards in the future. Who knows? It’s possible that we can’t even dig out a crystal large enough for it… “

As soon as he finished speaking, the lord chamberlain jumped out and shouted at the crystal ball, “Godfather, I’ll order one!”

Then Desmond Corton jumped up and said, “I want one too.”

“And me!”

“Me too!”

The ministers were in an uproar and there was a sudden rush of selling.

Robb had no choice but to shrug on the other side and said, “not so much. The crystal ore I dug this time is only a little big. I estimate that I can only make fifteen plates at most. One is for my own use, and the other is for the queen. At most, I can sell thirteen panels.”

The ministers immediately found that the thirteen plates were not enough.

“Then I’ll offer three hundred and fifty.” someone raised the price immediately.

“I offer four hundred!”

“Hmph, four hundred and fifty.”

“Five hundred!”

As the tide rose, they began to scramble for it. If they couldn’t get the bidding price, they would beat them with their fists. If they couldn’t beat them with their fists, then they would use their fighting skills. If they couldn’t use their fighting skills, then they would use magic. The hall was immediately in a mess.

The queen looked at the ministers who “disgraced the kingdom” and shook her head. She sighed, “what the hell are they doing?”

Robb smiled evilly at the queen again.

The queen had just been pissed off, but now she was tired of seeing this smile. She said weakly, “judging from your expression, what else can I do? Continue to play tricks on me.”

Robb said, “you’re wrong. This time, I’m not going to trick you, but to teach you how to make money.”

The queen couldn’t help but exclaim, “you have set me up like this. How can I make money?”

Robb said “This is where you are short-sighted. You only saw that I accept your money, but you didn’t expect that you could use this thing to receive other people’s money. Come on, let me teach you a lesson. You can build a house called cinema, put this thing in the cinema, and collect tickets from ordinary people to let them watch. I suppose this cinema can accommodate one hundred and fifty people. You can receive three hundred tickets if you accept two silver coins for each person Then you pay me a thirty silver coins deposit for a competition. How much do you want to earn? “

The Queen, “Wow, you can earn two hundred and seventy silver coins!”

Robb said, “Besides, your parents’ necklace has the ability to record the images and sounds and repeat them, right? It means that the images of the football match can be recorded and replayed. You can study a magic item that can save the football match and repeatedly show it to the people. A round will earn two hundred and seventy silver coins. How much can you make if you repeat ten times? How much can you make if you play it one hundred times?”

The queen was rendered speechless

The anger she had just disappeared all of a sudden. She sighed slightly at Robb and said, “you… What should I say at this time?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“Go to hell!”


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